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So further to the big boycott list that we periodically reblog, someone wondered a couple of weeks ago whether all the Larries on the list were still active as we’ve seen such a drop in some of the big ones. I’ve found myself with a bit of time on my hands after meeting a deadline earlier in the month, so I thought I’d go through the list and see what I could find. Lucky me getting to click on all those toxic blogs!

16meets18 - this redirects to, still active, has blogged today
2tiedships2 - active, has blogged today, is a prolific gifmaker but ~weirdly~ enough only makes gifs of Louis from nine hundred years ago
aaronexplainsitall (was aaronbutterfield) - Aaron flounced off Tumblr soon after Louis’ promo started at the beginning of the summer, then wrote this post in August about how he wasn’t going to blog about 1D anymore, has actually blogged about 1D since then, but is pretty inactive. One of the London bloggers who all appear to have dropped off Tumblr 
aboutchopsuey - fairly inactive, the front page of the blog has posts dating back 2 months, dropped off when Louis’ promo started in July 
alw4ys-you (was summer5tars) - on permanent hiatus, last blog is dated 3 months ago. Says they’re on hiatus due to anon hate and needing a fresh start, may have got a new name  
anchoredlou - hasn’t blogged since the end of August 
annalarrie - is the artist for all those fucking rainbow bear drawings that pop up, so may be a sideblog for someone else? I’m not sure. The latest post has tags about how the Azoffs aren’t saving Louis or Harry and how Jeff’s friendship with Harry is a stunt, so that’s how they’re looking 
annulloamato (was thendowncamethelightning) - no longer at this URL, anyone know where they went? 
ashavahishta - hasn’t blogged in a month but that’s not that unusual for Asha, she may be back. Has been really inactive since like February.
astolenchild - now afireforaheart, it redirects though. Still active, reblogging foetus gifs a lot 
bakagamieru - still active, is also a Ziam and has a hilarious post on the front page making some leaps of logic between Liam saying he likes the song Englishman in New York and shading/hinting at his true sexuality 
bananastagram - still Larrying
beautlouis - is now thelovejandles, hasn’t posted in three weeks but one of her tags says “hospital queue” so may well be in hospital (and if so, I hope she’s okay) 
beccasafan - still Larrying, still active 
betterstllbemywindingwheel - still active 
birdonahotdog - still active 
bitofbanter - was active earlier in the week 
blouehjob - now at deepindeniall, still active 
bluemetgreen - still active 
boyfriendsofficial - is no longer at this url 
britishhusbands - still active
bromanceshmomance - still active, although I think she had a bit of a hiatus? 
bulletproofhalo - we discovered this week that BPH has links to Rolling Stone and can make them write articles about the covers Harry plays, but can’t make them investigate Hollywood’s Baby Faking scandl! Gosh. 
bunboyfriend - still Larrying 
buscandoelparaiso - still Larrying, being particularly gross about Briana deleting photos 
business-direction - still pretending to be nice, still a gross Larrie underneath 
certainthingshappened - not there anymore 
claudiyah - hasn’t blogged since August so possibly gone 
claudiyah-art - ah, the above blogger’s fanart tumblr. Hasn’t posted anything 1D related since the beginning of August, may have moved on 
cliffordnlouis - not there 
conscious–ramblings (yeah, 2 hyphens, fam) - had a hiatus for about six weeks I think, just after Louis’ promo started, pleading mental health issues. Has posted a bit, but isn’t completely back. I feel like her powers are diminished since Aaron and Verily went AWOL. 
coolbreeeze - was actively Larrying this week 
curlyhairedcuntandboobear - still has the mantra “THERE IS NO BABY” in their header, where very clearly there is now A baby, regardless of who he belongs to 
dailydoseofziam - still Larrying, still Ziaming 
daysundercover - still Larrying, also reblogging foetus pictures from 900 years ago 
diggingandfluff - Fluff bowed out a few weeks ago didn’t she? Iftheresnolove made sure to post a message from her that said she was still a Larrie, but I’m not altogether convinced. Fluff always seemed the most likely to actually have music industry connections, I wonder if she finally saw the light 
directionereg - still Larrying 
droppedmyburrito - hasn’t been active for a couple of weeks, but was still Larrying then 
droppingtheveilofmaya - oh, still one of the most disgusting humans I’ve ever come across. Tends to get very angry when anyone casts doubt upon all her industry connections 
dunkirknews - now appears to be a spam blog? 
elceeu2morrow - still Larrying 
evenstarsinthesky - still active 
everythingstylinson - still Larrying, posting manips of Louis being on stage with Harry cos that’s not creepy at all 
felicitetomlinsondaily - Fizzy update blog so generally stays away from Larry stuff but I’m sure bigger brains than mine can say why they’re on this list? 
ferninism - is still friends with a lot of Larries, but hasn’t actually posted anything Larry related in quite a while. Still one to blacklist though. 
fireprooof - still active, still Larrying 
fluffyyorkshirepudding - are you kidding me that this woman is 49 years old. Still Larrying, has a wild story in her tags today about Harry glaring at Briana at a show two years ago 
freddieismyqueen - hasn’t posted on Tumblr in almost a year, since November 2016, but I’m sure I saw some Larrie this week talking about a new YouTube video from her, so she’s still out there 
fuckyeahlouis - gone, no longer there 
gaynkles (was lcighade) - no overtly Larry posts that I can see, but, well, they’ve still got that URL 
gaysilk - still Larrying 
gemma-daily - like the Fizzy update blog, I don’t know how they’re a Larrie, but yeah they’re still updating on Gemma 
genderneutralsongs - hasn’t posted since May 
geneticistlarrie - still active 
gigglelou - still Larrying 
goodmorningtoyouuniverse - still active 
happy1days - still active 
happytinylou - still active 
haroldslovebites - still active 
harryandlouisarehappilystrong - still Larrying 
harrysdimplesarethedeathofme - doesn’t appear to have posted about Louis in a while, although I can’t be bothered going back overly far. Is still friends with Larries as proven by the blogroll linked. 
heterophobiclouis (was worththewhiletweet) - still a Larrie 
iamlouistomlinson - still Larrying 
idareyoutotakealook - still Larrying 
iftheresnolove - still gross and disgusting, not even going to say anymore. Still updating her spreadsheets of lies 
intenselouis - still active 
investigatewsrm - redirects to investigaterainbows, still a Larrie 
itsastorm - still Larrying 
itwilltoteshappen - still active, can’t be bothered going far enough back to find any Louis content though 
jhoappreciationblog - is now password protected 
jimmytfallon - still active 
justinjaymie - one of the absolute worst Larries, I hate even going on this blog 
just-kind-of-happened - hasn’t posted in a week but that might be normal 
kindofsharethat - still Larrying
knightchanges - still gross 
lads-laddylads - still terrible, although she seems to be an outlier in the fandom now. She’s had some harassment recently about being straight and writing gay fanfic, and just seems to have some unpopular opinions. I wouldn’t be surprised if she ducks out soon 
lapelosa - has been missing for a lot of the year. Looks like Angela finally gave up fighting the Big Gay War! 
larrienation - used to be kaylornation, so it looks like they’ve got form in other tinhat fandoms too. Lovely 
larryalbum - still a Larrie 
larryappreciation - not a lot of Larry content but still has the URL so 
larryftdua (was vansandburberry) - still Larrying 
larryownsthisass - empty tumblr now 
lattebiscotti - still Larrying, writing posts about how Harry will be “MIA” when Louis is doing pro, they just know it! 
lawyerlarrie - still Larrying, still pretending to be a feminist 
laynefaire - still Larrying 
legohousedea - still Larrying, insisting Louis is wearing a nod to Freddie Mercury when wearing a shirt with a lighhtning bolt on 
lesbianslovelouis - of course she’s still active, the day she gives up I’m throwing a fucking party. Got EVEN CREEPIER in the last few months and has Barbie dolls to act out her creepy fantasies 
lhrry - still Larrying 
lhrryart - fanart blog of above blog, not particularly active this year 
loneozner - still Larrying 
lornasaurusrex - still Larrying 
lostjams - still active 
lottiesource (was lottie-source) - like the other updates accounts for the girls, I don’t know about this one being a Larrie blog, but it is still active 
louisandthedagger - still using the tag “my gay son” to refer to Louis so you know 
louisbravado - still active 
louisea - calling Camilla a trash bag so you know still Larrying 
louissbbtomlinson (was veteranlarrie) - still a Larrie 
loumos (was anchoredlou) - has been to a meet up of several Larries mentioned here (bulletproofhalo, srslycris, anchoredlou, firstmatesheera, olieolieoxnfree, too-old-for-this-ship) recently 
lsanchor - sideblog of janree, appears active 
lucystarkid - currently convinced it’s not Harry’s decision to play the Victoria’s Secret show, so yeah, still Larrying 
lululawrence - still active 
m3llybaby - hasn’t been active since Harry’s Dunkirk promo a couple of months ago 
mellygrant - somewhat active, second post says that she’s been on and off. Appears to be a Ziam tinhat too 
miss-you-sweetcheeks - not very active but sidebar still says they’re a Larrie 
nerds4life - still active 
nsfwtomlinson - still active, says Harry is a gay icon so I’m going to say still a Larrie 
oiiiioiiii - still active 
onmykneesforlarry - sideblog for nauticallyrics, apparently. Hasn’t been active since last December (NB nauticallyrics is definitely still a Larrie)
oopstatt - still active 
organictm - …interestingly, has this post calling out Big Larries…. still definitely a Larrie though 
ot5alwaysinmyheart - still Larrying 
otpwhatever - still active, can’t be bothered to find any Larry on there as it’s not recent 
pass-the-pencil - still active 
paynespider - still a Larrie, also hates Taylor Swift 
paynoisbatman - still active 
perfectionlouis - still Larrying 
proudoflou - still active, nothing overtly Larry on the front page currently 
quietasides - still active 
quirkyharry - nothing at this URL 
rainbowbears - nothing here either 
saracha33 - still active, still gross 
seahorseharry - still a Larrie 
seasurfacefullofclouds - still a Larrie 
sexatoxbridge - extremely sadly still Larrying 
shadyshit91 - one of the worst of the current crop. I feel like she slid into a power vacuum left by Verily, Aaron, Lapelosa etc, and is revelling in it. Also the author of the masterpost about how much Freddie looks like Brett and “is a Clark”. Totally disgusting human 
since-he-was-eighteen - now at pinkhalo, still a Larrie 
srslycris - lol of course she’s still here she likes the power 
sslarrybullship - using the tag “Harry is an LGBT icon” so 
sslarrysettingsail - flounced two months ago during Louis’ promo 
stephaniesoteriou - hasn’t been on Tumblr since last December, but this is th woman who writes for Yahoo, right? I dunno how recently she’s done that 
straightguysdont2 - still active 
stylinsin (was m-rmaid) - still Larrying, thinks the Victoria’s Secret show is a cover for something else 
suitsdirection - still active 
tdoj - nothing here now 
tellmethisisnotlove - of course Gabi is still active, she’s another one I’ll throw a party for when she leaves 
that-regular-chick - flounced in th middle of August 
thetommmo - still active 
theirstoryofevents - still a Larrie 
thembutterflies (was areyougoodwithyourhands/nelligans/handslows) - still active 
thetomlinsondaily - still active 
thesparkleboots - now at styles2017, but that says it’s a saved account with no posts 
thestylinsoncrew - password protected 
thisiskatsblog - is part of Rainbow Direction 
thispigeonisntgivingup - still a Larrie 
thosedamnbears - still active 
tmlinsons - inactive most of the year, not been seen since April 
tmlnsn - still a Larrie 
tomlinsins - not found at this URL 
tomlinsoz - redirects to louistomlivson, but that blog is on hiatus 
tommosgun - still active, reblogging foetus gifs 
tommosloueh - posted recently but before that hadn’t been active in a while 
tommosmiddlefinger - may have flounced today! Gosh 
tommosnips - nothing at this URL 
twopoppies - still Larrying 
unintentionalarry - flounced at the end of June, has a new URL which isn’t given 
urfookinjob - still active 
verily-i-say - Vee flounced at the beginning of the summer, but was back briefly in the middle of September. Not been seen since then so let’s hope she’s fucked off again. One of the worst; Vee is the originator of the “let’s make out like Briana had sex with her stepdad” grossness 
wankingloueh - now thegayankle, which is active 
waitingforthatday - still active 
watchyourattitude - still Larrying 
wellingtontat - is now theageofhaquarius, still a Larry 
whimsicule - hasn’t posted anything Larry in aaaages 
whisperedlouis - still active 
whiteknightonasteed - still active 
withoutacuppateaaa - thankfully, this horrendously disgusting Larrie hasn’t posted since December 2016 
yeezydoodles - still active 
youfuckingloosah - status: dark Larrie 
zenlikejen - still active, still gross 
zourry - still, most definitely, a Larrie 

Phew! And don’t worry haters, I still had time today to paint my kitchen, do som washing, watch a film, make a shepherd’s pie, AND spend time with my significant other! 

nerds4life  asked:




LITERALLY THOUGH there are not many things on this earth that make me happier than imagining Zayn Malik’s skinny lil nerd ass in JOGGING SHORTS, doing his straight-armed penguin-run up the sidewalk, taking like three strides for every one of Liam’s.  And Liam’s just chatting casually away, like not even really breaking a sweat, pointing out all the nice dogs they’re passing, CRUELLY OBLIVIOUS to Zayn’s pain, even though Zayn is red-faced and CLEARLY MISERABLE, but trying to contain his DEATH GLARES because it’s his fault for agreeing to this in the first place???

It’s SO much worse than Zayn expected though, he hasn’t jogged for years and now he remembers EXACTLY WHY and every five seconds he’s almost like “SCREW THIS LEEYUM, I’M TURNING AROUND”, but he keeps stopping himself because Liam’s just SOOOOO HAPPY that Zayn’s here with him??  “Isn’t this fun?? Breaking a nice sweat, aren’t we? I’m gonna make you a peanut butter smoothie when we get back!!  Isn’t this is THE GREATEST?? :)))” And Zayn’s like *STRUGGLE SMILE* “Yep… SO great…” Thinking longingly of the smoothie and praying that he will live to drink it, baffled that he married someone who takes actual joy in strenuous physical activity, something he has managed to avoid for most of his life, and Liam’s like “Just one more mile!  Then we can turn around! :))))” and Zayn just STOPS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD PROBABLY
What's behind and what's before (11674 words) by Justcarryon [AO3]

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: One Direction (Band)
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Zayn Malik/Liam Payne, Perrie Edwards/Zayn Malik
Characters: Liam Payne, Zayn Malik, Harry Styles, Niall Horan;, Louis Tomlinson;, Perrie Edwards;
Additional Tags: Ziam feels;, angst;, so much angst;, journeys;, Liam P.O.V;, Louis is amazing;

It takes 5 words for Liam’s world to stop spinning.

It takes 365 days for One Direction to go their separate ways after Zayn gets engaged.

And it takes 2 years, 300 days, and 20 hours for Liam Payne to forget that he ever loved Zayn Malik.

Or, Zayn is getting married, and Liam doesn’t know how to deal anymore.

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What are some of the best ziam blogs to follow?

hi :) i dont follow too many people but here are the ziam blogs i do follow, some of them blog about ziam a little bit, while most are dark ziams like myself lmao @0xyzen @malikaesthetics @somewhereisaplacethatziamknow @zayniepaynie @antihuda @awwwhoopsehdaiseh @ziamspaynus @oh-no-its-elle @bisexvalziam @verseziam @champaynezaddy @befourjavadd @zlanet @zayndrogynous @zaynfeatliam @liamalmighty @all4zayn @zaynispureperfection @mellygrant @nerds4life @jaegyoo @zlpayne @deniallisstrong @luzcoziam @loveourtimeisnow @be-my-tired-pony @sameoldbloganddance @peachypetalhazz @ziamsclassicbitch @ziamlicious @rindaanah @rightnxt2ziam @harryandlouisarehappilystrong @nicki786 @ziamsession @liampayme @warzoneziam @ziamsthottie @empty-altars @knoorhoran @madat-55 @ziamnerds @ziamgreatesthits @brightziam @josjournal @rainbowliam @zaynliam @irishpalatines @marvelsziam @shiningdistraction @that-regular-chick @ifigureditout @darlinzayn @downtherabbitholeafterzm @happilymissy @myuselessknowledge @guilty1dlove @1ddenisels @paynefulperiods @ot5alwaysinmyheart @justneedbeloved @realityruinedmylifeandstuff @zipplekink 

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any suggestions on who i should follow?

i got u

all the real ziam stans are

@zayniepaynie, @zayndrogynous, @all4zayn, @zaynliam, @librasign, @rindaanah, @awwwhoopsehdaiseh, @champaynezaddy, @bravezayn, @warzoneziam, @rightnxt2ziam, @harryandlouisarehappilystrong,  @wolfiezen, @zaynsbambieyes, @nicki786, @sameoldbloganddance, @nerds4life, @that-regular-chick, @jaegyoo, @marvelsziam, @1ddenisels, @oh-no-its-elle, @settingtrends

das it fam like its a very small family 

i feel like i forgot a couple of ppl so if ur a real ziam stan who believes that ziam are still together and chiam is fake and liam isn’t a father yall can reblog :) 

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do you think liam still has ties to syco/simon?

Obviously, yes. They all do. The dog and pony show with all the new teams and labels is just meant to stop the bleeding as far as the very public trashing 1DHQ was getting courtesy of 1D’s fandom. And that trashing included receipts and named names. They’re trying to take the heat off themselves while continuing to  call the shots for, and make money off, 1D. And not only that, the new teams potentially act as a go-between from 1D to their original team. Because things are probably not all good between all these parties, to say the least.

I was just discussing with @nerds4life about just how long 1D’s contract could be. And there could be pro-management options baked in that allow them to remain involved for up to 15 years (per the Kelly Clarkson situation). We just don’t know.

But it’s quite obvious that as of now, 1DHQ is still very much involved in 5/5′s current business.

My super lengthy explanation on a thing about Zayn & Ot4

Zayn leaving isn’t new. I cry. You cry. My cat cries. But for me, I believe it was a stunt, and I believe it wasn’t just a stunt, but an incredibly coordinated one with end game being a super group. @nerds4life has posited similar theories, I’m just piggy backing on some of this. (Jas, please feel free to let me know your thoughts)

So, me, being super skeptical of everything, for Zayn to be solo and be considered A List-ish, bring credibility not just to 1D for the inevitable reunion but credibility  to any other band members (see solo!rapper!Liam and actor!solo!harry) the following things need to happen in short order:

1. Zayn needs to leave the group. Don’t give a lot of reasons for it, and don’t have him talk that much about it. He needs to be seen as too sexy and too cool for 1D, so the less he says the better. 

2. Create hype. Leak out some unfinished demos and some unverified accounts of people that have heard other music. Don’t give too many details about the other music, just say it was really good and that it exists. 

3. Zayn needs to record an album. Sure, you can record an album in three months (1D have done it, obvs), but not here. You need to record an album that’s sexy to WIMMIN and MEN and you need to make sure you’re going to get credibility. That takes time. 

4. Keep people thirsty. You don’t have any music yet, but can’t let people forget. He’s already got tens of millions of people in a built-in audience. So keep the wound of his leaving fresh, and make sure you start twitter trends every month to remind everyone he left. Make sure the origin of the trend is sketchy and unverifiable. Reminding people of the date he left is important - that date will be critical to part of your plan.

5. Be promo af. Zayn leaving is a story that you can keep refreshing. Depending on if the remaining members of the group have something to sell or if Zayn has something to sell, feel free to interchange who the villain of the story is to suit. Be sure in print to make it seem like a full band reunion is an impossibility. Throw in some PR relationships that seem to cycle in tandem with the remaining members.

6. Begin your solo!member circle jerk. You’ve already managed to rebrand Zayn - congratulations! But now that you have him, and he’s got your attention in various high profile cover stories, make sure you have him mention the next one up to go solo: Liam. You’ll achieve several things: bringing some of that newly won credibility Zayn’s got to Liam, you’ll sell the story of why Zayn and Liam are will eventually be seen together (they aren’t actually in a relationship you guys, THEY ARE MAKING MUSIC AND BEING BRUHS), and you’ll begin the long, not at all drawn out road to the incredible 1D Reunion. Mention Liam by name specifically in articles, and be sure to have your PR team link them in other fluff pieces that are running on entertainment blogs. The more people that associate them together, the tighter your narrative.

7. Now it’s time to release Zayn’s album. You’ve made it this far, and now there’s one thing left to do: make a real profit. What’s the biggest way to make a profit and bring some real emotional impact? Release the album a year after Zayn left to the very day. You made sure to have the wound stay fresh within his fandom for this very reason.  What incredible luck that the year anniversary of Zayn leaving the group happens to fall on a music release day!

8. Time jump to our conclusion. For the purpose of your sanity and mine, let’s assume that your plan worked - Zayn is a star, Liam is a star, and Harry is a star*. All 3 of them have fanbases of their own to bring to the table, and all 3 of them bring a new legitimacy to One Direction. It’s time for your Azoffian Super Group Emotional OT5 Reunion. Go ahead and get ready to swim in your Scrooge McDuck pool full of gold doubloons. 

*Niall & Louis could have projects too, I’m just going off of what we know. Don’t roast me. I love them.

So Jas @nerds4life tagged me on this pic post:

This is the VF article she is referring to her post:

And this the part where Gigi is discussing her love of art and painting in her spare time:

Gigi a hobbyist painter? Really girl? So the issue here is not her being one; but saying she is one when no evidence would support this claim. When one has a hobby you can’t help but post something about it on your social media–after all it’s what you do in your free time. And wasn’t one of the purpose of having social media accounts is for you to be able to show off your personality through your interests and activities? Gigi for instance has posted on her snapchat about cooking before. So for her to say that it’s her hobby seems legit. But this art thing? I scrolled through two years worth of her IG posts and came up empty handed. She only posted a related pic for this claim right after the VF interview. You have to ask why has she only shown a concrete evidence of this hitherto interest only after blabbing it in an interview? Screams stunt to me. And that article is a seeding for this stunt. Actually aside from that suspect SC photo above I can only think of another pic that is marginally related to this art thing and it’s another stunt pic of Gigi’s hand posted on Zayn’s IG during the infancy of Zigi:

Que irony. Art and stunting seems to go hand in hand in relation to Gigi.

1DHQ is obviously trying to recycle their Zayn showmance stunt trick of having Zayn’s “gf” adopt Zayn’s hobby and interest which in turn makes them look like they’re sharing mutual interest and making the relationship looks rayl. During Perrie’s time, they made her look like she is a Batman-loving gal as shown in these pics:

Now in Gigi’s case, Zayn is an art buff and an artist himself so Gigi is exploiting that angle by making herself one as well.

But nothing would beat what Zayn has done in the following pic:

Would you look at that. Here is Zayn drawing Batman that closely resembles Liam. Zayn is indulging in his hobby (drawing) using his shared interest with Liam as subject (Batman) and then being inspired by Liam himself. If that doesn’t scream couple realness to you I dunno what will.


I found this title to be fitting since, for the past couple of days, its a phrase that I have been repeating constantly. I apologize for the length of this post it’s a long one but I have so many thoughts about this, I’ve never seen anything so ridiculous celeb breakup-wise.

So I’ve seen today that ZG are “back together” which I prepared for from the moment the weak “they could get back together tomorrow” narrative was pushed with the breakup news. It is absolutely ridiculous & not just for the obvious reasons *cough* they were never together to begin with *cough* but for how drawn out & poorly handled everything was. 

There are blogs that have covered/analyzed the failure that is ZG much better than I could ever want to but here is what I saw happen & my opinions about it:

  •  Their contract was up and Zayn had no problems leaving. (Let’s make a toast!)
  • His team sent out the press release to reputable sources (E! News & People) yet GG & her team clearly weren’t ready to let go of her meal-ticket.
  •  GG played the “heartbroken & thirsty poor-me” role w/ her dropping the word “boyfriend” into every other sentence (which she only started using recently – Tonight Show I believe), jewelry stunts, awkward SC activity, and the sad-GG w/ Kendall pap stroll.
  • Zayn & team continued to ignore her stunts (maybe hoping she’d give up and the chatter would stop)
  •  Her team sent out a contradictory story about the breakup to fashion/GG-friendly publications. Their biggest push being the JustJared “exclusive.”
  • Zayn & team finally decided to respond, again through E! News, as on 6/6/16 E! News read a statement, on-air, stating, and I quote:

“Our sources are sticking with the split ‘They are not back together but they are on friendly terms and because of media they are keeping it like they are still together.’” End quote

To which I went DAFUQ?! So…they just admitted from their “source” (Zayn’s team probably) that GG’s actions have been them pretending to be together because of “the media”…Once again, DAFUQ?! How does that even make sense? First of all, Zayn hasn’t done anything to make the media believe they are still together it has only been the sad antics of GG. Secondly, by doing this it just caused more media attention! So how exactly was this beneficial to their supposed privacy? (Hint: it wasn’t). In my opinion this was Zayn/his team trying to help GG save face for her pathetic antics the last few days.

  • And now here we are, as of 6/8/16, with numerous sources outside of GG’s go-to publications stating that ZG are in fact “back together” -_-

So my thoughts at this point are: 

  1. An agreement was reached in which Zayn/his team were able to finagle something that would actually benefit HIM for once. As has been stated on other blogs, his new single “Wrong” is currently being pushed for radio and will be released soon and this “reunion” news was also just before his first solo UK performance. 
  2. Zayn’s also up for some teen awards and I know a lot of young people in his fanbase love ZG (which is another issue I will get to in a separate post). 
  3. Also, when ZG do breakup (they will) GG’s team may utilize the “strong woman” narrative that was provided for her with the T-Swift breakup and allow their client to save face and come out looking better. This might be done through cheating rumors. (Already test-ballooned w/ that weird hike and are unfortunately nothing new  in the “bad-boy Zayn” narrative.) 

I have admitted in the past that I am not a fan of Zayn’s new team, not at all, so if they actively participated in dragging this out I wouldn’t be surprised. I feel like they believe the old saying “any publicity is good publicity” rather than letting Zayn’s personality or talent speak for themselves. Heck he doesn’t even get to speak for himself!

So I wouldn’t be surprised if we get some new shots of GG dragging Zayn around or social media stunting from her. I wouldn’t even be surprised if it was captioned #nosuperimposing.

As I know I probably said some things/ideas you’ve seen on other blogs and as I am 100% about giving credit where it’s due here are the blogs I follow that I feel provide interesting insights into this stunt and who I read to form my own opinions:

@paynegerouslyinlove, @nerds4life, @that-regular-chick,  @somewhereisaplacethatziamknow , and @mellygrant

 I may not agree with them 100% of the time but I don’t want to purport that these are wholly my original ideas.

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Harry Larries fighting Louis Larries . Big Larries fighting amongst themselves . Me: Aaannywaysss Ot5 for lyfe

@nerds4life and I discussed this situation a bit earlier and basically…

…with a side of…

We’re enjoying being proven right once again. Because did we not ring the alarm damn near 2 years ago about this? This current fuckery involves some shady blogs that were also involved in spreading rumors about Zayn and drugs late 2014/early 2015. And I clearly warned people about believing shady “inside source” stories that don’t add up. But where was the big Larrie outrage when that shit was going down? They ate it up. They ran with it. They made snarky sneering posts about Zayn. They tag shaded him. They concern trolled him as an excuse to spread the rumor on blog. But now that the shoe is on the Larrie foot, it’s an international incident? Ok.

So guess how I feel about the current babygate bullshit/Larry break-up/solo Harry “insider” kerfuffle??

And I find it quite hilarious, hypocritical and ironic that NOW send-yourself-an-ask-gate and off-blog-conversation-gate (both “outed” to me by 2 different big Larrie blogs) is a thing. But when those things were happening in order to steal fandom theories from the horrible Ziam supporters and to trash bloggers who disagreed with some things going on within the Larrie fandom, they were all mute. Again, now that the shoe is on the Larrie foot, it’s a crime against the fandom? Ok.

I get that not all Larries are involved in this mess, so don’t think I’m trying to bash the entire fandom. In fact, it’s just the usual suspects yet again both starting the shit and fighting about it. And imo, the problem is the groupthink, fragile egos that respond favorably to being stroked (how the thieves repeatedly get in the temple) and the Queen Bee mentality that made some appoint themselves thought leaders and blog police within the fandom. They’ve been played several times already–on tumblr on twitter–wherever 1D is a thing. I remain unsurprised.

And yes, OT5 4 eva. None of this nonsense is ever a reflection on them. And fuck everybody that peddled any petty, biased, basic bitch, bullshit trying to convince people that OT5 won’t rise again.

One way or another, they will. 

this year has indeed been one hell of a ride, with ups and downs (mostly downs, unfortunately), with smiles and tears, with joy and sadness, but hopefully these awful things that happened this year will remain in the past and we will be able to find a brighter future in 2017. 

2016 has made me a lot more active here (shout out to @zayn for being a real one and ending my life with his brilliant solo career) and i’ve had the good fortune of coming across some wonderful people whom i’ve grown to love in a short period of time and i can’t possibly imagine my tumblr experience without them. 

so to all of you who made this year tolerable on this hellsite, thank you from the bottom of my heart, i love you all dearly and here’s to the future :)

@zayn - there’s no other person i’d rather start this with. thank you for showing us all that sometimes is alright to walk away from things that are no longer bringing us happiness, that is alright sometimes to choose and ask ourselves ‘how can i make myself happy?’, thank you for showing us that it’s not about the success, it’s not about the money, it’s about the journey and the people you touch with your words, with your actions. thank you for your kind, gentle soul, your warm, compassionate heart, your bright crinkly eyed smile that brings happiness to each and every one of our hearts. thank you for staying you despite people’s attempts of changing or shaping your personality. thank for all the hard work that you’ve done this year, for allowing us to see a part of your brilliant mind and heart in each lyric of your song and each phrase of your book. you are an inspiration to me and will always be, you’re making me a better person and for that, i am thankful. i love you and i will stay by you always and forever, no matter what. 


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Hey I love your blog! Do you have any suggestions for good ot5 blogs and Liam blogs?

hey! omg my blog is an absolute mess and you saying this is really surprising but it means so much to me, thank you sweetheart!! i don’t follow that many blogs anymore but some blogs that i love and that are ot5 and/or liam positive are : @somewhereisaplacethatziamknow @0xyzen @all4zayn @futuristiczayn  @ziamspaynus @rainbowliam @liamstolenboxers @liamsolopayne @lamalocchia @zaynispureperfection @sinfulibra @otpsoulmates @malikaesthetics @zaynfeatliam @zlanet @liams-rosetattoo @shiningdistraction @liamsfreckles @zipplekink @mohawkpayne @overwhelmedbyfeels @heapsofliam @zayniepaynie @verseziam @mellygrant @champaynezaddy @stressedangel @knoorhoran @awwwhoopsehdaiseh @ziamnerds @midnight-kfc @brightziam @josjournal @captainsnarkypants @ziamgreatesthits @ziamsthottie @empty-altars @420champagneziam @madat-55 @emilyarty @paynefulperiods @befourjavadd @paynegerouslyinlove  @ziamlicious @nerds4life @lifechangeing @darkangelzayn @marvelsziam @liampayne @5hofficial @cheekylirry @sprigofziam @solo-zarry @irishpalatines 

 I was tagged by 1dsuspiciousminds  to post beautiful pictures of Harry.

Tagging mscastielwinchester, nerds4life, hazzaswifeeee and harrystyles1dpics to join in. Plus anyone else who feels like doing this. It’s the first time I’m continuing one of these chains :)

never forget “baenie Harry”

wolfiezen  asked:

Hi Virna! I hope you are well. Excellent post you did about Paddy and the beards. I just like to share some additional info. I've always wondered whether Paddy is Liam's personal employee or a Modest one. But this solo bodyguard duties for Cheryl confirms to me that he is a Modest employee. Cheryl is a Modest client like Liam so it is possible that when Cherliam is together Paddy is assigned to perform bodyguard duties for both. (This realization was done btw with the help from Jas' tags) (1/2)

Good Morning @ziamgreatesthits and I’m sorry for the late response; yesterday turned out to be a very tiring but very interesting day for me!

Thank you for your kind words for this post but mainly thank you for the info you provided! And here are @nerds4life  tags: #paddy is technically a modest employee#so he does security for modest clients#and Cheryl is a modest client#1D team#paddy#sham#liard 2.0 is still fake  (Thank you jasmine for providing us food for thought, always appreciated!)

I remember the scene you describe in the supermarket, with Paddy tagging along and following Zayn. I do not have it in my files,so I cannot provide it… I do not remember any airport photos but this doesn’t mean that they don’t exist.

Here is what I can tell you; Paddy was not with the Boys from the beginning. If you see the “Up All Night” credits (at the end of the tape) you see the security team they had at that time:

As you can see, Paddy was not yet on board, while Preston was already there; Andy Davies was later given to Zayn, as his bg, (he is the one who gave the interview to the Mirror -i think- about Michelle Obama and the girls meeting the boys back stage and inviting them to the White House:

 On the contrary, at the end credits of “this s Us”, we see this:

i remember that I first saw Paddy during the TMH tour. 

To tell you the truth, I do not know who has hired the Boys’ bodyguards; it could be M!M, or it could be Paul Higgings, since they are both Irish,  (and M!M would have to approve them). But I am sure about one thing: they are company employees! Remember when Zayn “left” 1D, Preston’s tweets about Zayn having to do what’s best for him but that got him out of a job? He went for a short vacation and came back to escort Zayn at the Asian Awards and to take over as Louis’ body guard! So much for “unemployed Preston” (I had a tag about it)… my headcanon is that because Preston was a member of the old guard since he was there from the very beginning, and knew the Boys and their reactions very well, he was serving as the bg of the two most “problematics” for 1DHQ (meaning Zayn and Louis), so he was able to control their antics. Liam did not create problems in public, as his persona was “the responsible one”, so he could be assigned to a guard of a lower profile, enter Paddy!  I don’t know if you saw it, Sarah, but there was an article in today’s Independent (thank you @lifechangeing for finding it and posting it!) about Paddy and in my opinion, it’s not very flattering…

Now to the subject at hand: Like always, we are dealing with two different things: what seems to go on and what really goes on! What really goes on is that in all probability and like I’ve already said, Paddy must be a company employee so it’s his job to cover them both. But what they need is to see is that Paddy is Liam’s bodyguard and Liam loooooveesss Cheryl so much that he wouldn’t let her go unprotected (from whom? the flowers in the vases? nobody seems to give a damn about her!) to the premier and he wouldn’t want to see her with someone else, so he had Paddy extending his services to her, thus concluding “realtionship goooaaalzzz”!