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At some conventions there are artist-related events because literally every nerdy fandom attracts a number of artists in various stages of aspiration. One such event at Indy Pop Con was the Drink ‘n’ Draw- where we all met up at Scotty’s for brews and had a drawing session. 

I didn’t really read the blurb, I just kind of wanted to hang out with other artists and talk about cats. So I did certainly not know that it was a competition- first prize gets a free artist’s table at next year’s show. Runners up get a bag of goodies with a sketch book and some nice pens. Judge faves get a sketch commission.

Now I am not a competitive person. Like… I’ll participate in friendly competition if it’s a thing I like doing, but I’m not in it to win it. So I was just like… pff whatever, I’ll make someone else look good. 

But you have to adhere to a theme. And this year’s theme was ‘The Last Battle.’

And it could be anything you want within that theme. Mostly they were looking at things like storytelling, composition, and technique. 

I wasted about fifteen minutes of the hour and a half that we had, trying to figure out what I wanted to do. I’m awful at open-ended themes all the time and I mentally rattled off a list of subjects that would be good to work with before I finally landed on one that I wanted to do. 

Barney the Purple Dinosaur. 

And I know what you’re thinking:


But literally every kid I know grew up twisting the theme song to Barney and turning it into some morbid collection of ways to end the dinosaur’s reign of terror and all of them involved tying him to a tree. 

‘With a knife in his back and a gun to his head-

Woopsie-daisy, Barney’s dead.’

And I figured like… since I’m not really here to win, I’m at least gonna have a good time. So I skipped past the pencil stage and went straight for the sharpies and went to town on this piece of paper. 

And I was not gonna hold back. 

With ten minutes left, the event runner walks by my table and has this ‘what in the fuck is this’ look on his face.

“You know… like in the song?”

“…what song?”

Okay so this is the first person I have met in my life that has not indulged in the honored past-time of recounting the Death of Barney through song. So I start singing the song and he’s still just a wee bit perturbed. 

He walks away, shaking his head, but he’s definitely amused by it. 

Time is up, drawings are in. 

I’m just chillin’ over in my corner with a Pepsi and one of the other artists at my table keeps eyeing the judges because she came to WIN.  She nudges me and she’s like “they keep looking at yours, man.”

“They’re probably trying to dry it off because I spilled Pepsi on it.”

“I dunno… they look intrigued.”

Intrigued is an… intriguing word to describe the faces they were making at my hot mess of a doodle. 

The winners have been decided. 

They get through their personal faves and start listing the runners up. The artist that was checking the judge reactions got one of the judge’s favorites prizes. My girlfriend gets a runner-up for hers. They get to the last one of the runners-up and say:

“Okay, this one came REALLY close.” He holds up a drawing. “Who did this one?”

My hand shot straight up.

“Is that… is that BARNEY?”


“What the fuck?”

I am SHOCKED at this point because what kind of a childhood did y’all have? A fucking nurturing one? “Come on guys, it’s like that song. You know… tie barney to a tree…”



Come on!

So that’s how I won a free sketchbook and came to be known as the chick that ruined everyone’s childhood at Drink’ n’ Draw. 

And I suspect I might have actually won the table if I’d made it clearer that the shadowy figure walking off into the sunset is Baby Bop. 

onceuponymous  asked:

Tell us in your words about what Rich was like before getting a Squip

K: Mastrubates a lot, weak immune system, suicidal, trips over nothing, actually did not have friends, nerdy, just can’t attract girls, what is social interaction, what is sleep or self-confidence. A big mess  to be honest

The plot-point dude in distress took a level in badass and about three levels in attractiveness.
Seriously, who gave him the right to be this attractive; it should be illegal

Also why is everyone saying he’s new space daddy? He’s like 22? He’s more like………space boyfriend

Can We Talk About The Fact Iris West Is Always Drawn to Barry Allen

Iris West + The Flash

Iris was drawn to The Streak (Barry’s superhero name before he called himself the Flash) in part because she was hoping his existence would prove Barry wasn’t crazy about the Man In Yellow. 

Iris West + Barry Allen

Before they started dating: Pre Confession

Pretty interesting Iris never had a serious relationship before Barry went in a coma. We can see why. She was canceling dates to hang out w Barry. 

Before they started dating: Post Confession

This is one of all time fav WestAllen moments. Look at the way Iris is instantly calmed by Barry. It speaks to the connection and intimacy they have. Intimacy that I never Iris share w Eddie. When ever Iris was upset or unsure Barry was the one she was turning to.

Before they started dating: After finding out about Earth 2

After they started dating

FlashPoint Iris + Barry Allen

FlashPoint Iris was attracted to Barry from the start. It completely voids claims that Iris doesn’t appreciate Barry for Barry or wouldn’t be attracted to nerdy Barry 😀

Iris + Amnesia Barry

Iris was completely smitten and charmed by Amnesia Barry. I truly felt like we were seeing Iris fall in love w Barry for the first time. 

Earth 2 Iris West Allen + Barry Allen

To be fair this is actually Earth 2 Iris w Prime Barry. She just thinks he’s her husband Earth 2 Barry Bartholomew Allen. Earth 2 WestAllen must be a very affectionate couple seeing how Iris didn’t hesitate in throwing Barry against the wall

Iris + Savitar Barry

It’s amazing how Iris was able to feel compassion for this tortured, psycho version of Barry Allen

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OH GOD... Another Ship??

I honestly have fallen off with watching religiously Criminal Minds for the past couple of years, But this new season…

Luke Alvez is a breath of fresh air, and his interactions with Garcia…

I actually think they’re gonna give my girl a hot oh so sexy BF in Alvez. Garcia deserves it. I mean why does she always have to be involved with the nerdy, not all that attractive guy?

I’m calling it, they will have a romance - Now boarding the GarVez Ship!

The Thirty-Something Years of Half-Jobs

Find it here on AO3. Modernverse established Bellarke fic. Intended one shot. For now ;)

“Clarke, have we become that couple?”

“What couple? You’re going to have to be a little more specific.”

“The couple that gets engaged but never actually gets married.”

Clarke and Bellamy had had a normal little love affair, nothing to sing ballads or write books about. They’d met at high school. Clarke had always considered herself the smartest person in any class. That was until the Blakes came to town. Bellamy became her first deskmate since Wells had died the previous year.

In a typical love story, here’s the part with immediate connection and heart eyes.

Instead, there begun the infamous Griffin-Blake rivalry. 

Keep reading

WoW We're Nerds


Alex… Didn’t have a lot of friends. Between having a “super weird” little sister and being a total nerd whose only sporting activity was surfing (which wasn’t one of her school’s sports) it was difficult to get people to legitimately like her (and not just to use for the answers on the homework). No, Alex’s best (and probably only real) friend was Maggie Sawyer, someone she’d never met in real life before but was still closer to than anyone at school (besides maybe Kara).

They’d met when they were randomly teamed up to run a dungeon while playing WoW and had bonded over the course of several runs when it turned out they’re team members didn’t want to take them seriously because they were girls. (Alex had laughed when they decided to dump them halfway through one of the harder dungeons they were running, leaving them without a tank or a healer for what probably lasted over an hour with the que that night.)

They had kept in contact afterwards, randomly going to where the other one was working on quests to help get through them faster or (on one of the days when Alex was feeling like crap after some kids at school had decided it’d be funny to toss her backpack in the school pool) they had spend the evening tag-teaming higher level Horde players in Legion. (Because it didn’t matter how bad a mood she was in she wasn’t going to be the 110th level jerk who went around attacking newbies.)

That of course escalated into spending hours upon hours running Ashran cause Alex really wanted to get enough honor points to buy the new PvP gear they’d just released with the new expansion and Maggie was happy to tag along for the ride since she apparently “had nothing better to do.”

This in turn led to them exchanging phone numbers and spending hours on the phone just talking. Maggie complaining about her school’s truly terrible lab equipment, “how the hell am I supposed to know in the stuff has dissolved properly? I can’t even see inside the stupid thing there are so many cracks!” and Alex going on about her classmates, “if he ever tries anything like that again I’ll mess him up, no one messes around with my sister’s feelings and gets away with it…”

And that led to… Other things… (You’re dating her Danvers, just say it)… So she totally realized that she’d developed non-platonic feelings for her best friend. Which had led to Alex ignoring her for a week because she didn’t know what to say, until she was suddenly forced to figure it out cause Maggie had called Kara and now her sister was forcing her to actually deal with her problems and… Apparently Maggie is gay… “seriously Danvers? My username is Sapphic-Intentions, I couldn’t make it gayer if I tried.” And has a thing for her… “I’ve only been dropping hints for the last three months.” Which ended with the two of them dating. (Alex wasn’t sure if she was embarrassed or relieved when she told her sister and the younger girl’s response was to shout “finally” and start flying around her room).

And now, after four months of dating she was finally going to get to meet her girlfriend. (Kara had offered many times to fly Alex to Nebraska but she wasn’t sure how she’d have been able to play that one off to her girlfriend without admitting her sister was an alien so she’d been forced to wait until spring break to finally see her). And she was a mixture of ridiculously excited and super nervous

“Are you sure I should wear this? Maybe I should wear something less revealing…” Alex made a move to go back to her closet (not the one she came out of) but Kara quickly grabbed her wrist and pulled her back before she could stress change again.

“Alex it is hot outside and we live at the beach. Besides a t-shirt and knee length shorts do not really count as revealing clothing. I have seen you wear less than that at your surfing competitions on a regular basis.” Kara pointed out, gesturing rather haphazardly at her outfit. Alex groaned.

“I know… I just don’t want her to think I’m like… Angling for something…” Kara’s eyebrows scrunched together and a crinkle appeared on her forehead.

“What could you be… Angling… For by wearing less clothing?” Alex sputters, remembering that her mom had decided to skip of that particular conversation about human social interactions and she was probably going to need to fill her sister in before someone took advantage of her cluelessness.

“You know what… You’re right, nothing to worry about… We’ll talk about it later… Let’s finish panicking about meeting my girlfriend.” Kara rolled her eyes and wrapped her arms around her sister.

“Look, you two have already established a great foundational bond, meeting is not going to change that. The biggest thing you need to worry about is ‘not turning into a big gay mess around her’ as you put it.” Alex sighed and leaned her head against Kara’s shoulder.

“You’re right… Come on let’s get down to the docks before we’re late and she thinks we bailed on her or something.” Alex pulled Kara to her feet and the sisters made their way outside and started walking down the street to where Alex had agreed to meet up with her girlfriend when they made plans for her to come see her.

Alex was practically buzzing the entire walk and Kara teased her, saying it was probably a good thing she wasn’t the one with the ability to fly otherwise she might have floated off. Alex rolled her eyes and sped up slightly in her haste to get to their meeting place, causing Kara to laugh.

Though Alex would never willingly admit it, she froze the second she laid eyes on her girlfriend. And not in the “holy shit I’m really terrified of meeting this girl” kind of way but in the “holy shit I’m really gay and my girlfriend is a total babe” kind of way. Because she’d never really understood the whole hype about finding “cowgirls” attractive, but damn, the other girl was decked out in jeans, a red checkered flannel (very gay), cowgirl boots and a straw hat leaning against her pickup truck and it was really hot. (She knew that Maggie was from Nebraska, it just didn’t occur to her that her super nerdy gamer girlfriend was basically a cowgirl by day.

Thankfully Maggie wasn’t facing her (she was busy looking out at the ocean for what Alex would later realize was for the first time) and didn’t notice her brain short circuiting at the very sight of her, unfortunately Kara was standing right next to her and definitely noticed her sister’s misstep.

“You okay?” Kara whispered quietly into her ear, clearly trying her best to be supportive in a less fangirly fashion.

“Yep… Just… Really fucking gay…” Alex whispered back and Kara simply laughed.

“Yes, you are a ‘gay disaster’ as it were. Now you should probably go and meet her before she notices you just standing here drooling.” Alex slapped Kara’s shoulder (which hurts) and slowly makes her way towards the other girl who had still managed not to notice her and she spends the entire thirty seconds it takes to cross the parking lot mentally coaching herself on what to say so she doesn’t sound like an idiot when she starts talking (or more likely rambling cause she’s a little nervous).

Naturally the first thing she does when she reaches her is trip and fall.

She closes her eyes cause they’re out in public and there’s no way Kara could catch her so she braces herself for the impending crash. Only to hear a squeak and feel a pair of rather muscular arms wrap around her waist and hold her up off the ground.

“Shit, are you… Alex?” Alex recognizes her voice instantly after so many nights of staying up late (but not as late as Maggie) on the phone talking and she feels her face flush bright red as she cracks an eye open to gaze up at her girlfriend.

“Ummm… Hi?” Alex awkwardly waved up at her and watched as her face transformed into a soft, rather amused smile as she gazed down at her. “Sorry I, uh, tripped…”

“I could tell.” Maggie moved one of her arms from around Alex so she could brush the hair out of her face before coming to gently rest her hand over her cheek,

“Am I gonna… Like… Stand up or something?” Alex mumbled, blushing even harder as she realized Maggie still hadn’t pulled her back onto her feet. Maggie smiled even deeper and bit her lip teasingly.

“I don’t know, I kinda like having you in my arms like this.” Maggie winked and Alex just about swooned, her insides turning to mush as she finally wrapped her arms around her neck to help steady herself.

“You… Are not allowed to be as nerdy as I am and still be so smooth… And attractive… That’s not fair… You can’t have it all…” Maggie laughed and pulled Alex onto her feet only to immediately pull her into a lingering hug.

“You forgot I have an equally nerdy, very attractive dork for a girlfriend. That’s definitely a part of it.” Alex turns away, blushing and Maggie reaches up to kiss her on the cheek. “I’m really glad I’m here.”

“I’m really glad you’re here too.” Alex bent down slightly and kissed Maggie on the forehead.

“Okay. I am glad everyone is happy everyone is here but I really need to go home and finish up my homework so can I assume that you aren’t going to kidnap her or inflict any bodily harm to her if I leave her with you?” They both jump when the other person starts talking and Alex realizes that at some point Kara had come over to the truck and was now addressing Maggie, who seemed to take the semi-threatening teenaged in stride.

“Yes Kara, she’s in very good hands.” Maggie winked at her and Alex groaned slightly before burying her face in the other woman’s neck.

“Okay, have a good weekend and I will see you on the Monday, Alex.” Alex smiled at her (thankfully) oblivious sister and waved goodbye as she took off at a normal human speed down the sidewalk.

“Come on Danvers, let’s get over to the hotel. We’ve only got three days til I have to get back and we’re gonna make ‘em count… Starting with running Ashran again cause I need that new two-handed sword they just released.” Alex laughed.

“You’re such a nerd babe.”

luke hemmings imagine

You knocked lightly on the wooden painted white door, which was almost immediately opened and a smiling blondish woman stood in the doorpost.
“Hello, I’m (Y/N)..” You just began to say when you were suddenly interrupted.
“Sorry sweetie, we won’t buy anything.” She smiled politely and went to close the door.
“But …I-isn’t Luke Hemmings living here?” - You stutteringly asked, while trying to fish your phone out of your purse to check if the address was right -“it’s just.. i need to do this science project with Luke…” you continued as the woman seemed to pay attention, even if her expression was a bit shocked- “isn’t it right?” you handed her your phone when you finally got it out.
“Oh, yes. It is right.” Her expression surprised you, it was a mix of happiness and disbelief when she looked up from the phone at you.
“Good.” You smiled happily at her.  
“C-Come in.” The woman stepped slightly aside to let you in. The house was huge and looked astonishing. Everything was so elegant, in the middle of the hall, right at the bottom of the staircase, there was a round white table with a vase that held a colorful and so lovely bouquet of wild flowers.
"Luke. Lucas. There’s a girl looking for you. A real girl. Come down.” The woman said, her voice a tone higher and louder, almost funny.
“I’m Liz, Luke’s mom.”
"I’m (Y/N).” She was so smiley and happy.
“It’s so nice to meet you. You know not a lot of girls come to visit Luke so I thought…” Before she could finish, Luke was downstairs.
“Mom!” He said sternly to make her stop from embarrassing him even more.
“H-hi” Luke said and smiled shyly at you, while adjusting his thick glasses over the bridge of his nose. You just smiled back at him and followed him to his room, as he motioned you to do.
“I-I’m sorry f-for whatever my mom said”. He stuttered quietly as you sat on edge of his bed, looking around the big room, while he took out his textbooks.
“Oh don’t worry, she’s really nice.” Then the room fell in complete silence.
“So.. do you have any idea of what Mrs. Woolf meant with that ’try to make it entertaining, science is fun’?“ you tried to mimic your science teacher’s voice to lighten the atmosphere in the room but it didn’t come out right, instead Luke tensed even more.
“I’m sorry that was pretty bad.” You half-smiled at him and tucked the falling piece of hair behind you ear, a little embarrassed.
“S-shall we start then?” Luke asked from his work table where he displayed the textbook you needed for the project so you moved closer to him and took out your notes. He seemed a little pinkish on his cheeks… like he wasn’t completely alright with all that closeness between you.
It was so hard to actually concentrate when you had this mystery boy in front of you. He was so quiet but still there was something that attracted you to him like a magnet. Blond hair, blue piercing eyes, tall, all covered by thick glasses, old fashioned clothes and nerdy reputation. Even his room didn’t reflect his exterior aspect completely. Rock Bands posters on the walls, few guitars..
“You play guitar?” You suddenly asked out of blue.
“W-what?” He asked a bit confused, pushing his glasses up his nose so you pointed at the two guitars in the corner.
“ehm.. sometimes..” He seemed to flush slightly.
“Like in a band or something?” you asked again looking directly into his ocean eyes but he ducked his head away from you.
“N-no.. alone.” He scratched, embarrassed, the back of his head.
“That’s really cool.. I always wanted to learn” you admitted and looked back at the guitars.
“I-I could t-teach you…i-if you want..”
“Really?” Luke nodded and went to grab the acoustic guitar before placing it into your lap.
“S-so first you have to position you fingers on the strings and then just strum…” he instructed.
“Like this?” the sound that came out was terrible.
“L-Let me show you.” Luke sat behind you, pulling you timidly in his lap, and repositioned your fingers. You felt his hand shake slightly and cold shivers ran through you when he touched your hand. Your cheeks became a bright red as tomatoes. You strummed and the melody was beautiful.
“Wow …” You smiled at Luke but got lost in his eyes, feeling almost paralyzed. You found yourself leaning in and brought your hand up to cup his dimpled cheek, he started to breath faster as he realized your intentions.
Your lips came together slowly. Just a small touch of his lips against yours but so electrifying. Your hands moved through his soft hair to his neck and Luke, surprisingly, deepened the kiss.
“Kids, do you w-……”suddenly the door burst out open and Luke’s mom walked into the room. You two jumped immediately away from each other, both red faced, completely embarrassed.
“I’m sorry i didn’t mean to interrupt … i just …” Liz couldn’t hold her happiness back, she kept smiling widely until Luke pushed her out of his room.
The room was dominated by awkward silence.
“uhm.. I-I understand if you don’t feel t-the same way …. uhm you know.. maybe this is even a joke on me …” he started mumbling something while facing the ground.
“ I like you, Luke, and I would like to get to know you better..” you stopped his random speaking, making him smile wide.

Flustered (Lafayette x Reader)

A/N: I promised another fic in the same day! anyway, requests are open. please. anything to keep my mind from imploding on itself during school is greatly appreciated. love you all!

Request:  157 with laf/gender neutral reader?

157: “how are you so tall?”

TW: maybe a curse word? not sure anymore.

Living with Hercules meant basically living with his three friends. Not that you minded, but it was hard sometimes to not have any privacy sometimes. Also they teased you relentlessly, sense you were shorter than Alexander.

You were currently in the process of climbing onto the counter to grab a plate for your lunch. All of a sudden, a pair of hands pick you up and put you down. “Damn it Laf! Why must you be so tall?” He hands you a plate, “because I am.” He teases you and walks away.

You lean on the counter for a moment and zone out. God, he was just so… amazing and handsome. But he’d never go for someone like you. You were nerdy, not the most attractive, and basically he was way out of your league. Hercules pats your back to get your attention. “Ask him. Now.”

“To have him shoot me down? Fat chance”

“He won’t.”

“Because I remember him asking me how he should ask you out.”

You instantly became flustered, “h-he was actually asking that?”

“Yeah. So just go for it. He’ll say yes. I promise.”

You nod and leave the kitchen, seeing him talking with John. So, you stand to the side, listening.

“Laf. Ask. Them. Now. You have a perfect moment. Just say it.”

He nods and gets up, seeing you behind him, “(Y/N)… I… I… I was gonna just…”

Your face turns the color of the tomatoes in the kitchen. “I… was gonna maybe… ask you the same question…”

Now it was turn his be flustered as his cheeks turned vermillion, “c-can… can I kiss you?”


He wasted no time and kissed you softly and sweetly, something you hadn’t felt with a man in a while. You smile and rest your forehead on his chest. “Looks like now your height is a disadvantage for you.”

He chuckles, “shut up.”