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Intro to High Priestess idea:


Someone has been gathering ingredients for a spell/potion/ritual/SOMETHING and based off the evidence so far it is believed the last ingredient that will be attempted to be harvested is the High Priestess’ heart!

~See Fire Emblem: Awakening Ch. 6 for an idea on how to structure ~Expanding off if this – put in an Gaius type NOC that can join the players’ side. At the end the Priestess will ask him to stay to become a priest or fill any other job at the (temple, cathedral, monetary?). When the NPC asks if they could really trust a thief/assassin the Priestess will respond “All guests are welcome at the house of Suh'Raq”.

Perhaps the players will hear some gossip of mermaids turning up dead or something??? Will have to work more of that out later.

Btw, The High Priestess and the religious institution end being the main antagonists in this campaign. I really need to type up the plot, lore and history and post it on here…

Inspiration came from this post. Inspiration really does come from the weirdest places lol

P.S. I am a terrible note taker….