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father tries to connect with his nerdy son pt. 2

My roommate trying to motivate me to wake me up

Her: You know, Alexander Hamilton would get out of bed on time

Me, mumbling into my pillow: Alexander Hamilton was far more concerned with getting into beds than getting out of them

I want to talk about my dad tonight.

He is an immigrant from Italy. His family came over when he was five and they live in New Jersey for a few years before moving out here to California. He joined the US Airforce after high school and then got an awkward recruitment letter from Italy after which he was forced to give up his dual citizenship so he could stay in the US Airforce and not serve in the Italian military.

After that he went to art school in LA and met my mom. And they for married and had babies and so on and so forth.

My dad was a commercial artist and worked as a printer. Eventually he opened his own printshop but sadly that went out of business and we filed for bankruptcy when I was a wee lass.

My dad only had his art then and as any hard working man does he decided to pursue a new career with it. He became a high school graphic arts teacher. He was hired with an emergency credential because they could find no one else for the job and over the years he went to school for his credential and worked two jobs.

Not only did he become a full fledged teacher, he is now one of the most popular teachers at his school. Every morning he commutes 45 minutes to work and every time I visit the city his school is in we run into one of his students and they are always happy to see him.

Not only is he a hard worker, he is the most encouraging father a girl can ask for. He set the example for us kids by always helping out at church and in my brother’s boy scout troop.

Whenever I needed help with a graphic art project he ALWAYS made time to help me (still does). He also does silk screening so naturally I had custom shirts of whatever design I wanted growing up.

With a deep love for the arts and for pop culture, my dad has always been there to encourage and support me in my nerdy interests. When normal literature courses bored me, he shelled out a crap ton of money for me to take the Torrey Academy classes for all three years.

When I wanted to design a Dr. Horrible shirt for my crush, he worked with me step by step to make possibly the raddest shirt design ever. He also made me shirts with elvish script, Captain Hammer shirts, etc.

He also has great respect for music. I bought tickets to see Panic! at the Disco and when my sister couldn’t come as a chaperone he stepped in last minute and took me to see them. ON FATHER’S DAY NO LESS.

He also believes in me as a writer. He’s a bit of a realist so for him to say that I’m good at writing and it was what I’m born to do is a huge comfort. 

He encourages me in my art too. He kept trying to sneak into my art class last semester to spy on my work and on the teacher. He finally got to peak in and was pleased with what he saw.

He encourages me as a woman. One evening two family members ganged up on me and started saying how I needed to be more girly, flirt more, dress better, and wear make up. He was so livid when he found out. He took my mom and I out to dinner and gave me a talk about how beautiful I am and how valuable I am. And one day I asked him if he was ok with me going out with a certain guy. His reply was, “Are YOU ok with it? Because that’s what matters.”

When I said I wanted to go to comic con last year he asked me, “Well, who are you going with?” “I don’t know yet.” “Well… I guess I HAVE to go just so I can make sure you stay safe…”

Oh he was so giddy for this. He even went on his own to a graphic arts panel. He even made two special shirts for it. One said “Trust Me, I’m a Jedi” and the other was a Warhol styled Stan Lee color block shirt (seen in the picture).

This picture is him at Comic Con.

When I wanted to see the midnight premiere of the Hobbit this last december, I couldn’t go early to save a spot in line because I had a paper to turn in. So my dad went for me and WAITED IN LINE FOR ME. Grah that man.

And to top it off he parked the car in a valet spot right next to the theater so I wouldn’t have to walk far in the dark to it when I drive home.

I got in my first solo accident a couple weeks ago. Hilariously, it was one of my best friends who backed into me. Not only was my dad chill with it, he even wanted to invite her to family stuff to make sure she knew she was ok in his book.

For my choir concert this last saturday, due to illness and busy schedules, my dad was the only one who showed up to support me. And he brought me flowers.

This year our plan for Comic Con is to go as Princess Leia and Obi Wan.

Honestly? Not having a boyfriend to do nerdy and fun things with isn’t so miserable when I have an awesome dad like mine.

Imagine being Tony’s daughter and meeting Peter for the first time…

“So you’re Y/N?” Peter looks quite a bit flustered as he gestures awkwardly in your direction.

You nod back at him with a barely concealed grin. He was much cuter than you had imagined with the description of a shy, nerdy boy your father had given you. “Yep! My dad thought I could maybe help you out with some of the engineering of your web shooters.”

“Oh well…” He blushes, rubbing the back of his neck. “If you wouldn’t mind.”

“Of course I don’t.” You smile brightly at Peter. “Cmon, spideyboy,” you reach over to pull at his sleeve. “We’ve got work to do.”


father tries to connect with his nerdy son


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“Reverse the polarity of the neutron flow.”

I’m kind of a crazy Whovian. I watched six seasons of the new show in a month and the entirety of the classic show in about six. I’m also the daughter of a physics teacher and just generally a geek, so I love it when science fiction has some non-fictional science backing it up.

As such, every time I hear the iconic line made famous by the Third Doctor, I end up making something akin to this face:

Why? Let me explain. I’ll start with two definitions.

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i love jessie and christy so much like they love rhett and link so much and have been by their sides through everything, the move to california, their tv show, their rising youtube popularity, a gaggle of kids surely as nerdy as their fathers… and more than that, they decided to put in the effort to love these two wild souls. like they saw them, all weird and tall and dorky, they saw that they never left each other’s sides, and they were like no, i’m not scared of this intense friendship, i’m not afraid i’m gonna break it up, i’m gonna be in your life, mr dork, and you’re gonna like it. and they do like it, rhett and link do like them, so much. they raised beautiful families together and neither jessie nor christy ever (to my knowledge) tried to separate the two of them. they just went along, loving them, allowing them to blend their families until it was four parents, five kids - a happy, weird, busy little home. and they know their husbands are living this ridiculous “spotlight” life, that their jobs are to make fools of themselves on the internet, and they’re like okay whatever just come home to me at the end of the day. they’re not into being on camera too much, but they don’t let that stop their babes. like i love them, wtf. love those gals. and tbh they’re probably just as weird as the guys, we just don’t know it. they’re beautiful and powerful and kind and gentle and loving and sweet and raised beautiful families and support their husbands so much and i love them a lot, never think otherwise.