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A story: One day a cat walked into a barn. It spotted a big bowl of milk on the ground. She walked up to, noticing it must have been recently poured as it was still cold. She began drinking the milk slowly, increasing speed as she tasted the wonderful liquid. Once she was done, she licked her mouth and noticed a sunspot. Deciding now was a great time for a nap, she sauntered over to the warmth. As the sun began warming her fur, she laid down and fell asleep.

This sounds like something you’d read to a little kid

Tuck me in and bring me a glass of milk dammit

Don’t forget the cookie!!! >O< 

A BIG THANK YOU to NerdsandGamersFTW!

I’m glad that my blog has been such a great influence on your blog. I try to stay connected in the world of gaming and try my best to keep everyone updated with gaming. It can be a real challenge sometimes keeping my blog updated everyday since my blog is run by one person (me).

My tip to you is keep on keepin’ on. (lol) Just keep doing what you do. That goes to anyone else that is reading this that is trying to get big on Tumblr. If it wasn’t for my fans/followers my blog wouldn’t be where it is today. Nearing 76k followers keeps me motivated to keep bringing in the gaming content.

Once again thank you for being a fan/follower.

Game on!

<3 TheOmegaNerd

So husband who you all know as Nerdsandgamersftw has just confirmed the fact that he is indeed an eighty year old man. The confirmation happened in the form of this conversation.

Me: Babe, we’re almost out of toilet paper there’s only one roll left. We might need to run to Walmart unless you wanna wipe with baby wipes tomorrow morning.

Him: I would rather have a damp ass than leave the house at 10 o’ clock at night. 

You heard it here first people..

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My wife recently told me about your blog and I'm very glad I followed. You're a genuinely nice person and it's nice to see that

Thanks! And does that mean both your wife and yourself follow me? That’s amazing to think about. Hope you have a great day/night!

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You've rebloged a few of my posts now (from other people of course) and every time it happens I can't help but smile because you are one of my favorite blogs lol.

I don’t always pay attention to the source. I sometimes just go through tossing things in my queue.

But what happens when I follow you? o_o