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    The kid wasn’t even his—truth be told, he’d only met her once at a some fair—but darn if his ribcage didn’t fill up with pride at that quality punmanship. 

    His smile perked up as he read, and then gave the card a little wave, winking all the while. “aw, kid, you’re gonna make m’blush. yer sweeter than 3.14.”

   Because a nerd compliment deserved an equally nerdy compliment back.

I have something I feel I need to say. For all those who feel that the law of love that was passed yesterday was against God and the Bible, fine. That’s your opinion and I respect that. But remember this: God let his son die on the cross, and it was for ALL of us. Not just those that lived supposedly without sin. It was for EVERY. SINGLE. HUMAN. LIFE. So don’t tell me that God doesn’t love all his children. Don’t tell me that the simple act of loving someone will damn you. God chose to let His son die for all of us because he LOVES ALL OF US. Because, as in all things, love conquers all.


In honor of today’s momentous event I’ve added options to the My Hero, My Princess pendants in my shop. Now there is a suitable option for you no matter who your sweetheart is! :D

Congrats to every couple in America that can finally get married! <3


I got this adorable commission from venuscas

In this au, Sam went back to purgatory and rescued Benny. They’d struck up an unexpected friendship the first time they were in purgatory together, and it only blossoms when they’re topside again. Then one time after Benny starts hunting with Sam and Dean, Benny risks himself to save Sam’s life during a hunt. That sparks their romance, then they fall in love, and eventually retire from hunting (along with Dean, although he takes some convincing). Sam becomes a professor of theology or folklore or something equally nerdy, and Benny runs his own diner ( ノ●˘◡˘●)ノ . • * ˚ ` ° ~ ♥