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the greeks believed we were each half of a whole. peter, you are the half that makes me whole. this is happening! oh my god, this is happening! is this happening?! 

Reasons Why I Loved the Lego Batman Movie

I’ve just seen the lego batman movie for the second time and to be honest it’s the best DC film to come out since the dark knight. 

Firstly In this film, no one needs a backstory, we don’t have to watch the Waynes die all over again! We are just here to have fun with batman , because that’s what comics should be about.  That’s what i loved about the 60′s Bats, he didn’t take himself to seriously, the writers knew super heroes were a little ridiculous and they just ran with it. 

The comic book references made the whole film feel nostalgic to long time fans as well as being accessible for newer audiences. I loved the 60′s references, I adored the egghead appearance ( What classic horror fan doesn’t love a bit of Vincent Price <3) and i also liked the fact that the Harley in this film had a comic accurate weapon, which is way ahead of suicide squad. 

I think the lego movies are charming, and when i watch them all i can imagine is that the film is written by a kid. A kid who has many lego sets they want to connect so that their favourite characters can interact. Maybe that’s why the sound effects are all voiced? 

The message of this film is important for people of all ages. We all feel under appreciated, we all need help sometimes, even superheroes, and that’s ok. 

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Ten facts about my room (apartment in my case)

1. It’s so nerdy. Like so nerdy. From Star Wars film portraits, The Marauders Map tapestry, Game of Thrones house bolton flag.

2. I have two book shelves.

3. There are crystals lining my books.

4. I have several gaming systems.

5. It’s messier than I like.

6. I love with my boyfriend, cat, and dog.

7. All the paintings on the wall my mother or I have pained personally.

8. There are candles everywhere.

9. I have a Harry Potter bed set that’s made to look like a general set used in Hogwarts.

10. I have a Ouija board table my mom woodburned for me and it’s lovely.

so in other news when are tony and nat adopting their new science spider child peter parker


no wait

Peter dragging Tony’s team round for Sunday dinner

aunt may looks at tony and rhodey bickering, vision cheerfully asking Peter a barrage of questions and nat approving peter’s nerdy film choices

bickering dorks who need love and feeding up

and she throws up her hands and adopts them all instead

Ninja-esque AU

Character A loves ninja and films about karate, so they are thrilled when a collaboration film with their two favorite martial artists comes out in theaters. In honor of their success, Character A sneaks in through the back of the theater like a “real ninja” and sits next to a stranger, Character B, who proceeds to look at Character A and inexplicably pulls three large pizzas out of their bag. Character A’s brows furrow and Character B just whispers “super sneaky.” Honestly, these two are the worst ninjas in history.