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hello lovelies! my name’s jo and i’m currently a junior in high school. i’ve always been a fan of studyblrs (elkstudies, obsidianstudy, and studyign are some of my favorites) and thought it’d be cool to stop lurking and become a part of the community. without further ado, here’s some info about me:

  • currently a junior in high school
  • interests include: botany, psychology, history, music, etc.
  • favorite subject: a tie between history and english
  • most challenging subject: physics 
  • nicknames: salt queen, jojo, karen
  • blog origin date: 12.29.16
  • dream career: neurosurgeon

that’s a bit about me, but i’d love to get to know fellow studyblrs as well. i hope that we can become friends. 

8 Questions

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Last Movie: Star Wars Episode 4

Last Song: iunno man, music just kind of plays in the background of my mom’s car soo

Last Book Read: The art book for Pacific Rim

Last Thing I Ate: Cheese, Pretzels, and summer sausage 

If I could be anywhere in the world right now where would it be: hmmmmmm New Zealand or Russia? I’ve always been interested in Russia (aesthetically and otherwise0

Where would I time travel to: i mean i guess the future? but i’m also pretty content here

One good thing to happen to me today: i sAW MY FRIEND I HAVEN’T SEEN IN LIKE FOUR/FIVE YEARS WHICH WAS COOL also i got new stickers for my laptop ovo

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