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i have a dumb barry bluejeans hc

okokok hear me out

i think we all agree this guy has a dorky and kind of snorty giggly-laugh? its just kind of bubbly and nerdy and it probably equal parts adorable as it is embarrassing. but when he laughs too hard at, like, a dumb joke or something super dumb happening (”lup was shaving half of davenport’s mustache really necessary JUST because he ate the rest of your Fantasy Poptarts?!”)

he just sort of. forehead boops to someone’s shoulder. like whoever's next to him he just curls in and laughs and no one ever says it out loud but it’s easily without a doubt everyone’s favorite thing ever.

creation event week 2: favorite minor character

katelyn miller, aka vixen, aka biochemistry major, aka wants to be a pediatrician, aka dr. katelyn miller-minyard, md

  • she’s adopted into a family with two moms, two sisters. five dogs. popo was just one of the many puppies their old pug had.
    • anyone who asks for ethnicity backgrounds will be met with non-serious answers.
      • “i was deported from canada because i was too beautiful to handle”
      • “i came from the heart of kansas, lived with a bunch of creatures in the fields. bigfoot and i did mani-pedis in the weekends”
      • “i came from the eldritch monsters that rule this realm. i am their prophet and humble vessel.”
      • “i was cloned from amelia earhart and cleopatra”
      • “i’m jesus’ daughter.”
        • aaron actually laughed at that one for thirty seconds straight and had a very drastic facial hue change. he got very pink and katelyn’s heartrate got concerningly faster
  • she was in the gymnastics team at a young age, then got into ballet and figure skating later on. she joined the cheerleading team in college because it was a free jump on tickets for sports events and a break from academics every other weekend.
    • she’s really muscley and aaron loves her a lot.
  • katelyn doesnt want to have kids but she does love kids. jay, her nibling (yeah thats a word and its the cutest shit) from her older sister anna, is a large portion of why she wants to be a pediatrician. anna couldn’t get medical help with them underway and with the guy chickening out at the last month of labor
    • this second time, anna finally found a more decent guy, and she had another baby, the one katelyn mentions to neil in the books.
  • she’s pansexual and has dated multiple people before settling down with aaron in college. this has caused multiple problems for multiple reasons (sex tape scandals and slut shaming, to name a few) but ultimately, she doesn’t really care. the people will think what they think
    • she does get into fights though. a lot. with the pair of them, you’d think aaron would be the one to get into more fights but nah. not out of court. she will literally punch a dude and tuck her thumb in just to be reminded of it.
      • aaron: babe, i just want you to know that that’s hardcore and that i love you
        katelyn: i know :’)
  • she’s really into a lot of nerdy shit. cartoons, comic books, game of thrones. with aaron, she gets into video games. she’s,,, practically a fountain of obscure pop culture references. aaron, who is equally nerdy, loves her for it.
    • she has a crush on storm and once had silver hair for casual cosplay.
  • she’s into punk rock but rap is always a good workout playlist.
  • katelyn has the distinct advantage of knowing where aaron is ticklish the most and it gets her instant gratification. except for when he gets flaily and hits her.
  • lacy lingerie. her weird collection of lacy lingerie. sometimes she dresses aaron up in it. sometimes its a weird mishmash of body suits and wool socks and both of them in two of her five nirvana shirts watching ghost hunters at 2am on a free day
  • she likes to blep when she focuses and aaron really fucking loves her for it.

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anonymous asked:

that video was so good! and so insightful! i feel like we could really take a lot on how they behave outside the cameras in certain situations. and it was so enjoyable and tense, probably one of my all time favourite videos (i can't believe i'm saying this after being so unhappy with the last videos). what did you think? any particular thoughts? i'd love to hear your opinion

yesssss. i loved this video so, so much. it was so consistently funny and so sweet in places and so refreshing to see them actually letting themselves occupy the more natural space of supporting each other and working together to complete a game as opposed to competing (which i’m sure they do as well from time to time, but whether it’s because they prefer collaborating or because they sense the audience presence more when they’re competing, the dan vs. phil videos always feel a bit more exaggerated to me, almost as though the urge to “perform” gets kicked up a notch.) there’s just absolutely no way i’m going to be able to write about every single moment that i loved in this video so instead i will attempt to just describe my biggest takeaways from it, because i really do feel the video gave us a good bit to think about in terms of the way that dnp approach problems and, most interestingly, the way that they approach problems together and deal with stress.

probably the most interesting thing to me was the discussion of phil and his ability (or lack thereof) to handle stressful and/or delicate situations. the notion that he cracks under pressure and is also very clumsy and therefore would somehow mess up regardless of which role he was playing (manual reader or actual bomb defuser) was something that both he and dan kept repeating in the start of the video. that’s interesting to me bc it means it’s something they both perceive phil as doing/being, and to me it felt like an authentic viewpoint from both of them rather than something that they were just saying for the bants. and yet, in my opinion, as the video progressed, phil was actually quite calm and orderly in his thinking, apart from a couple of moments where he got a bit flustered. i thought it was especially evident in the last round. there were double the modules and it was actually the most stressful one they did, but instead of spending any time freaking out about how complicated it looked or trying to be entertaining, phil immediately analyzed the bomb, summed up the modules they were dealing with and basically suggested they tackle it by type (wires first, then buttons, and so on.) in essence, he took control of the situation and guided both himself and dan through the most effective strategy to beat it. this reminded me a lot of the moment in the last impossible quiz video from 8:40-8:50, that i wrote about in this post, where dan is screaming about the fact they had to start over and phil waits for dan to calm down a bit, gently tries to reassure him through touch and words, and then pragmatically reiterates the strategy they should use the next time through the quiz to avoid losing. i’m not denying that there are moments of stress that may cause phil to panic or “crack,” as he put it, but if they exist, they’re definitely not in the form of these types of high-pressure games. there have been a fair number of these sorts of examples where we see that he keeps relatively calm and he finds it more important to temper dan’s moods (in that impossible quiz moment dan is screaming and like honestly possibly on the verge of a breakdown, whether real or staged. in this video dan’s a lot chiller but still had moments where he dealt w the pressure, especially of the countdown, by screaming or yelling, to which phil almost always responded by laughing, calmly reiterating what he was saying, or reminding him to focus.)

to be fair, dan was quite methodical in his thinking throughout most of the video as well, especially in the role of the manual reader. he kept a v level head for most of it. i thought one of the most interesting and noteworthy things from his end was the clear pride that he demonstrated both in phil and in the way they’re able to work together so well. the first time this stood out to me was after phil’s first go at reading the manual. dan completely turns in his seat to look at phil full on and tell him that he basically rescinds his criticisms/doubts from before and that he (phil) did a great job. it’s such a moment of genuine warmth between them, possibly not even meant to be included in the final cut of the video, where dan feels the need to point out to phil that both of them expected he would be bad at this but that, look, he’s smart and good and capable and did so, so well!! phil, for his part, looks genuinely thrilled at hearing that from dan. and then of course there’s the moment at the end that so many ppl have giffed and mentioned. dan doesn’t let them end the video without pointing out that much of the audience probably expected a lot of chaos and silliness from them when they tackled a more mentally challenging game like this, but that they defied those expectations because, hey, they are actually smart and also, too important for him to omit in that moment, they have a psychic connection. their success isn’t just a result of their individual cleverness or nerdy upbringings, but equally a result of the way in which they are so good at communicating and collaborating to tackle a problem together.

to that end, this game is fascinating in the way that it forces each person in the duo to limit their capacity, and completely trust their partner to compensate for it. if i’d had time to think about that before the video was underway i would’ve fully expected both of them, but dan especially, to maybe have issues with it. i would’ve expected dan to crack in frustration at not understanding what phil meant at first when describing a symbol and to then give up and turn to check the screen himself. i would’ve expected phil to maybe get annoyed at dan’s slow/methodical questioning and at the very least express frustration that he couldn’t read the manual himself. but instead they just completely trusted and leaned into each other (both figuratively and literally lol—i loved the bit when dan was like ‘they look like two k’s back to back’ and then literally leaned on phil to demonstrate).  there was very little impatience between them (apart from some playful teasing) or criticism of the way they were doing their respective jobs. they just totally relied upon each other to take on their own set of responsibilities and communicated/listened to each other so well. even though overall i don’t think it was like the best demonstration of their so-called psychic connection that we’ve ever seen, it was perhaps one of the best examples of that connection being tested under pressure. under those circumstances it was lovely to see them go back to the basics of a strong partnership: solid communication and listening skills. i mean, we didn’t really need confirmation that they have those and that they comprise the foundation of their whole relationship, but it was lovely to see it play out this way.

the last thing i want to point out is that even when they’re facing stress and pressure their default is to try and bring out the humor in the situation and make each other laugh. i talk about this so much with them but like, idrc, bc to me it’s one of the best things about the way they interact and work with each other. they both find each other so endearing and hilarious and i was so happy about the number of times they’d make each other giggle and tease each other and wind each other up even in a scenario that was meant to be stressful. i just feel like it’s def representative of how they dilute actual stressful or anxiety-inducing situations in real life and act as each other’s safety nets/security blankets.

other great bits: 

  • dan’s haru shirt. he’s so proud of it. phil definitely loves it too and loved pointing out that it’s ‘so inappropriate.’ he was barely containing a smile. bless. also phil looks amazing in black i’m going to faint. 
  • dan bringing that bit of irl backstory with the lil detail about how they like to do puzzle rooms for birthdays. i know for the most dedicated of us viewers that’s a known thing bc they’ve talked about it in live shows frequently but it was lovely to see dan mention in it in front of the 2.6M+ dapg audience who probs do not know that, and acknowledge in such a casual way that he and phil share this tradition (just another way to show that they really do share a life outside of what they show on the gaming channel)
  • them taking a second to comment and weird out a bit about how different they look when they switch sides. it really was disorienting for a second. 
  • it was immediately obvious to me that dan was stalling on purpose at the very end when he took so much time w that last set of symbols. but in the moment i assumed he was doing it to wind US up and make the video more dramatic. it was so funny to see that he was in actuality trying to wind phil up (though i’m almost certain phil must’ve assumed dan was stalling on purpose too which is why he immediately shoves dan and scolds him for being so slow).

maybe bc of all of this lovely teamwork and warmth between them, i mostly found this video a joy to watch and not in the least stressful or nerve-racking. it’s definitely one of my fav dapg videos ever and i really, really hope we get to see them do it again with even harder levels. their depth of knowledge of each other and trust in each other is just so amazing to watch and i love that they know that this is what this game is about and they not only want to share it with us but are also pretty openly celebrating it themselves :’) 

(keep talking and nobody explodes)

WoW We're Nerds


Alex… Didn’t have a lot of friends. Between having a “super weird” little sister and being a total nerd whose only sporting activity was surfing (which wasn’t one of her school’s sports) it was difficult to get people to legitimately like her (and not just to use for the answers on the homework). No, Alex’s best (and probably only real) friend was Maggie Sawyer, someone she’d never met in real life before but was still closer to than anyone at school (besides maybe Kara).

They’d met when they were randomly teamed up to run a dungeon while playing WoW and had bonded over the course of several runs when it turned out they’re team members didn’t want to take them seriously because they were girls. (Alex had laughed when they decided to dump them halfway through one of the harder dungeons they were running, leaving them without a tank or a healer for what probably lasted over an hour with the que that night.)

They had kept in contact afterwards, randomly going to where the other one was working on quests to help get through them faster or (on one of the days when Alex was feeling like crap after some kids at school had decided it’d be funny to toss her backpack in the school pool) they had spend the evening tag-teaming higher level Horde players in Legion. (Because it didn’t matter how bad a mood she was in she wasn’t going to be the 110th level jerk who went around attacking newbies.)

That of course escalated into spending hours upon hours running Ashran cause Alex really wanted to get enough honor points to buy the new PvP gear they’d just released with the new expansion and Maggie was happy to tag along for the ride since she apparently “had nothing better to do.”

This in turn led to them exchanging phone numbers and spending hours on the phone just talking. Maggie complaining about her school’s truly terrible lab equipment, “how the hell am I supposed to know in the stuff has dissolved properly? I can’t even see inside the stupid thing there are so many cracks!” and Alex going on about her classmates, “if he ever tries anything like that again I’ll mess him up, no one messes around with my sister’s feelings and gets away with it…”

And that led to… Other things… (You’re dating her Danvers, just say it)… So she totally realized that she’d developed non-platonic feelings for her best friend. Which had led to Alex ignoring her for a week because she didn’t know what to say, until she was suddenly forced to figure it out cause Maggie had called Kara and now her sister was forcing her to actually deal with her problems and… Apparently Maggie is gay… “seriously Danvers? My username is Sapphic-Intentions, I couldn’t make it gayer if I tried.” And has a thing for her… “I’ve only been dropping hints for the last three months.” Which ended with the two of them dating. (Alex wasn’t sure if she was embarrassed or relieved when she told her sister and the younger girl’s response was to shout “finally” and start flying around her room).

And now, after four months of dating she was finally going to get to meet her girlfriend. (Kara had offered many times to fly Alex to Nebraska but she wasn’t sure how she’d have been able to play that one off to her girlfriend without admitting her sister was an alien so she’d been forced to wait until spring break to finally see her). And she was a mixture of ridiculously excited and super nervous

“Are you sure I should wear this? Maybe I should wear something less revealing…” Alex made a move to go back to her closet (not the one she came out of) but Kara quickly grabbed her wrist and pulled her back before she could stress change again.

“Alex it is hot outside and we live at the beach. Besides a t-shirt and knee length shorts do not really count as revealing clothing. I have seen you wear less than that at your surfing competitions on a regular basis.” Kara pointed out, gesturing rather haphazardly at her outfit. Alex groaned.

“I know… I just don’t want her to think I’m like… Angling for something…” Kara’s eyebrows scrunched together and a crinkle appeared on her forehead.

“What could you be… Angling… For by wearing less clothing?” Alex sputters, remembering that her mom had decided to skip of that particular conversation about human social interactions and she was probably going to need to fill her sister in before someone took advantage of her cluelessness.

“You know what… You’re right, nothing to worry about… We’ll talk about it later… Let’s finish panicking about meeting my girlfriend.” Kara rolled her eyes and wrapped her arms around her sister.

“Look, you two have already established a great foundational bond, meeting is not going to change that. The biggest thing you need to worry about is ‘not turning into a big gay mess around her’ as you put it.” Alex sighed and leaned her head against Kara’s shoulder.

“You’re right… Come on let’s get down to the docks before we’re late and she thinks we bailed on her or something.” Alex pulled Kara to her feet and the sisters made their way outside and started walking down the street to where Alex had agreed to meet up with her girlfriend when they made plans for her to come see her.

Alex was practically buzzing the entire walk and Kara teased her, saying it was probably a good thing she wasn’t the one with the ability to fly otherwise she might have floated off. Alex rolled her eyes and sped up slightly in her haste to get to their meeting place, causing Kara to laugh.

Though Alex would never willingly admit it, she froze the second she laid eyes on her girlfriend. And not in the “holy shit I’m really terrified of meeting this girl” kind of way but in the “holy shit I’m really gay and my girlfriend is a total babe” kind of way. Because she’d never really understood the whole hype about finding “cowgirls” attractive, but damn, the other girl was decked out in jeans, a red checkered flannel (very gay), cowgirl boots and a straw hat leaning against her pickup truck and it was really hot. (She knew that Maggie was from Nebraska, it just didn’t occur to her that her super nerdy gamer girlfriend was basically a cowgirl by day.

Thankfully Maggie wasn’t facing her (she was busy looking out at the ocean for what Alex would later realize was for the first time) and didn’t notice her brain short circuiting at the very sight of her, unfortunately Kara was standing right next to her and definitely noticed her sister’s misstep.

“You okay?” Kara whispered quietly into her ear, clearly trying her best to be supportive in a less fangirly fashion.

“Yep… Just… Really fucking gay…” Alex whispered back and Kara simply laughed.

“Yes, you are a ‘gay disaster’ as it were. Now you should probably go and meet her before she notices you just standing here drooling.” Alex slapped Kara’s shoulder (which hurts) and slowly makes her way towards the other girl who had still managed not to notice her and she spends the entire thirty seconds it takes to cross the parking lot mentally coaching herself on what to say so she doesn’t sound like an idiot when she starts talking (or more likely rambling cause she’s a little nervous).

Naturally the first thing she does when she reaches her is trip and fall.

She closes her eyes cause they’re out in public and there’s no way Kara could catch her so she braces herself for the impending crash. Only to hear a squeak and feel a pair of rather muscular arms wrap around her waist and hold her up off the ground.

“Shit, are you… Alex?” Alex recognizes her voice instantly after so many nights of staying up late (but not as late as Maggie) on the phone talking and she feels her face flush bright red as she cracks an eye open to gaze up at her girlfriend.

“Ummm… Hi?” Alex awkwardly waved up at her and watched as her face transformed into a soft, rather amused smile as she gazed down at her. “Sorry I, uh, tripped…”

“I could tell.” Maggie moved one of her arms from around Alex so she could brush the hair out of her face before coming to gently rest her hand over her cheek,

“Am I gonna… Like… Stand up or something?” Alex mumbled, blushing even harder as she realized Maggie still hadn’t pulled her back onto her feet. Maggie smiled even deeper and bit her lip teasingly.

“I don’t know, I kinda like having you in my arms like this.” Maggie winked and Alex just about swooned, her insides turning to mush as she finally wrapped her arms around her neck to help steady herself.

“You… Are not allowed to be as nerdy as I am and still be so smooth… And attractive… That’s not fair… You can’t have it all…” Maggie laughed and pulled Alex onto her feet only to immediately pull her into a lingering hug.

“You forgot I have an equally nerdy, very attractive dork for a girlfriend. That’s definitely a part of it.” Alex turns away, blushing and Maggie reaches up to kiss her on the cheek. “I’m really glad I’m here.”

“I’m really glad you’re here too.” Alex bent down slightly and kissed Maggie on the forehead.

“Okay. I am glad everyone is happy everyone is here but I really need to go home and finish up my homework so can I assume that you aren’t going to kidnap her or inflict any bodily harm to her if I leave her with you?” They both jump when the other person starts talking and Alex realizes that at some point Kara had come over to the truck and was now addressing Maggie, who seemed to take the semi-threatening teenaged in stride.

“Yes Kara, she’s in very good hands.” Maggie winked at her and Alex groaned slightly before burying her face in the other woman’s neck.

“Okay, have a good weekend and I will see you on the Monday, Alex.” Alex smiled at her (thankfully) oblivious sister and waved goodbye as she took off at a normal human speed down the sidewalk.

“Come on Danvers, let’s get over to the hotel. We’ve only got three days til I have to get back and we’re gonna make ‘em count… Starting with running Ashran again cause I need that new two-handed sword they just released.” Alex laughed.

“You’re such a nerd babe.”


♥ it’s time to spread your podcast palette ♥

Summer time has come to a close now, listeners. The leaves are falling, those cute little miniature pumpkins are on sale, and you’re itching to pry open that old, cob-webbed covered box of Halloween decorations. In the midst of this cool, autumn day, let’s all settle down and enjoy the some real candied apples I’ve bobbled from the podcast scene.

So let me tell you a grim tale or two in the comfort of my hotel room, all the while questioning the abstract horrors of time, space, and the multiple ways the world could come to a horrifying end. I have plenty of geeks and treats in store for you.

Looking for something fresh to please that sudden thirst for audio storytelling? Look no further as PodCake has six more podcasts you’ll certainly love.

1. Atheist Apocalypse

40% of the world’s population has disappeared. The people of the Tri-Counties have now been cut off and must rely on the only remaining radio news station as their goofy, ridiculous, offensive source for news about politics, sex, religion, the Grey Agenda, Hollywood and the latest policy failure of the Mysterious Government Entity which runs the region.

Welcome to the Tri-Counties, a land populated by a number of colorful characters, some of which run the last radio station in the world. Tune in for updates on a number of strange whereabouts reported on by the trustworthy cast of KUSA 9 News.

Fellow survivors, listen to Atheist Apocalypse if you’re looking for a quirky cast and comedy to get you through the day before the next annual podcast rapture.

2. The Cleansed: A Post-Apocalyptic Saga

Equal parts “Mad Max” and “The Sand”, this post apocalyptic saga is set in a world 15 years after the collapse of the world as we know it. A brother and sister grow up in rural Maine and unwittingly embark on a adventure to save the City from the religious zealots and ruthless military fight for control over the fallen world.

Don’t think we were done talking about the apocalypse just yet. In this series consisting of stellar acting chops and crisp sound design comes this adventurous sci-fi audio drama.

Follow along with this cast of survivors attempting to scrape by and thrive in a world growing increasingly more unstable and hostile. Danger and conflict lurk everywhere and this team of siblings take it upon themselves to save their town no matter the cost.

3. The Infinite Now

Transmissions from beyond Time. Hosted by the Timescanner.

Incoming transmission from the Timescanner, the host of the mind boggling science fiction podcast, The Infinite Now. In this combination of strange humor in a one of a kind abstract universe, this time spanning spectacle will have you chuckling and questioning your existence with each episode.

Take a long look until the void of time and space, savoring every precious second while our smooth talking Timescanner keeps us informed for the best of times and weirdest of times.

4. Once and Future Nerd

When three high school students from modern-day Pennsylvania find themselves trapped in a world of wizards, Elves, and feudal intrigue, they must learn to survive in their new surroundings, and undertake an epic quest to save the world from the encroaching forces of chaos.

In this witty fantasy comedy, follow the journey of three teens as they’re thrown into the land of magic and mayhem far beyond their Pennsylvania hometown.

Listeners looking for something equal parts nerdy and imaginative, with a little extra help from an oh-so helpful narrator, need not look any further. Once and Future Nerd is bursting with plenty of surprises, charm, and character to keep you coming back for more.

5. Sable

Every week, Lane comes to you with another tale from the odd town of Sable. Tune in to find out some of it’s deepest, darkest secrets as well as some of it’s…well, rather odd figures.

An autumn palette wouldn’t be complete without a fresh horror podcast. In this brutal and bloody collection of body horror and broken smiles, the town of Sable is always amidst with terror from the darkest recesses of your imagination.

Though not for the faint of heart, Sable is sure to both terrify and entertain those looking for something sinister to keep them up at night. Take a listen, if you dare…

6. The Penumbra Podcast

The Penumbra is all about stories you recognize told in ways you won’t expect. Your femme fatale might be an homme fatale; you might find that not every haunting needs a ghost. Your criminal underworld might advertise on billboards ten miles tall, and when push comes to shove your home might have a bit more heart than you’re comfortable with. It’s never just a height, a Western, an adventure. It’s the parts e think are still fresh about those genres-along with what we keep locked behind our doors. 

Take a breather at the grand Penumbra hotel for a fresh audio drama exploration alongside private eye Juno Steel among many others. A variety of tales varying from mysterious to mystical await you behind each door, beckoning for patient ears and broad imaginations from all around.

If your feed could use a little spice, zest, and all that mess, step inside and get comfortable. The Penumbra Podcast may be the kind of sci-fi noire experience you need in your life.

now, get to listening.

I’ve seen people talking about how they want more Class fanfictions that center around other Class characters (Tanya, Ram, April, and Quill) and other relationships (non-Charlie/Matteusz), so here is a list of fics that focus on individual characters or different relationships or include the entire gang:

“What Will Happen?” by @thelaziestmotherfucker (me)

What happens after “The Lost.”

“Are We In Narnia?” by @thelaziestmotherfucker (me again)(it’s part of the series but if you don’t wish to read it then this fic stands on its own, it focuses on all the kiddos)

Months after the events of “The Lost,” the Bunghole group are walking home together. As they’re passing Coal Hill, the crack through all of space and time opens up beneath them and sends them to another world that strangely bares a resemblance to Narnia. In order to get back home, the five teenagers and their accomplices travel throughout this magical world in the hopes of finding a witch that can open a portal back to London. Will they survive the brutal journey? Will they make it back home?

“They Will Change Me In Your Arms” by @amatalefay

“It’s like the old folk ballads,” April tells him. “They’ll change me into all kinds of monsters and nightmares and deadly things. They’ll do anything they can to make you let me go. But you can’t let go, Ram. No matter what you do—don’t let go.”

Here, as he lies on the forest floor amid wild roses and fallen leaves, staring into the mesmerizing blue of April’s eyes, it is easy to believe that he will be brave enough to keep his arms around her. But at midnight on All Hallow’s Eve, with the shadows of barren trees looming above him and the roar of the Shadowkin horde in his ears, Ram isn’t sure he can believe in anything.

“Wrong Equation, Right Answer” by @evilqueenofgallifrey

Quill gets a dorky (but Gryffindor as hell) maths teacher girlfriend, though just how she manages this remains a mystery to most. Then, a bit down the line, Tanya gets the age appropriate and equally nerdy girlfriend she deserves. Everyone is - eventually - happy.

“Holding On For Tonight” by @evilqueenofgallifrey

Being unable to fight except when protecting Charlie means that Quill is unable to defend herself when she’s alone. One night, a group of men start taking advantage of this, only to find themselves disintegrated by an archaeologist in a mini dress who is taking a brief solo vacation from Darillium.

After insisting on helping Quill clean herself up, River gives in to the urge to give a lonely, hurting Quill exactly what she needs.

“With Her Educated Eyes (And Her Head Between My Thighs)” by @evilqueenofgallifrey

Quill wants (no, needs) to get laid. Dorothea Ames offers to help. Quill gets a lot more than she bargained for.

“The Forms and Names We Wear” by @evilqueenofgallifrey

The Doctor doesn’t quite know what to make of Quill.

(Or: the Time Lord tries to further help one of the people he rescued, only to find that he can’t give her what she needs, or even what she wants.)

“To Learn To Be Brave” by @evilqueenofgallifrey

“Can’t you see, April? You’re her legacy. You’re good and strong and kind and you could do anything you put that brilliant mind of yours to. Clara Oswald will live on through us.”

The life, death, and legacy of Clara Oswald, as seen through the eyes of April MacLean.

Because being kind and brave and strong can never be valued enough, and the world is determined to beat good people down. Some people learn to fight back. Some teach others.

“The Only Friend That I Have” by @evilqueenofgallifrey

Alternative title: Chaotic Neutral and Chaotic Evil is a Match Made in Rhodia

“Peace Offering Gone Wrong” by @evilqueenofgallifrey

“It hates me.”
“That makes two of us, which is probably why we get along so well.”

On Matteusz’ suggestion, Charlie gets Miss Quill a kitten. While a sound plan in theory, it backfires a little due to one tiny problem - while the cat and teacher take to each other quite quickly, the animal can’t stand him.

Naturally, this only endears the cat more in Miss Quill’s eyes.

“Easy” by @evilqueenofgallifrey

Quill is, by all accounts, a difficult person in almost every area of her life. Dorothea knows that there is one area where this is not the case.

“Not Lovers, Just Strangers” by @evilqueenofgallifrey

Rosa gets out of New York for a while, to try and escape her feelings for Gina. She meets a hot, lonely weirdo in a bar in London, who - after some truly fantastic sex - helps Rosa muster up the courage to go home and get her girl.

“Friendship for Dummies” by @resting-meme-face

Quill’s not so hot with this whole ‘human interpersonal relationships’ thing. Tanya offers to help her get a date.

“Veritaserum” by @resting-meme-face

Quill’s just finished the Harry Potter series. Matteusz is on hand to ask the important questions: what did she think of the epilogue? And who does she ship?

“The Cat Said Nothing” by @resting-meme-face

In which Quill meets a stray cat.

“The Metaphorical Entity. Or What Quill Birthed.” by @resting-meme-face

It takes a village to raise a kid. Although, was it even technically a kid? or The gang crowdsources parenting.

“Iconoclast/Orbitoclast” by @resting-meme-face

Quill wasn’t always a soldier. And she’s not a soldier now. Now she’s just a slave to a bunch of Sixth Formers.

“A Food Scarcity Problem” by @resting-meme-face

Quill has been stealing the same staff member’s lunch for a little over a week. A confrontation ensues.

“The Man from UNIT” by @resting-meme-face

Matteusz’s Instagram videos with Charlie attract unwanted attention from UNIT. Quill suggests murder and life on the run, and Charlie’s inclined to agree at first, until Matteusz reveals his revolutionary plan: invite the man from UNIT over for tea and convince him Charlie’s not an alien. Politely.

“More Than Muggles” by @bazwillendinflames

Twenty years after Harry Potter’s Triwizard tournament, Hogwarts is hosting again, this year.

The famous British school is competing with Beauxbatons and Czocha Castle in three events designed to test the bravery, cunning, loyalty and intelligence of the three Champions.


The whole school is surprised when April is chosen as the champion for Hogwarts and her closest friends work together to help April though. Meanwhile, a Czocha student takes a special interest in a certain shy Ravenclaw and Professor Quill tries to help.

“The 5 Times Quill Cares” by @bazwillendinflames

The Five Times Quill cares about Charlie.


“Quill, wait.” She turned back to look at Charlie. He was smiling at her, which felt wrong. “Thank you for being accepting. I don’t think you’re as mean as people say.”

While Quill wasn’t willing to say it, the compliment warmed her up more than her coffee.

“The Angels Have The Phonebox” by @bazwillendinflames

“ Tanya pulled on the ugly wallpaper to reveal the rest of the word.


Tanya took a step back. Her trip to Wester Drumlin had taken a turn from ironically creepy to terrifying.

Steadying herself, Tanya pulled more paper off.



A trip to an abandoned house throws Tanya into a terrifying conspiracy theory involving statues that move in the blink of an eye, warnings on the wall and a video cameo that seems to be written just for her.

“What The Heart Wants” by @bazwillendinflames

Out of all the footballers, April had the biggest grudge against Ram Singh. He was captain and one of the most annoying boys in their year. She had been fighting with him since they were five. It hadn’t always been about music; originally it was about getting the best pens in primary school. Then about who could run the furthest on sports days. Privately, April referred to Ram as her sworn enemy. (He made fun of her for playing the cello, he deserved it.)


April and Ram are on either side of Coal Hill’s rivalry between the orchestra and football clubs. However when they end up spending the night together in a small diner, both to stubborn to leave, it almost seems like they could be friends. And perhaps even more…

“Take me to your (orange) leader” by @bazwillendinflames

“I don’t understand this. 'Take me to your leader?’ I don’t want meet this leader. Unless I can stab him.” Quill looked at the pointed end hopefully.

“It’s a joke.” Tanya explained. “April said you wouldn’t get it.” She added, looking vaguely disappointed.

“I made my own anyway.” Quill gestured to her own work. She’d written 'I am war itself’ as big as she could. It certainly made a statement.


“Is that your catchphrase?”

“It’s a life motto.”

“Take a break” by @bazwillendinflames

When the Bunghole Defence Squad aren’t saving the world, they like to do normal friend things.

With love (Tanlove) by @bazwillendinflames

Fics which feature the relationship between Tanya Adeola and my OC Clove.

“Class Appreciation Week 2017″ by @bazwillendinflames

Day 1 - favourite character
Day 2 - favourite episode
Day 3 - favourite alien/villain
Day 4 - favourite theme
Day 5 - favourite relationship
Day 6 - favourite scene
Day 7 - whatever you want

“The Strangest Set Of Friends” by @bazwillendinflames

Where April, Ram, Tanya and Matteusz are friends since the beginning.

“To Be a Quill” by @bazwillendinflames

Quill knew the talk would have to come eventually. Telling her daughter her history and culture was inevitable. But she didn’t think a Harry Potter book would spark that conversation.


“But I’m a metamorphmagus!” Kit protested. “It’s why I can change my hair colour and nose shape and freckles.” She hugged the book and looked up.

“And You’re The Sky” by @bazwillendinflames

Through all the things my eyes have seen
The best by far is you
If I could fly
Then I would know
What life looks like from up above and down below
I’d keep you safe
I’d keep you dry
Don’t be afraid Cecilia
I’m the satellite
And you’re the sky

Ram is hopelessly endeared with a mysterious girl. All he knows about her is how she plays the violin until he finally talks to her. Slowly but steadily he starts falling for the girl behind the music.


Ella has written some lovely Class snippets here!

“Just Keep Walking” by @goddamnalientourists

Ram’s not sure, but he thinks the universe might just hate him.

“Not Everyone is like Matteusz and Charlie” by Yankingthechain

A late night gathering at Ram’s house turns into a giggly drunken discussion of kinks between five friends

“Separation Anxiety” by @universe-on-her-shoulders

Quill is minding her own business and consuming enough coffee to knock out a weaker-willed human when she notices the attractive stranger video-calling someone at the next table. She’s not usually one for sentimental behaviour in public, but she might be able to make an exception for someone that cute…

“You’re Awful, I Love You” by @universe-on-her-shoulders

Quill is entirely opposed to the capitalist construct that is Valentine’s Day. Or at least she is until a certain Time Lady shows up, bearing breakfast in bed, wildly inappropriate lingerie, and wicked promises.

“But You’re Human Tonight” by @universe-on-her-shoulders

If pressed, Clara Oswald would’ve denied that she had a type. She’d have emphasised that she wasn’t one for pigeonholing people by their appearance or their personality. But in reality… an abrasive alien who’s fond of conversing in casual, overt insults, and who happens to work with her? Definitely her type. Definitely a bad idea.

“Smith and Quill” by @bazwillendinflames

When Sarah-Jane Smith investigates Coal Hill with her son, she doesn’t expect to meet the last Quill or to end up fighting a Sontaran together.

“Cursed Beginnings and Blessed Ends” by @lookforastar

A series of interconnected (yet also standalone) stories about Miss Quill and various memebers of the Bunghole Defence Squad as they cope with the events of the final three episodes.

“The Reluctant Housemates” by @lookforastar

Pretty much what it says on the tin: Miss Quill and Charlie living under one roof.

“Of eggs and bunnies” by TheImpossibleDetectivesAngel

Easter is a time they all enjoy. Except, Miss Quill and Charlie have no idea what it is. So, the group decide to educate them.

“Wake me up when it’s all over” by TheImpossibleDetectivesAngel

'Wake me up when it’s all over,
When I’m wiser and I’m older.
All this time I was finding myself
And I didn’t know I was lost.’

“Here’s to never growing up” by TheImpossibleDetectivesAngel

'Singing Radiohead at the top of our lungs,
With the boom box blaring as we’re falling in love,
I got a bottle of whatever, but it’s getting us drunk,
Singing here’s to never growing up!
We’ll be running down the street, yelling 'kiss my ass!’,
I’m like yeah, whatever, we’re still living like that,
When the sun’s going down, we’ll be raising our cups
Singing here’s to never growing up!’

“Coffee and friends - the two best things in the universe” by TheImpossibleDetectivesAngel

After defeating the Lankin the night before, the 'Bunghole defense squad’ meet up at Charlie’s favourite coffee shop for some team bonding.

“Pranks” by Gallifrey_Immigrant

The funny thing about Weeping Angels, they have a terribly dark sense of humor. And they are far more powerful than anyone realizes. The Faction Paradox have played a long game, but the War in Heaven, where the Time Lords battled for the right to control history, is over. The aftereffects will affect every one, including the gang in Coal Hill School. Coincidences will be obviously planned in retrospect, and the War isn’t over. It’s never over. (Spoilers for the Lost).

“Gingerbread Houses or Teen Angst?” by the_good_ship_tardis

The Coal Hill gang decides to get together for a gingerbread building contest, in honor of the upcoming holidays. Of course, building the gingerbread houses doesn’t turn out to be quite as simple as they expected.

“Forest ↟ Class” by @gleek-runner

Please, remember me?
I am suppose to be king of a kingdom
or swinging on a swing
Something happened to my imagination
This situation’s becoming dire
My treehouse is on fire
And for some reason I smell gas on my hands
This is not what I had planned

“No one is a hero,everyone fights for survival and do what they think its best.”

“The first time he said I love you” by @gleek-runner

“Did I just say that out loud?”

“Young and menace” by @gleek-runner

“We’ve gone way too fast for way too long
And we were never supposed to make it half this far”

The world is conquered by darkness and people try to find the light within. Unfortunately, it isn’t as easy as it sound.


Or, a one-shot from a future fic which once again deals with the aftermath of the Lost and is a really funny but also messed.

“I Can’t Lose You Too” by jadesolo

Coda fic (ish) for “The Lost” | Ram has lost so many people already and he can’t lose April too.

“Finally, We Did Something as a Team” by @ensigncross

It had been an interesting night for them all…

“One Request” by Galadriel1010

Charlie has a request. Quill has no intention of granting it. He has too much to live for.

“This was not part on the plan” by Galadriel1717

Written for the prompt “Sex pollen orgy”. Hopefully it does what it says on the tin. Read the tags and warnings.

“3, 2, 1, Happy New Year!” by TheImpossibleDetectivesAngel

The class team celebrate the new year.

“The Children of the Moon Are Heavy as Stones” by nonelvis

“You’re in hibernation,” the Doctor said softly. “The one time a Quill’s unconscious mind is apt to wander.”

“Fallout” by @coffeeandliteracy

Following Charlie’s decision to use the Cabinet, he has to face several consequences, as well as help fight those who will come through the rifts. Between this and struggling with mental health, can he cope?

April has gone missing, and Ram is determined to find her. Can he?

Can Tanya’s training pay off, or will the mysterious Governors win out?

“An End to Talk” by Prochytes

Quill entertains a gentleman visitor.

“Adjustment” by BansheeLydia

“Hey,” he said softly, resting his fingertips lightly on each palm. He waited until she slowly curled her fingers around his, holding on, before continuing, “You’re you.”

“wear me like a locket ‘round your throat” by Mia_Zeklos

They’re the last ones left, whether they like it or not.

“Texts from Coal Hill” by TrexReach100

Just a series of chat logs between the Bunghole defenders.

“Caring” by MelodyThropp

Written pre-SE1E08
After Quill collapsed at the end of the episode Matteusz stays behind to help her.

“now talking’s just a waste of breath (and living’s just a waste of death)” by Mia_Zeklos

“I need you to set me free.”

“So Maybe Love Is A Form Of Crying” by incompleteicarus

Ram returns home after “Detained” (ep 6) and Varun is a supporting shoulder, as always.

“So maybe love is a form of crying. Or maybe / it’s our way of finishing what the leaves have started / and turning a brilliant color before we hit the ground.” - Catie Rosemurgy.

“Absolutely Kitten” by Lieutenant_Hawkaye

River brings home a surprise. Quill isn’t too keen, what is she meant to do with a cat? All it takes is a stick, a few hours alone and a head for procrastination to find out - and to be on Matteusz’s friends list on Facebook.

“Ceramic Soul” by Lieutenant_Hawkaye

“That was a bad move, Sweetie.”

“Things We Lost to the Flames” by Mia_Zeklos

“Charlie froze when he heard movement somewhere behind him. It was Quill, it had to be. He’d known that she’d come back at some point and it was only natural that it would be at night.”

“Devils and Demons Alike” by lesbianquill

Dorothea Ames was not her enemy– God no. She was far more than that.

An unexpected visitor pays a visit, and Quill finds her to be useful in more ways than she could have imagined. (Set between Brave-ish Heart and Detained)

“Enough is Enough” by lesbianquill

From the moment they came here, human culture had left a bad taste in her mouth. Shave this. Look like that. Don’t talk back. Smile. Smile. Smile. // Quill gave them her best scowl. Nobody would be getting a smile from her today, let alone a group of unkempt, dirty strangers.

Quill experiences the dark side of mankind, and unexpectedly, Matteusz is the one that does something about it.

“2nd Break” by MurphysLaw

Tanya talks to the only person she knows who would understand what she is going through.

“Letting Them Know” by TheDoctorIsIceCube

And so it comes up into conversation that Charlie can feel other people’s feelings.

“Everything’s Better With Cupcakes” by @kattahj

Tanya wants to do something besides study and avert alien attacks. Maybe April can help out?

“It’s the end of the world as we know it” by Say_it_aint_so

The apocalypse started on a Monday, because of course. Mondays didn’t suck enough.

“Home’s a Long, Long Way From Us” by @queer-z0mbies

Miss Quill is in the back garden, heedless of the chill, looking up at the stars and trying to work out how far away her planet is.

“Music for dreams, and the smoking of bitter ashes” by @queer-z0mbies

April is like that, like an effusion of light, and once she’s happened to him, he can’t understand how he didn’t see it coming.

“’I Am A Warrior’” by StarrySummers04

It wasn’t easy trying to convince your girlfriend to lie in bed and cuddle with you.

“Pink Shadows” by Gallifrey_Immigrant

April just killed someone. She thought no one could understand her, and then Miss Quill showed up.

“Nurseries” by Gallifrey_Immigrant

When Quills are first born, they are born with steel and iron.

“Rubatosis” by Gallifrey_Immigrant 

She hears her heart, that isn’t her heart, every night.

“Get A Room” by Gallifrey_Immigrant 

Miss Quill. Her coffee mug. Nothing can go wrong.

“Just a Facade” by faithfulviewer(malfoytheunanxious)

A late night phone call between Miss Quill and the Doctor. Because they’re more alike than it may appear on the surface.

(Doctor Who/Class crossover set after 'For Tonight We Might Die’. Text+Podfic.)

“the shadows in the light” by golden_lily

Ram and April compare scars.

“[fiddle solo]” by grasssea

Five strangely specific lessons April learned from folk songs. (And the one time she forgot.)

“Mad Bitch Convention” by crystalsoulslayer

Quill doesn’t have many choices in her new life. Submitting to Missy is one she makes happily.

“Corakinus and the heart holder’s bae” by YukiOnnaOfWinter

Set in episode 4. April and Ram decide to take the next step but Corakinus picked a bad time to be possessing her body.

“Independence” by loving-the-stars-themselves (youandmeotp)

Missy takes Quill to see the 4th of July fireworks.

“Sick Of Losing Soulmates” by ACrazyFangirl

Soulmate au.

When the gang finally get there heads together and discuss emotions after an attack that affects them all. Where will they go, and how do they feel?

“What if…?” by amekokain

What if Quill never pushed Charlie out of the way in that school hall?
What if the last soul had hit Charlie instead of saving April?

“Cushions, Cats, and Conquest” by QuillFreedomFighter

Miss Quill just wants to spend a quiet evening reading a book, but the teenagers in her care endeavor to make this difficult for her.

Feel free to add more! I apologize if I didn’t tag your tumblr account, I didn’t know if some of these writers even had tumblr accounts. I hope I got most of the fics out there, but I’m sure that I missed a few.

Hands to Learn

Pairing: Kenny/Kota (golden lovers)
Words: 1.9k
Rating: T 
A/N: I was talking to @breadclubrising about how cute it would be if Kenny and Kota talked about how they would continue their own story. Answer: Very Cute
Tags (i’m stealing @breadclubrising‘s tag list let me know if you don’t want to be tagged): @kidvoodoo @newjapan@kazuchika@wookieelover101 @geek-fangirl@lostsassafrass@brittany012364 @culturalrebel @sailoralderaan@mitchtheficus@kiwibunny @mistressbalor@50shadesofkennyomega @leelakoiwolff@daintymissdevitt@ultrabarbe1981-blog @mithen @nikkisflair 

Kenny jostled his laptop when he flopped gracelessly onto his bed, some kind of sick off-pink protein shake in a glass bottle cradled in the crook of his elbow. Kota peered out of the screen at him, all dark eyes and cupid’s bow and distracting shirtlessness.

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The District: Chapter 4

“There is a Passion natural to the Mind of man, especially a free Man, which renders him impatient of Restraint.”- George Mason, Letter to the Committee of Merchants in London, June 6, 1766.

The days seemed to grow together, spanning out in the long doldrums of August. Lexa liked this time of year because of just that reason, the length of the days and the taste of the sunshine in the hazy humid heat. She liked seven pm games that she watched in front of the store with Bellamy and her friends from various places that all seemed to congregate there. She liked the way the day weighed heavy and stiff on her body when she walked on the sweating sidewalks.

When she was a kid, Lexa loved August because it was historically when her entire family was together. It was when her grandfather took her to games almost every day, and she was Nolan Ryan when he was a Met, and she pitched strikes to every kid that came around to play in the streets until it was too dark to see the ball. August was when she sat in the backyard with her friends and her mother cooked for them all night. It was the last sweet days before school started, when she rode the subway and spent the day in Central Park, when she walked the bridges, spit off of buildings, spent hours in the museums with little attempts to hurry home. August was rooftops and a city that was on fire with the ripples of heat escaping for the day.

After she moved to DC, Lexa spent August in a blur. It was a busy time for her with work, and when she wasn’t working, she was finding new rooftops and parks.

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travis-thedemonvalkrum-x  asked:

Dear Hajimama, I started school and talked about SnK and my friends asked what it was and then my friend Sebastion joins and he's like "A BOSS ASS ANIME" and everybody just fucking laughs and then we got to the topic of how Riley looks like fucking Yurio from YOI!!! Like no shit he a got the long hair and everything his eyes are even green


Infinity War Theories

So my equally nerdy coworker and I have seen the leaked trailer and we’re talking about theories and I figured I could share.

Note: I have not read the Infinity War comic arc. In fact I got into comics recently and have only read The Winter Soldier arc and some Black Widow so, I’m basing my ideas off of the MCU and what I know about the comics.

1.) Steve, since he has a beard now, is most likely not using the title of Captain America, but rather the title of Nomad.

2.) Steve dies and either Bucky/Winter Soldier or Sam/Falcon take the role/title of Captain America, like in the comics. However, going off of the relationship dynamics shown in the films, Bucky is the more likely choice.

3.) Tony dies protecting Steve. Like he takes a hit for Steve and apologizes for Civil War, then dies.

4.) Alternatively, Steve and Tony both die from the same cause and apologize to each other before they die together.

5.) Alternative #2, Tony dies protecting Peter Parker.

Speaking of Peter Parker,
6.) that shot of him on the ground saying “I’m sorry.” To me and my coworker, it does not look like Peter is dying, but rather that he is worn out and tired and saying sorry cause he couldn’t really help.

7.) in an alternative #3, Tony tries to tell Peter it’s ok. Someone on Thanos’ side decides to try and off Peter, Tony sees, takes the hit, and dies protecting Peter and in front of his eyes. Peter then gains some strength and has a somewhat “berserker rage” (copyright of Xmen, trademark of 20th Century Fox) moment and starts kicking ass.

8.) OR maybe Peter does die, but it’s temporary, like how Tony died in The Avengers. Thus meaning that the sequel to Homecoming is Peter dealing with the trauma/aftermath of that, ala Iron Man 3.

9.) Nebula shows up, cause she wants to be the one to kill Thanos. I didn’t see her in the trailer, so my theory is she shows up near the end ready to kick ass.

So yeah these are my thoughts. Thanks for reading.

Do you ever meet someone in class who keeps throwing out pop culture references in a desperate attempt to have them recognized?

Like you can tell they’re throwing bait to meet someone equally nerdy but they have like an absolutely unappealing personality so you don’t take the bait and just play dumb?

Anyway that was me today when the dude in my lab group wearing the doctor who shirt repeatedly derailed the assignment to reference naruto

random aus

They’ve prolly been mentioned before somewhere else but meh i’m gonna do it anyway have some aus

  • “I’m a dancer and was trying out this new move in public but accidentally crashed into you and you got hurt so I brought you to a nearby clinic and I am so fucking sorry about that what can I do to make it up for you (also fuck I broke a hot person’s arm I am absolute trash)”
  • “I am legit the BEST fucking cheater in this classroom I have never been caught once but then YOU came along and found out that I had marked the windows with a special ink that is only visible through the type of material I made these glasses out of and I REFUSE to be beaten by you I’m gonna find a way to cheat successfully in your class I swear”
  • “I am a new teacher and I encourage all of my students to try and cheat through my class because the subject I’m teaching centers around problem-solving and critical thinking and if you ACTUALLY find a way to cheat without me knowing then you’re utilizing the knowledge properly”
  • “There’s a curse on this entire city and we literally cannot speak without it being a direct line from any song at all which is why I’m explaining it to you using this note also my singing voice is terrible”
  • “I accidentally wrote your last name instead of mine when I was writing my full name in the test and I totally forgot about it but then the teacher suddenly started giggling to herself in the middle of the class and I didn’t know until she called both of us to the front”
  • “My dog escaped last night and so did your dog but when my dog came back your dog followed her and is now trying to bang her and um this is kinda awkward”
  • “We accompanied both of our little siblings/cousins to this birthday party and now we’re handcuffed together because the shitty magician they hired fucked up his trick and is now trying to convince all the kids that the reason the cuffs wouldn’t come off is because destiny is binding us together do you wanna corner him later and beat the shit out of him”
  • “I just asked the most inane question in the entire world rhetorically but then you barged in and gave a legit response and I actually didn’t know that and now I am ashamed”
  • “My little siblings LOVE going to this trashy pizzeria so I pass the time by beating all the high scores on every single arcade game they have but then one day someone beat all of my high scores by exactly 100 points and I KNOW it’s the same person because they used the same fucking name on the scoreboards each time my pride is on the line who the hell did this I will fight them”
  • “So this couple just passed by and they’re singing to each other and all of a sudden the passerbys just joined in and it’s become one huge musical number and suddenly I know the song and start dancing along then started dancing with you and we had the same confused/horrified looks on our faces and then the music stopped and everyone went back to normal like nothing happened and we’re just looking at each other and we’re so confused are we in a Disney movie”
  • “The local government hired me to paint a mural on this extremely long and blank wall and I’m pretty sure I only started at end of the wall I didn’t do the stuff at the other end but somehow the entire thing is coming together as this panorama story thing and I NEED to know who that other artist is because really they’re making my job easier plus their work is beautiful”
  • “I’m the English lit teacher and no one must know that I write fanfiction of my own students and publish them online so I’m TERRIFIED when I learn that you - the art teacher - know about everything but turns out you make fanart for them and turns out we’re both fans of each other’s work online do you wanna work together and hook these guys up”
  • “This really fast paced song came on and I started dancing to it using these dance moves from this very specific video somewhere and it turns out you know the moves too so we end up dancing together and now everyone is staring at us I don’t even know you’re name”
  • “Am I cross-dressing at this costume party yes yes I am and it’s fantastic”
  • “We’re both at this costume party held by mutual friends and you’re dressed as the person I heavily ship with the person I’m dressed as also you’re cute can you pls make this ship come true for a while for me I’ll buy you a honey bagel”
  • “I just met you but I’m PRETTY sure you’re literally Captain America no really what is a perfect specimen you doing in this danky-ass coffee shop that I work at is that your drawing oh my gods you really ARE Steve Rogers aren’t youuuu”
  • “Did you actually fucking make a fully functional technological suit of armor for this cosplay competition- oh my gods you DID I’m gonna have to step up my game during the presentation. What the hell though you should be making a self-sustaining energy source or something not wasting your talents on a fucking cosplay convention”
  • “I animate a bunch of music vids on YouTube and decided I’d try out doing a cover for this one song so I go out of my way to use and actual recording studio because my mic is shit and I’m really flustered about singing this in front of a total stranger but you’re being really supportive and keep giving me tips for making my voice sound better and eventually we end up singing a duet and it sounds amazing and I am subjected to listening to it over and over again and I end up animating a love story using our vocals and it’s got so much positive feedback and they want us to do another duet? What? No, I didn’t make it a love story bec I fell for you at first sight what no”
  • “My jam went on while on the bus and it’s REALLY hard not to dance to it in my seat and you’re staring at me weirdly I apologize for being a strange creature but you don’t understand this song is perfection”
  • “We’re the only two people in the class who know how to sing this one Russian lullaby and the whole class goes totally silent while we do a duet and apparently it sounds REALLY creepy when we sing it wanna dress as dead Russian children and sing together in random dark alleyways”
  • “The teacher accidentally left his music playing on his laptop so when he opened it it started playing a Japanese song very loudly and we just start belting out the lyrics we’ve memorized by heart and I’ve never really talked to you but you seem like a cool person plus you’re singing voice is great why is the teacher looking at us with sparkly eyes
  • “I make really cheesy/nerdy pick-up lines and usually when I tell them to people they groan at how terrible they are but then you overheard me telling one and cut in with an equally cheesy/nerdy pick-up line so now we’re just shooting each other pick-up lines back and forth”
  • “I play the cello really weirdly and you play the guitar really weirdly so our friends decide to hook us up and now we’re composing a hella good song it’s gonna be a huge hit”
  • “You are literally sparkling in the sunlight are you okay you’re not a Twilight vampire or a shoujo character are you?”
  • “I am a tech wizard and am so sorry for your loss, and I will do my best to try and restore your laptop to its former glory with minimal pay, also you should probably avoid looking at funny videos and drinking milk at the same time”
  • “What the hell kinda vine are you tryna make that involves me holding onto your legs as you dangle haphazardly out your apartment window that is on the eighteenth floor”
  • “That is the most neon shirt I have ever seen a person bear to wear pls burn it”
  • “As your doctor I would advise you to stop from using yourself as reference I don’t care if it’s for your novel you can’t just walk into a bar and ask the biggest guy you can find to punch you really hard in the shoulder my gods”

I’ll add more when I think of them if yer gonna use them tag me maybe idk

anonymous asked:

Which INxx type resembles the INTP the most? Is it the INFP because of Ne and Si, or the INFJ because of the Ti and Fe, or the equally nerdy INTJ? Thanks, as always!

Well, that’s a good question. I mean, the point of the types is that they’re different, right? And depending on what you’re considering to be resemblances, the type that resembles an INTP most is going to change. 

I mean, just looking at them from the outside, I would say that INFJs and INTPs probably resemble each other superficially. We seem to have a lot of the same mannerisms (or maybe this is just because everyone thinks I’m a lot like my dad, who is an INFJ). INFJs employ auxiliary Fe, and INTPs employ inferior Fe, but somehow we both seem to maintain the same level of gross sentimentality about stuff. Not sure how that works. And both of us tend to have great memories and even seem to come to a lot of the same conclusions, even though we reach them in vastly different ways.

As for brainstorming or developing the inner thought processes, I’d say that INTPs most resemble INFPs. Because we both employ auxiliary Ne, we tend to expand upon our thoughts in the same way, even though the way we originate those thoughts is different. So, there’s that similarity.

I’d say that we are not that much like the INTJ, though. INFJs, by virtue of having auxiliary Fe, tend to seem a little more laid-back than INTJs. INTJs never seem laid back, at least, not to me. INFPs, on the other hand, tend to come across as laid back, to the point of not caring. Even when we care, apparently we don’t seem to, so I’ve been told. INFJs care, but I think they can seem that they don’t care, too, especially when they’re really stressed out.

So, anyway, I know this was a vague and vacillating answer. Personally, I don’t think we most resemble any of the other Introveted Intuitives since we’re kinda supposed to be different. But if we did, those are probably the ways in which we do.

I hope this helps, and thanks for stopping by.

Sanvers and Wayhaught

I find it interesting that on two different shows with entirely different premises have such similarities. It’s such a great thing to see on television. I just ship both so much and would hate to see anything happen to either of them. <3 <3 

For example:

1. Both shows have out and proud lesbian characters who show up unexpectedly (Maggie and Nicole)

2. Both shows have main characters that are struggling internally with who they are as a person (Alex and Waverly)

3. Both shows have main characters who are confused about their feelings for the lesbian characters (Alex/Maggie and Waverly/Nicole)

4. Both shows have overprotected sisters who are extremely happy and supportive for their sisters’ newfound realization about their sexuality(Kara and Wynonna)

5. Both shows have lesbian characters wearing bulletproof vests (Maggie and Nicole)

6. Both shows have had the lesbian characters be shot and survive

7. Both shows have had a slowburn romance 

8. Both shows have had the two couples get together (Wynonna Earp 1x09 and Supergirl 2x08)

9. The main characters are equally nerdy and adorable (Alex and Waverly)

10.  The main characters also make the first move 

11. Both the Sanvers and Wayhaught pairings between the actresses have amazing chemistry

12. Both lesbian characters understand the main character’s conflict with their feelings and gives them time and space for them to figure it out

13. Both couples aren’t afraid of exploring their new relationship with each other

anonymous asked:

Do you have any fics where Dean get's jealous/possessive over Cas? And if possible no A/B/O. Sorry it's just not my cup of tea.

Originally posted by familybusinesssammy

I’ve been dreading for this type of an ask to pop up on our ask box for while now. I mean, Dean’s always jealous and possessive. It’s his nature and it’s part of almost every fanfic out there (especially in ABO fics). But it’s so hard to pinpoint any specific fics where the jealousy would be a bigger theme than the occasional mention here and there. We are doing our best though to search through our lists and memories to come up at least a few fics that you might like. I’m so going to start tagging jealousy in every new fic that I read so I wouldn’t have to go through this type of a pain when the next ask comes up! -Admin A

Ps. Here are links to our previous jealousy related asks:
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Title: Sweet Home

Author: xylodemon

Rating: Explicit

Words: 7,211 - Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★

Admin J’s notes: Non AU fic with jealous Dean. Hope this shorter fic fits into what you asked for. It has a case and it has ex-demon Dean and it has drama, so it has everything good in it!

Summary: Dean hates Alabama, and this hunt is turning into a pain in the ass.

(Read here)

Title: Yare


Rating: Explicit

Words: 43,858 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: I love this story and it’s based on one of my favorite movies: The Philadelphia Story with Cary Grant, Katharine Hepburn. I love the idea of second chances in love  and how both Cas and Dean deal with their past heartbreaks and mistakes as they get to know each other again!

Summary: Four years ago Castiel Lord married local mechanic, Dean Winchester, and for two years their relationship flourished, until a decision made by Castiel sent Dean out the front door, and divorce papers were served. Now Castiel is two days from the alter with a new finace on his arm, and he’s over Dean, he really is, their relationship dissolved for completely valid reasons. Of course, that’s a lot easier to believe when Dean isn’t standing in his mother’s back yard, offering an olive branch in the form of a favor for the Lord household. Suddenly memories of their past are everywhere and Castiel is faced with a choice he never thought he’d get again.

(Read here)

Title: Have Love, Will Travel

Author: squeemonster

Rating: Explicit

Words: 94,050 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★  

Admin A’s notes: Stripper AU is the perfect brewing pot for jealousy and specifically jealous Dean. I love how Dean’s insecurities come across as jealousy towards Cas and how he’s always doubting Cas’s feelings for him.

Summary: Castiel Novak is a reclusive writer with a childhood so tragic it’s left him terrified to leave his home—until his overbearing brother, Gabriel, drags him out for a night on the town full of booze and strip clubs, and he encounters Dean Winchester, a mesmerizing and mysterious stripper with secrets of his own. Both men find themselves inexplicably drawn to each other, and soon Dean’s private dances for Castiel become much more, as both men confess their troubles and find solace in each other’s company. But neither can seem to find the courage to take their relationship further than the intimacy of the club’s VIP Room—and just when Dean’s own brother gives him the excuse he needs to finally admit his feelings, Dean discovers something that brings it all crumbling down. Will they find a way past their demons and their trust issues, and back to each other?

(Read here)

Title: The Killing Jar

Author: bellacatbee

Rating: Explicit

Words: 36,686 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: I think the summary says it all. Dean’s going to get Cas back no matter what it takes!

Summary: When Dean Winchester gets out of prison, he immediately returns to working for his old boss, Crowley. He’s only a driver and enforcer, following Crowley to heel, but it means getting his foot back in the door.

What Dean doesn’t expect is that his childhood sweetheart, Castiel, is now married to Crowley.

Dean can’t stop thinking about Castiel and, when Crowley confides in him that he believes Castiel is having an affair, Dean finds himself increasingly jealous, imagining Castiel with another man.

He doesn’t realize that Castiel’s trapped in his marriage, unhappy and determined to escape from Crowley. Neither does he realize that there’s only ever been one man in Castiel’s heart - Dean himself.

(Read here)

Title: Tchaikovsky Was Gay, You Know

Author: ElDiablito_SF

Rating: Explicit

Words: 5,746 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★  

Admin A’s notes: I’m only adding this fic because this rec needs more top Cas fics :’D It didn’t work for me but I’m team bottom Cas anyway…

Summary: It’s been weeks since the angels rained down from the skies, but sometimes it feels like a lifetime. It’s been weeks since Dean has held his brother in his arms, while Sam vomited blood up, and that familiar uncertainty curled in the pit of his stomach. Please be all right, he thought about Sam. Please be all right, he thought about Cas. Please be all right.

Well, look at them now! They’re more than all right, aren’t they? Dean frowns and drinks his beer angrily, his eyes locked on the corner of the room where Cas and Sam are leaning over Sam’s laptop, their foreheads practically touching. Sam has introduced Cas to iTunes, and Cas, in turn, that nerdy angel, has introduced his equally nerdy brother to Tchaikovsky. And if that wasn’t bad enough, Cas talks about the old, dead, Russian dude as if he had personally been acquainted with him. Perhaps he had been, Dean can’t rule that possibility out.

(Read here)

Title: Past Present

Author: lastknownwriter

Rating: Explicit

Words: 83,181 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: Jealous Dean makes a few appearances here but not only that, this is a wonderful story that everyone should read.

Summary: When a handsome stranger wanders into his bar one warm fall night, Dean Winchester is charmed by the archaeology professor. As their friendship deepens, Dean will discover that there are a few simple truths about love: it can sneak up on you when you least expect it, and it will level you without warning. But it can also save you, when you’re lost.

(Read here)

Title: Stay

Author: thekingslover

Rating: Teen And Up Audiences

Words: 1,179 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: Finally a fic where the main focus is on jealous Dean :’D

Summary: Cas has a date. Dean doesn’t like it.

(Read here)

Shy nerdy Cas being best friends with an equally nerdy Sam. It’s their final Spring Break as high school students and their parents let them use the Novak’s cabin by the lake. Sam is excited because this means he can invite Jess, but it’s only under the condition that Sam’s older brother Dean, who is in his senior year at the University of Kansas, has to supervise.

Sam loves his older brother so it’s a bonus that he gets to spend some time with him since he’s so busy with his classes. But Sam doesn’t know that his best friend Cas has had feelings for the older Winchester. When Cas hears the conditions set upon by their parents, he both loathes and loves the prospect of spending the week with him. Until he hears that Dean is bringing along his friends Charlie and Lisa.

After getting to the cabin they divide the many rooms amongst themselves: Sam and Jess in Gabriel’s room, Charlie in Lucifer’s, Lisa in Anna’s room, Dean using Michael’s, and finally Cas uses his own bedroom for the week. No one felt comfortable using the master bedroom, because that would be too weird. Luckily each room came with their own en-suite bathroom. When the Novak clan decides to do something they go all in.

The first couple of days are spent lounging around the lake. Lisa spends most of her time tanning in a small white two piece, watching Dean, Charlie, Sam, and Jess in the water or on her phone rapidly texting someone. The Winchester brothers, Charlie, and Jess use the various jet skis and kayaks that were stored in the shed. While Sam and Jess try to persuade Cas into joining the fun, he would rather spend his time under the tree that his mother planted when it was just his parents and Michael, reading some books he picked from his father’s study.

Castiel does most of the cooking with Jess and Charlie, as they wouldn’t eat anything edible if they left it to the boys, who are assigned clean up as a result. Lisa is almost as bad as the guys, only being able to cook breakfast, so that was her designated job. Luckily the kitchen was stocked with everything you could think of.

On the last night before their break is over the gang decided to have a camp fire in the pit that was installed after all of the Novak children were above a certain age. The whole shebang, with chocolate, grahams, and marshmallows. Sam and Jess are sharing the love seat, whispering into each others ears and sharing s'mores, being all types of adorable. Lisa was laying on the lounge chair and was on the phone again, with Tony, who turns out to be her long term boyfriend who got stuck spending time with family for the break. After discovering that, she and Cas got along much better, even if he didn’t have a claim on Dean to even be angry in the first place. Cas was seated in another love seat from the outdoor furniture, with a book in his hand, reading the same line for the eighth time. He was trying not to pay attention as Charlie, who was going through a nasty split with her ex-girlfriend Gilda, spilled her frustrations on Dean. She had her head in his lap, taking most of the seating, while Dean was sitting upright.

Cas couldn’t help but flick his eyes towards the elder Winchester, the sun sprouting more freckles on his nose and cheeks. His skin was slightly tanner from when they had arrived. He was so beautiful that Cas felt his chest hurt, he shouldn’t even be thinking of Dean in that form, he didn’t even stand a chance. Cas was an decent looking guy, with his blue eyes and black hair, but compared to Dean he was average.

Cas lost in his train of thought and didn’t notice that Dean was looking back at him, having been caught staring, Cas felt his cheeks flush and he immediately turned his eyes back to the book in front of him. But there was no way he was going to be able to get into it now. Cas chanced a look at Dean over his book and he saw that Dean was still looking at him, while Charlie kept going on with her rant, Cas didn’t move his eyes from Dean. After a few tense seconds that no one else seemed to notice, Dean turned his attention back to the now upset and angry Charlie, but not before Cas caught a hint of a smirk.

Cas stayed in his seat for a few more minutes, finally turning the page, even though he hadn’t read what it said. With Lisa on the phone and the rest of them in conversations that Cas didn’t want to intrude in, he closed his book before standing and walking back to the cabin to go to his room, not noticing that green eyes followed his movements until he couldn’t be seen anymore.

After spending twenty minutes in his room Cas determined that he was equally bored and distracted as he was outside, it seemed as if he couldn’t think of anything besides Dean. He never regretted not putting a television in his room as much as he has at this moment. But with everyone occupied outside, this gave Cas a prime opportunity. While spending time at the cabin has been great, a memory he will enjoy in the future, it didn’t leave as much personal time as he would like. Even though he wasn’t much for going out and having sex, since he was a virgin, Cas wasn’t adverse to using toys to stimuli himself on his own.

Even though Cas didn’t have any toys in his room in the cabin, he hadn’t brought any either, he kept some spare lube under his sink in his en-suite, his fingers would have to make do. With a quick glance outside the window near his bed, he saw everyone was still where he left them.

Cas started to strip off his clothes and threw them into the hamper near his closet, he would have to do laundry before they leave tomorrow. Walking into the bathroom, Cas looked towards the huge mirrors that lined the wall where the long double sink counter was located. The counter was long, extending from one end of the room to the other, rounding to about six feet of marble. Cas reached towards the cabinets under the sinks and grabbed his lube from behind the mountain of spare toilet paper.

Closing the cabinet door shut, Cas turned back to his room to make sure the door to his room was closed. But he didn’t move to lock it, he wasn’t worried about anyone coming into his room, he could hear everyone’s laughter from his window. Turning back to the white bathroom, he walked in pushing the door to close, but he didn’t put much force behind it as it was still open about a gap.

Turning back to the mirror, Cas looked at his reflection, olive-toned skin covering lean muscles that he gained when Sam made him go on his runs with him. He didn’t have defined abs, but stomach was toned and flat. The running left him with strong thighs and calves. As he said, he was decent looking guy. While Cas didn’t shave, he certainly trimmed his curls above his cock, but besides his armpits, he didn’t grow much hair.

Cas imagined slightly freckled hands running up the length of his arms, he could practically see Dean standing behind him, stroking his skin. Almost feeling the calloused hands reach his shoulder before following the path down his back towards the dip above the dimples he had on his back. Cas felt his cock twitch at the fantasy running through his mind.

Dean’s soft pink lips dragging along his neck, up and down, releasing little breaths by his ears. Cas could almost taste the chocolate on his breath. Dean in his fantasy, dipped his hands lower, along the curve of Cas’ ass. His own hands followed the movements, letting his fingertips drag over his soft skin. Reaching with his right hand to feel his small puckered hole. Glad he took a shower and thoroughly cleaned himself before the campfire had started. He let his finger circle the rim, before grabbing the lube in front of him with his left hand and pouring some onto his right hand’s fingers. He quickly warmed his fingers before placing them back, with his left hand braced against the white marble, he leaned forward so he can get into a better position.

Cas imagined Dean’s thicker fingers, teasing his rim, as his own fingers copied the movements. Spreading the lube around, he slowly began to toy with himself. His cock growing harder between his legs, a decent six inches in length and average in width, Cas left it to focus on his fingers movements.

Cas let his finger trail his rim once more, before pressing his pointer finger into himself. It had been a long time, being distracted with school and then Spring Break with his friends took up most of his time, Cas felt the slight burn at the intrusion, but he embraced the pain. With his finger fully inside him, he began to wiggle his finger to open himself up a bit so he could insert another finger. Cas pulled his finger out slightly before pushing is back in. His muscles clenching around the finger, he fucked himself on his finger before pulling it out and pouring a bit more lube onto his other fingers.

He reached back around himself, making sure the lube was warm before spreading some around the outside once more, before trying to push in his pointer and middle finger, it burned once again. But it felt much better with two. Cas let himself adjust for a few seconds before moving them slightly, pulling his fingers back and inserting them once again. The Dean in his fantasy, moving his thicker fingers inside of Cas, brushing his fingers over his prostate. Cas’ own fingers doing the same.

“Dean.” Cas moaned out softly into the quiet room. His muscles accommodating his two fingers now, he pushed and pulled his fingers in and out faster, brushing against his prostate every few times. With his body thrumming with heat and arousal, Cas pressed in his index finger with the other two. The pain mingling with the pleasure. Cas didn’t hear the knock on his bedroom door. To caught up on his own pleasure, he didn’t hear his name being called. Cas’ third finger helping him hit his prostate easier. He moaned out louder. “Dean, Dean, fuck, Dean.”

His bathroom door opened but with his eyes closed, Cas didn’t see it, but he did hear the quick draw a breath from the door that wasn’t his own. He opened his eyes, the mirror showing a shocked Dean standing at his bathroom door. Cas froze, he felt humiliation and dread fill him, even with his fingers still inside of him, he didn’t move.

He closed his eyes shut for a few seconds, before opening them and looking towards Dean, he started to pull his fingers out, straightening his body until he standing upright.  But Dean was quicker than him, he began striding over to Cas. The black haired teen closed his eyes thinking he was going to punched in the face by his best friend’s brother, because he was caught finger fucking himself to his name, that was going to be an awful thing to explain to Sam. But he didn’t feel the hit he was expecting, he heard the clicking of a cap being flicked open a closed.

He opened his eyes to see Dean standing in front of him, without a shirt, lube slicked fingers rubbing together. Dean leaned forward and pressed his front against Cas’. The rough denim dragging along his still hard cock, Cas felt the hard length pressed against his own. He let out a gasp, looking up into Dean’s eyes, his eyes shining with arousal and happiness.

“Cas, fuck, do you know how fucking sexy you are?” Dean whispered into his ear, pulling the smaller body into his larger frame. He let his lubed fingers trail lightly over Cas’ spine, before reaching towards his hole. Pressing two of his fingers in, feeling the smooth and warm inside, compared to Cas’ this was so much better. “I’ve fucking wanted you forever, and to come up here to see you fuck yourself with your fingers, moaning my name. God, baby, you don’t even know what you do to me.”

Cas let out a moan, his mind trying to process everything Dean was saying, but with his fingers inside of him it was hard to think. How could he have known that Dean felt the same way? He didn’t even know that could have been a possibility, but here he is, in his family’s cabin, with Dean’s fingers inside of him, with Dean admitting to wanting him for as much time as Cas wanted him.

Dean pressed his third finger in, Cas almost didn’t feel the slight burn, the pleasure overriding most of his senses. Cas felt his mouth drop open slightly, he let out a whimper as Dean’s fingers brushed his prostate. Dean couldn’t resist pulling Cas’ plump bottom lip between his own, biting slightly, before licking it. Cas moaned louder at the feeling, pressing his lips firmly against Dean’s before opening his mouth and letting Dean’s tounge meet his own. He tasted like he thought, chocolate, with a hint of something he couldn’t decipher.

Dean his own length press into the zipper of his jeans, Cas’ lips were sweet, and were everything he imagined, slightly chapped but still soft. Cas’ arms reach up to Dean’s hair, letting his fingers pull at the strands somewhat roughly, Dean let out a groan of his own. Cas dragged his fingers from his hair, down the sides of his neck, down the length of his chest, fingers brushing the sensitive nipples. Dean stroked his tounge along Cas’, his fingers still moving in and out, before pulling his mouth away, sucking on his bottom lip.

Cas opened his eyes, his eyes locking with Dean’s before he looked towards his hands, they trailed lower, where there hips were rocking softly together. Cas’ finger lowered to the button of Dean’s jeans, pulling it open, and unzipping his pants. He reached inside of Dean’s boxer briefs, pulling out his hard cock. It was bigger and thicker than his own, but not by much. Cas licked his lips, before looking back up at Dean. “I want you to fuck me.”

“Are you sure baby?” Dean asked in response, he cock throbbing now, he couldn’t wait to feel Cas around him.

“Yes, I’ve wanted you for so long. Are you going to deny me now?” Cas whispered into his ear, moving his hand along his length. He didn’t know how he sounded so confident, but he was grateful he did.

“You got any condoms? I didn’t bring any with me. I wasn’t expecting to need for the trip.” Dean fingers pulling out of Cas, who groaned at the lost. Cas turned and bent toward the cabinet which he grabbed his lube from to grab his condoms, luckily they were close in size. He heard Dean groan behind him, then his jeans and underwear fall to the floor. Cas stood upright, condom in hand, but before he could turn around, he felt Dean’s hands stop him. “Oh baby, I wish I had a camera, I wish you could see how amazing you look right now.”

Cas leaned back down, and braced himself against the marble, arching his back, so his ass would stick out more towards Dean. “You are going to be the death of me, do you know that?” Dean muttered, sounding breathless. “Wait, I have to ask, have you done this before?”

Cas took a deep breath before responding, “No I haven’t, but I still want your cock inside me,  so are you going to fuck me or not, Dean?”

Dean didn’t answer but he grabbed the condom out of Cas’ hand and opened it, rolling the condom onto his cock he grabbed some more lube to spread along the length and around Cas’ hole just for extra measure. He lined himself up, the head of his cock catching at Cas’ rim. He leaned over Cas and pressed a kiss in the center of his back for reassurance. Cas tried to relax and he felt Dean’s cock, the freckled hands grabbing at his hips, before pushing forward. Cas felt the sting more than ever before, he tried to relax his body, letting his eyes fall shut. Finally Dean bottomed out, his hands moving from his hips to run down his spine, he didn’t move, just trailed his back and arms.

Cas let his eyes open once he felt ready to move. Dean was watching him through the reflection of the mirror. He felt his muscles clench around Dean, emphasizing how big he felt inside of him, he took another deep breath before nodding his head. Dean pulled out slowly, until only his tip was left, then pushing back in at the same pace. It still burned a bit, but it was better. He repeated this action again, and again, and again. It felt better each time, Cas’ hands reached to grip at Dean’s wrists on his hips, before he felt a moan bubble up.

That sound was like music to Dean’s ears, he increased his speed slightly but not by much, he didn’t want to hurt Cas. But the tight, wet, warmth that was Cas was addictive. He had never felt anything better.

“Fa-Faster Dean…Fas-ter” Cas breath hitched, Dean’s cock reached placed he hadn’t felt before, he didn’t use toys that were much bigger than a certain size. Dean felt himself throb, Cas moaning his name has to be the best sound he has ever heard in his life. He followed through, increasing in speed once again. “Harder, please, ha-rder”

Dean’s thrust were gaining momentum, driving into Cas harder and deeper, Dean letting out grunts of his own. He looked down towards his cock, seeing Cas’ pink puffy rim clenching down on his cock, he reached with his right hand to stroke along it. It clenched around him again, he looked up towards the mirror, only to see Cas looking at him though it, his cheeks flushed and his hair disheveled. His lips raw and red from kissing and him biting them. When their eyes met, he felt Cas spasm around him, Dean’s grin grew. “You like that baby? You like watching me fuck you?”

Cas moaned louder, his fingers clawing at the grip they had on Dean’s wrists. His eyes falling shut, too overwhelmed by the onslaught of pleasure spiking his body.

“C'mon baby, don’t close your eyes. I want to see ‘em baby. Show me those blues.” Dean groaned out, his thrusts almost a maddening pace, driving in and out. Cas’ eyes opened and they looked dazed before they settled on Dean, Cas whimpers growing in volume.

“Dean, Dean. Fuck, stop, stop.” Cas said, trying to catch his breath. Dean stopped almost immediately, though it was torture, he would stop if Cas needed him too. “I want to see you. I want to see.”

Dean pulled out of Cas, and they both groaned at the loss, before Cas turned around towards Dean. Dean grabbed Cas by the hips and sat him onto the slightly warmed counter top. Cas opened his legs and pulled Dean forward, grabbing onto his cock, he lined him up to his hole, before Dean pushed back inside that wonderful heat. Cas mewled at the change of angle, Dean grabbing onto the backs of Cas’ knees, pushing his legs further back, Cas moved his hands towards Dean’s hair, pulling his face closer for a kiss. Dean started to get back into rhythm, pounding into Cas, whose lips were a breathe away from his own, but was too caught up in pleasure to reach out and kiss him fully. The hands in his hair pulling roughly, adding to his pleasure.

“Dean, oh my…fuck, Dean, I’m going- going to cum.” Cas moaned loudly, it echoing off the walls, Dean felt his own climax , but he wanted Cas to cum first. Cas feeling his climax, began to move his hips along with Dean’s his body naturally moving in tune. Like this, every time Dean thrusted in, it hit his prostate, and after a few more jabs at it, Cas cums on his stomach. His moan and the clench of his muscles dragging Dean’s own climax out of him and his  own moan of Cas’ name echoed loudly. Cas’ gripping Dean’s cock spastically, and he pumped a few more times to ride out his orgasm, Cas milking his cock.

After a few moments, Dean pulled out, them both letting out a sigh, Cas felt the loss immediately. Dean pulled off the condom and tied it off before throwing it into the waste bin. Cas looked up at Dean, and didn’t know what would happen next. The blonde leaned towards Cas and placed a sweet kiss on his lips. “Just so you know, you’ll never get rid of me now.” He teased.

“Who said I was planning too?” Cas responded, smiling cheekily, before kissing him again.

“How about a shower?” Dean suggested, and Cas nodded his affirmative. “Let me just get some underwear from my bag.” He left the room after pulling on his jeans to cover his nudity. Cas hopped off the counter to turn on the water before Dean walked back in with his underwear and a note.


“Round two?” Cas suggested.

- I swear this wasn’t supposed to be this long sorry. I only planned for a couple of paragraphs, no judging, this was written in a sleepy haze and posted at 5:30 in the morning.