nerdy drinking games


Tumblr, I present to you, Jojo Jenga.

Rules are simple. Simply pull a Jenga piece from the tower, and replace it on top, whilst simultaneously balancing a glass of wine and holding a Jojo pose. Spill a drop of wine and you drink the glass. Knock over the tower and you get showered in glitter. Shit gets intense when you’re drunk.

We also decided every group needs a Rohan to write on your face while you play. xD

here’s my yuri on ice workout game to try and get fit. it plays basically like a drinking game: every time you turn on an episode of yuri on ice, follow these rules, i just did an episode and it is brutal! please tell me any improvements i should do i.e.: more things to look for in the show, more excersises, changes to the current excersizes, and let me know if you try it out!


New video! Made Game of Thrones White Walker themed drinks today on Nerdy Nummies!