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i wanna dance with somebody (who loves me)
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bleep0bleep / Teen / StilesxDerek

Derek gets in an accident and loses a few years of his memory; suddenly everything is different— he’s not a freshman loser anymore, but a popular senior, captain of the basketball team, a shoo-in for prom king, too, and he should have everything he’s ever wanted— except he doesn’t seem to be friends with Stiles anymore.

My parents have been doing a clearout, and have managed to find a Dalek-themed advent calendar I made as a kid. It’s… Quite the spectacle. The TARDIS is there, and Davros is yelling “Destroy them!” to two Daleks, but they’re not so sure, saying “I will not exterminate you until after Christmas.”. There’s also a few bits of crumpled tissue paper stuck to the bottom corner, that are apparently meant to be Dalek mutants. :P

I May be Small But I’ve Got Giant Plans - A Musical Fanmix for Ami Mizuno

In tribute to Ami Mizuno, Sailor Mercury. Because there’s a place for the girls who aren’t divas too - for the imaginative young genius who slowly learns to make her dreams into reality.


Quiet - Matilda // Belle - Beauty and the Beast // My Friend, the Dictionary - 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee // When Will My Life Begin - Tangled // In My Own Little Corner - Cinderella // Superboy and the Invisible Girl - Next to Normal // I Speak Six Languages - 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee // The Wizard and I - Wicked // Who I’d Be - Shrek // Astonishing - Little Women


As of last month, I am 3 years post-op and over three years on T. I’m a nerdy future Early Childhood teacher who loves animals and used to be a zoo teacher. Say hi if you wanna!

Y'all I’m so happy. Let me nerd out for a second. I grew up surrounded by friends who played Pokemon but my parents thought it was weird so I never could play. And as an adult I thought it was too late to get into it/didn’t know if I wanted to invest in a means to play it. Needless to say I was a little excited when the app was announced. Catching these things has been a bright spot in my life the last few days, as I’ve been under a ton of stress. Im half sick right now and have an infection in my leg from a bug bite so I don’t feel like moving but I jumped in the car and rushed off to catch this guy just now and it was totally worth it. Anyway the point is your nerdy childhood dreams can come true when you’re 26 :,)