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Cause I have been asked for this many times, but this is my progression from December 2014 to August 2016. Its a bunch of random pictures but it shows somewhat how I have slimmed down and then last few months I have started toning up, my weight really not changing up but a lot of lose and flabby skin tightening a lot.


As of 2.1.16, I’ve OFFICIALLY lost 45lb. [I never recorded my highest weight of 205lb on myfitnesspal because it was shocking].

I’ve had this blog for almost a year now, right? I started lifting my sophomore year, kinda. It was more of a “hey, Korra’s strong. You can try to be strong too,” and I’d maybe work out 2-3 times a week with @jonahsss. Come the start of spring semester 2015, I decided to make all of that change. I went to the gym more often, 3-4 times, changing to the mornings, eating officially cleaner. I even tried to lose weight in the summer.

Now, I’m a senior. I intend to graduate this May, and maybe I’ll even hit my goal weight. Hell, I fit into pants I wore in high school again.

July is coming. Anime Expo (and comicpalooza) are fast approaching. I want to debut myself as that one girl who got hella fit because Korra is fit too. Do it for the cosplay, right? Do it for yourself, too.

I don’t plan on ever stopping my Korra cosplay. Like, I’ll continue evolving it, making other versions, so I can just better myself. It’s a personal testament to just how strong I can be.

I wonder if I’ll ever meet Janet Varney. Maybe I can tell her how much Korra’s changed me.

Quick Tips:

Take Selfies: I know all y’all have phones… TAKE PICTURES. The further you get along in your journey, you will have days that you feel like shit and think you have not made much progress. Trust me, selfies are useful for making you realize that it is all in your head.

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TREAT YOURSELF: Seriously. Don’t deprive yourself. Treat YO SELF.  

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I know it can be a bit intimidating going to the gym or even working out when you see everyone working out and they all look like they came straight out of a magazine. The fact that you are at the gym and you are at least walking is a good step. MAN… The fact that you had the willpower to go is a good thing.

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