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LITERALLY THOUGH there are not many things on this earth that make me happier than imagining Zayn Malik’s skinny lil nerd ass in JOGGING SHORTS, doing his straight-armed penguin-run up the sidewalk, taking like three strides for every one of Liam’s.  And Liam’s just chatting casually away, like not even really breaking a sweat, pointing out all the nice dogs they’re passing, CRUELLY OBLIVIOUS to Zayn’s pain, even though Zayn is red-faced and CLEARLY MISERABLE, but trying to contain his DEATH GLARES because it’s his fault for agreeing to this in the first place???

It’s SO much worse than Zayn expected though, he hasn’t jogged for years and now he remembers EXACTLY WHY and every five seconds he’s almost like “SCREW THIS LEEYUM, I’M TURNING AROUND”, but he keeps stopping himself because Liam’s just SOOOOO HAPPY that Zayn’s here with him??  “Isn’t this fun?? Breaking a nice sweat, aren’t we? I’m gonna make you a peanut butter smoothie when we get back!!  Isn’t this is THE GREATEST?? :)))” And Zayn’s like *STRUGGLE SMILE* “Yep… SO great…” Thinking longingly of the smoothie and praying that he will live to drink it, baffled that he married someone who takes actual joy in strenuous physical activity, something he has managed to avoid for most of his life, and Liam’s like “Just one more mile!  Then we can turn around! :))))” and Zayn just STOPS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD PROBABLY

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What are some of the best ziam blogs to follow?

hi :) i dont follow too many people but here are the ziam blogs i do follow, some of them blog about ziam a little bit, while most are dark ziams like myself lmao @0xyzen @malikaesthetics @somewhereisaplacethatziamknow @zayniepaynie @antihuda @awwwhoopsehdaiseh @ziamspaynus @oh-no-its-elle @bisexvalziam @verseziam @champaynezaddy @befourjavadd @zlanet @zayndrogynous @zaynfeatliam @liamalmighty @all4zayn @zaynispureperfection @mellygrant @nerds4life @jaegyoo @zlpayne @deniallisstrong @luzcoziam @loveourtimeisnow @be-my-tired-pony @sameoldbloganddance @peachypetalhazz @ziamsclassicbitch @ziamlicious @rindaanah @rightnxt2ziam @harryandlouisarehappilystrong @nicki786 @ziamsession @liampayme @warzoneziam @ziamsthottie @empty-altars @knoorhoran @madat-55 @ziamnerds @ziamgreatesthits @brightziam @josjournal @rainbowliam @zaynliam @irishpalatines @marvelsziam @shiningdistraction @that-regular-chick @ifigureditout @darlinzayn @downtherabbitholeafterzm @happilymissy @myuselessknowledge @guilty1dlove @1ddenisels @paynefulperiods @ot5alwaysinmyheart @justneedbeloved @realityruinedmylifeandstuff @zipplekink 

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any suggestions on who i should follow?

i got u

all the real ziam stans are

@zayniepaynie, @zayndrogynous, @all4zayn, @zaynliam, @librasign, @rindaanah, @awwwhoopsehdaiseh, @champaynezaddy, @bravezayn, @warzoneziam, @rightnxt2ziam, @harryandlouisarehappilystrong,  @wolfiezen, @zaynsbambieyes, @nicki786, @sameoldbloganddance, @nerds4life, @that-regular-chick, @jaegyoo, @marvelsziam, @1ddenisels, @oh-no-its-elle, @settingtrends

das it fam like its a very small family 

i feel like i forgot a couple of ppl so if ur a real ziam stan who believes that ziam are still together and chiam is fake and liam isn’t a father yall can reblog :) 

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do you think liam still has ties to syco/simon?

Obviously, yes. They all do. The dog and pony show with all the new teams and labels is just meant to stop the bleeding as far as the very public trashing 1DHQ was getting courtesy of 1D’s fandom. And that trashing included receipts and named names. They’re trying to take the heat off themselves while continuing to  call the shots for, and make money off, 1D. And not only that, the new teams potentially act as a go-between from 1D to their original team. Because things are probably not all good between all these parties, to say the least.

I was just discussing with @nerds4life about just how long 1D’s contract could be. And there could be pro-management options baked in that allow them to remain involved for up to 15 years (per the Kelly Clarkson situation). We just don’t know.

But it’s quite obvious that as of now, 1DHQ is still very much involved in 5/5′s current business.

URL challenge

The always o lovely @josjournal tagged me, so here I am. It’s to spell your URL with songs.

Oceandust – Hands Like Houses
Viva Forever – Spice Girls
Every You Every Me – Placebo
enegade – Wynter Gordon
hat About Now – Daughtry
ide & Seek – Marike Jager
asier to Run – Linkin Park
et me Leave – Marc Broussard
oments – One Direction
mpty – Jessica Mauboy
ear Nicole – Frankmusik
lurry – Puddle of Mudd
ou’re Still the One – Shania Twain
airytale Gone Bad – Sunrise Avenue
njoy the View – David Choi
ight Easy Steps – Alanis Morissette
ie to Me – 12 Stones
ound the Alarm - Brightwood

I’m tagging @lovecrimemp3 @spacemlm @liamstolenboxers @nerds4life @somewhereisaplacethatziamknow @livingwherethesidewalkends

So Jas @nerds4life tagged me on this pic post:

This is the VF article she is referring to her post:

And this the part where Gigi is discussing her love of art and painting in her spare time:

Gigi a hobbyist painter? Really girl? So the issue here is not her being one; but saying she is one when no evidence would support this claim. When one has a hobby you can’t help but post something about it on your social media–after all it’s what you do in your free time. And wasn’t one of the purpose of having social media accounts is for you to be able to show off your personality through your interests and activities? Gigi for instance has posted on her snapchat about cooking before. So for her to say that it’s her hobby seems legit. But this art thing? I scrolled through two years worth of her IG posts and came up empty handed. She only posted a related pic for this claim right after the VF interview. You have to ask why has she only shown a concrete evidence of this hitherto interest only after blabbing it in an interview? Screams stunt to me. And that article is a seeding for this stunt. Actually aside from that suspect SC photo above I can only think of another pic that is marginally related to this art thing and it’s another stunt pic of Gigi’s hand posted on Zayn’s IG during the infancy of Zigi:

Que irony. Art and stunting seems to go hand in hand in relation to Gigi.

1DHQ is obviously trying to recycle their Zayn showmance stunt trick of having Zayn’s “gf” adopt Zayn’s hobby and interest which in turn makes them look like they’re sharing mutual interest and making the relationship looks rayl. During Perrie’s time, they made her look like she is a Batman-loving gal as shown in these pics:

Now in Gigi’s case, Zayn is an art buff and an artist himself so Gigi is exploiting that angle by making herself one as well.

But nothing would beat what Zayn has done in the following pic:

Would you look at that. Here is Zayn drawing Batman that closely resembles Liam. Zayn is indulging in his hobby (drawing) using his shared interest with Liam as subject (Batman) and then being inspired by Liam himself. If that doesn’t scream couple realness to you I dunno what will.


I found this title to be fitting since, for the past couple of days, its a phrase that I have been repeating constantly. I apologize for the length of this post it’s a long one but I have so many thoughts about this, I’ve never seen anything so ridiculous celeb breakup-wise.

So I’ve seen today that ZG are “back together” which I prepared for from the moment the weak “they could get back together tomorrow” narrative was pushed with the breakup news. It is absolutely ridiculous & not just for the obvious reasons *cough* they were never together to begin with *cough* but for how drawn out & poorly handled everything was. 

There are blogs that have covered/analyzed the failure that is ZG much better than I could ever want to but here is what I saw happen & my opinions about it:

  •  Their contract was up and Zayn had no problems leaving. (Let’s make a toast!)
  • His team sent out the press release to reputable sources (E! News & People) yet GG & her team clearly weren’t ready to let go of her meal-ticket.
  •  GG played the “heartbroken & thirsty poor-me” role w/ her dropping the word “boyfriend” into every other sentence (which she only started using recently – Tonight Show I believe), jewelry stunts, awkward SC activity, and the sad-GG w/ Kendall pap stroll.
  • Zayn & team continued to ignore her stunts (maybe hoping she’d give up and the chatter would stop)
  •  Her team sent out a contradictory story about the breakup to fashion/GG-friendly publications. Their biggest push being the JustJared “exclusive.”
  • Zayn & team finally decided to respond, again through E! News, as on 6/6/16 E! News read a statement, on-air, stating, and I quote:

“Our sources are sticking with the split ‘They are not back together but they are on friendly terms and because of media they are keeping it like they are still together.’” End quote

To which I went DAFUQ?! So…they just admitted from their “source” (Zayn’s team probably) that GG’s actions have been them pretending to be together because of “the media”…Once again, DAFUQ?! How does that even make sense? First of all, Zayn hasn’t done anything to make the media believe they are still together it has only been the sad antics of GG. Secondly, by doing this it just caused more media attention! So how exactly was this beneficial to their supposed privacy? (Hint: it wasn’t). In my opinion this was Zayn/his team trying to help GG save face for her pathetic antics the last few days.

  • And now here we are, as of 6/8/16, with numerous sources outside of GG’s go-to publications stating that ZG are in fact “back together” -_-

So my thoughts at this point are: 

  1. An agreement was reached in which Zayn/his team were able to finagle something that would actually benefit HIM for once. As has been stated on other blogs, his new single “Wrong” is currently being pushed for radio and will be released soon and this “reunion” news was also just before his first solo UK performance. 
  2. Zayn’s also up for some teen awards and I know a lot of young people in his fanbase love ZG (which is another issue I will get to in a separate post). 
  3. Also, when ZG do breakup (they will) GG’s team may utilize the “strong woman” narrative that was provided for her with the T-Swift breakup and allow their client to save face and come out looking better. This might be done through cheating rumors. (Already test-ballooned w/ that weird hike and are unfortunately nothing new  in the “bad-boy Zayn” narrative.) 

I have admitted in the past that I am not a fan of Zayn’s new team, not at all, so if they actively participated in dragging this out I wouldn’t be surprised. I feel like they believe the old saying “any publicity is good publicity” rather than letting Zayn’s personality or talent speak for themselves. Heck he doesn’t even get to speak for himself!

So I wouldn’t be surprised if we get some new shots of GG dragging Zayn around or social media stunting from her. I wouldn’t even be surprised if it was captioned #nosuperimposing.

As I know I probably said some things/ideas you’ve seen on other blogs and as I am 100% about giving credit where it’s due here are the blogs I follow that I feel provide interesting insights into this stunt and who I read to form my own opinions:

@paynegerouslyinlove, @nerds4life, @that-regular-chick,  @somewhereisaplacethatziamknow , and @mellygrant

 I may not agree with them 100% of the time but I don’t want to purport that these are wholly my original ideas.

My super lengthy explanation on a thing about Zayn & Ot4

Zayn leaving isn’t new. I cry. You cry. My cat cries. But for me, I believe it was a stunt, and I believe it wasn’t just a stunt, but an incredibly coordinated one with end game being a super group. @nerds4life has posited similar theories, I’m just piggy backing on some of this. (Jas, please feel free to let me know your thoughts)

So, me, being super skeptical of everything, for Zayn to be solo and be considered A List-ish, bring credibility not just to 1D for the inevitable reunion but credibility  to any other band members (see solo!rapper!Liam and actor!solo!harry) the following things need to happen in short order:

1. Zayn needs to leave the group. Don’t give a lot of reasons for it, and don’t have him talk that much about it. He needs to be seen as too sexy and too cool for 1D, so the less he says the better. 

2. Create hype. Leak out some unfinished demos and some unverified accounts of people that have heard other music. Don’t give too many details about the other music, just say it was really good and that it exists. 

3. Zayn needs to record an album. Sure, you can record an album in three months (1D have done it, obvs), but not here. You need to record an album that’s sexy to WIMMIN and MEN and you need to make sure you’re going to get credibility. That takes time. 

4. Keep people thirsty. You don’t have any music yet, but can’t let people forget. He’s already got tens of millions of people in a built-in audience. So keep the wound of his leaving fresh, and make sure you start twitter trends every month to remind everyone he left. Make sure the origin of the trend is sketchy and unverifiable. Reminding people of the date he left is important - that date will be critical to part of your plan.

5. Be promo af. Zayn leaving is a story that you can keep refreshing. Depending on if the remaining members of the group have something to sell or if Zayn has something to sell, feel free to interchange who the villain of the story is to suit. Be sure in print to make it seem like a full band reunion is an impossibility. Throw in some PR relationships that seem to cycle in tandem with the remaining members.

6. Begin your solo!member circle jerk. You’ve already managed to rebrand Zayn - congratulations! But now that you have him, and he’s got your attention in various high profile cover stories, make sure you have him mention the next one up to go solo: Liam. You’ll achieve several things: bringing some of that newly won credibility Zayn’s got to Liam, you’ll sell the story of why Zayn and Liam are will eventually be seen together (they aren’t actually in a relationship you guys, THEY ARE MAKING MUSIC AND BEING BRUHS), and you’ll begin the long, not at all drawn out road to the incredible 1D Reunion. Mention Liam by name specifically in articles, and be sure to have your PR team link them in other fluff pieces that are running on entertainment blogs. The more people that associate them together, the tighter your narrative.

7. Now it’s time to release Zayn’s album. You’ve made it this far, and now there’s one thing left to do: make a real profit. What’s the biggest way to make a profit and bring some real emotional impact? Release the album a year after Zayn left to the very day. You made sure to have the wound stay fresh within his fandom for this very reason.  What incredible luck that the year anniversary of Zayn leaving the group happens to fall on a music release day!

8. Time jump to our conclusion. For the purpose of your sanity and mine, let’s assume that your plan worked - Zayn is a star, Liam is a star, and Harry is a star*. All 3 of them have fanbases of their own to bring to the table, and all 3 of them bring a new legitimacy to One Direction. It’s time for your Azoffian Super Group Emotional OT5 Reunion. Go ahead and get ready to swim in your Scrooge McDuck pool full of gold doubloons. 

*Niall & Louis could have projects too, I’m just going off of what we know. Don’t roast me. I love them.

this year has indeed been one hell of a ride, with ups and downs (mostly downs, unfortunately), with smiles and tears, with joy and sadness, but hopefully these awful things that happened this year will remain in the past and we will be able to find a brighter future in 2017. 

2016 has made me a lot more active here (shout out to @zayn for being a real one and ending my life with his brilliant solo career) and i’ve had the good fortune of coming across some wonderful people whom i’ve grown to love in a short period of time and i can’t possibly imagine my tumblr experience without them. 

so to all of you who made this year tolerable on this hellsite, thank you from the bottom of my heart, i love you all dearly and here’s to the future :)

@zayn - there’s no other person i’d rather start this with. thank you for showing us all that sometimes is alright to walk away from things that are no longer bringing us happiness, that is alright sometimes to choose and ask ourselves ‘how can i make myself happy?’, thank you for showing us that it’s not about the success, it’s not about the money, it’s about the journey and the people you touch with your words, with your actions. thank you for your kind, gentle soul, your warm, compassionate heart, your bright crinkly eyed smile that brings happiness to each and every one of our hearts. thank you for staying you despite people’s attempts of changing or shaping your personality. thank for all the hard work that you’ve done this year, for allowing us to see a part of your brilliant mind and heart in each lyric of your song and each phrase of your book. you are an inspiration to me and will always be, you’re making me a better person and for that, i am thankful. i love you and i will stay by you always and forever, no matter what. 


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Fic: Shades of Blue | 13k

Prompt 19 : Parents meeting when they take their kids to their class au.

Pairing: Zayn Malik/Liam Payne.

Summery:  The moment the sentence drops on the table he notices the way Liam starts to shake before he’s looking into his eyes with this incredulous look on his face. “You’d want that?” He heaves out his tone almost bewildered.
Zayn just grabs his fingers under the table and presses. “If I didn’t – you’d know by now I wouldn’t have stuck around.”
“But you’re so – I don’t really know how to put it – just –”
“Shush it.” He orders maybe a bit too harshly. “You’re one of the best things that have entered my life since she left it. Kiss me.”
He watches as Liam’s eyes divert towards the girls lost in the tablet Liam handed Vi in the car. “Kiss me.” He says again. “From the look of them, they’ll be just fine with the news.”

I listened to Zayn’s Blue a lot these last few days writing this one. It’s actually become special to my life because I’ve always wanted to try out something melancholic and sad with a happy ending to it.
It’s taken me two days to write this for my sweety Louise. She turned 19 today and what started out as a prompt game turned into something very close to my heart.

I also wanna tag my girls Toni @somewhereisaplacethatziamknow and Jasmine @nerds4life. You two always grind me down to get the best out of me, I love you
I hope you enjoy it. 
Thank you for reading!

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a wise man once said

ERR YEAH- I’m sorry I didn’t make a follower forever this year, but I still wanted to thank a few people for making this year (and my dash) enjoyable. It’s been a tough few months for me (for all of us probably, 2015 was out to kill us all), personally and fandom wise and there were a few times where I thought about deleting and just leaving everything behind, but it’s thanks to you guys, that I stayed. Y’all bring a lot of different qualities to my dash, some of you are just really fucking hilarious and know how to bring fun in this mess of a fandom, some others are simply down to earth, genuine and drama free people and a special shout out goes to my Ziam squad, because we’ve been through a hell of a lot shit this year and yet we’re still here and counting down to 2016 for Ziam to finally rise again! You lot are amazing and kind people and I’m thankful for calling some of you my friends (and if we’re not there yet, I’m not going anywhere, so there’s still time HMU!). So thanks fam, I love you, you deserve the best and I wish you all happy holidays! 

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hi, sorry for bothering you! i saw you don't believe in zerrie and sophia, can i ask you why? like i ship ziam so hard and i want them to be together more than anything in my life, but at the same time both of their relationships look real to me and that makes me sad. i love your blog and i'd love to hear your point of view! x

You’re not bothering me, dear! :) Thanks for the blog love! I’ll try to keep it brief, but just know that the reasons for me to not believe in Zerrie and Sophiam aren’t even “because Ziam are together”.

Zerrie are one of the shadiest relationships I’ve ever heard about. The constant need to prove it as real should be more than enough (I lost count of how many photoshopped ‘couple pics’ we’ve seen). It’s just not natural. Why would you need to constantly reaffirm your relationship before people? Farting in front of your boyfriend is what builds a good relationship? We should be impressed that Zayn knows about periods? The same Zayn that grew up surrounded by women in his family? Yeah, right…

And don’t forget that every time LM have some sort of announcement we get some Zerrie stunting some days prior. It’s like a clock, really. I don’t know about you, but I think there are only so much times “coincidences” can happen (over and over again) before everything looks like a plan being executed. Have you seen I Love Your Skirt Mary’s videos? They have one for the girlfriends and I think most of what I’m discussing here you’ll find there. I also advise you to pay Sasha that-regular-chick , Kris twistericecream, Jasmine nerds4life and Sophie dailydoseofziam a visit. They have tags dedicated to all the shadiness surrounding those “relationships”.

The reactions from both Zayn’s and Perrie’s bandmates are also important hints. I don’t follow LM at all, but I’ve seen the other girls look annoyed with the entanglement engagement being brought up pretty much every time? I don’t really blame them, because they’re super talented and I don’t think I’d be happy to be known as “Zayn’s fiancée’s bandmates” either. That’s probably why so many people think (me included) that LM was intended as a way to catapult Perald’s solo carreer all along. The way M!M found to give them exposure was through Zayn— cue here for “Zayn” tweeting on LM account to tell us he wasn’t wearing a wig (who even said that?) in a photo he’s with his fiancée. The same Zayn who gives “no motherfucks” felt this urge to tweet that he had to use someone else’s account?

For comparison:

Tweet about LM making music (pertinent to their career)

Tweet about Zayn’s costume (displaced and random as hell)

(Also serves an example of Zerrie coming up whenever Little Mix have an announcement. Look at the timestamps. Reversed order, but doesn’t change that the tweets are from the same day.)

As for the 1D boys, I’d be worried if they reacted like they do about Zayn’s legitimate (and totally not PR) relationship. Despite the official narrative wanting us to believe the boys aren’t friends, truth is that they love each other. 1D work because they’re a tight unit— they’re brothers. Have you seen Louis’ reactions? We all know how Lou and Zayn are ‘partners in crime’ and yet we get these reactions to a question about Zayn’s engagement. The TIU press conferences actually gave us many gems, including salty!Liam (my fave Liam). Notice that I’m not even talking about Ziam as a couple here, just pointing out that I doubt Liam as a best mate would shade Zayn’s relationship like that.

Don’t forget that Zayn doesn’t seem to mind any of that the slightest. Hell, if anything Zayn’s the first to throw shade about his own engagement, when he’s out there using suspicious quotation marks when talking about his “girlfriend” (I thought it’d be ‘fiancée’) and how they’re just ‘kinda engaged’ and “plans” for the marriage. Heh. And how could I forget about Zayn’s “Indian element”, right? How come someone supposedly willing to marry a man don’t even know his heritage? Add that to the coordination of the stunts and their awkwardness around each other (kisses on the chin, HQ photos from private events, the Zerrie coordinator pointing positions), and you have more than enough to doubt everything about that “relationship”. If Zerrie are indeed rayl, then they have a LOT of issues to work on before even thinking of marriage. [Jimmy Kimmel’s voice] That’s not a good idea.

I don’t really pay attention to Sophiam, mainly because they’re Elounour 2.0? A beautiful girl with some canvas personality other girls can project onto and think they also have a chance of dating someone famous? We know nothing about this mysterious girl that only God knows how old she really is and yet she’s notable enough to have Liam being referred as “Sophia Smith’s boyfriend”. Blimey! For a second there I thought Liam was the internationally known popstar. It seems I was wrong. *snorts*

It’s all about keeping Liam’s image as the responsible leader, I think. Remember how they ‘broke up’ because “distance made things harder for a relationship” or something, and then suddenly she was back in the game after the Weedgate? Because as far as I know, it was Liam apologising for Louis and Zayn in that video. Liam, Daddy Direction, who wasn’t even seen there, but who’s responsible and sensible enough to apologise on his friends’ behalf.

Then we have recycling of old stunts. I get nothing but a massive déjà vu from seeing the boys out with their ‘girlfriends’. Sophiam are always in our faces in a way that’s copy-and-paste from Elounour and yet many people see that as a legitimate relationship. If you ask me, I don’t remember any relationship between anonymous people with popstars being so publicised as the ones in 1D are. They’re always where they should be to get papped, EVEN when they’re in countries with really strict laws for paparazzi. It’s almost like somebody wants them to be seen all the time. Makes one wonder.

I know I said I’d keep it brief, and I don’t even give you links for most stuff, but I’m sure you’ll find something in those blogs I mentioned. I have some posts reblogged in my tags #of relationshits and fauxmances and #bring me a barber. You’ll find some crack!posts there too.

And try not to be sad about those “relationships” because, at the end of the day, those aren’t our lives. Remember there’s a lot of money at stake behind all the fauxmances, and that’s something the boys have to deal with everyday. It’s no use getting worked up about it, and if you ever feel overwhelmed (it’s almost a joke coming from me. LOL!) then I say you step back from fandom for a day or two and come back when you’re no longer feeling drained.

Other than everything I said in this essay, pay attention to the boys’ actions. The fond, the thirst, the gentle touches, the instant boners, the constant need to touch each other— those are all things that speak louder than any rubbish stunt with them looking like they would prefer to go under lobotomy without anaesthesia. It’s an array of things that make me believe in Ziam, and I’m here to whole-heartedly support my boys. :) xo

ALRIGHT. I would really, really like to try to get Zayn to put this as his Twitter header. reminiscingintherain gave me the idea, and yesterday nerds4life egged me on to really give it a shot. Squad, will you help me out? I’m gonna have to tell you though, I have no idea just how other people can help. Would you have to tweet this same image at him and @ me in the tweet as well? (@zaynscremebrule on Twitter) Or something?

Fic: Glass houses full of stone | 51k | mature

Pairing: Zayn Malik/Liam Payne.

Summery: And as they fall over furniture and hit walls with their shoulders, it’s settling in now that this is home, not just another fancy glass house full of stones. The people that live here, they breathe, they laugh, they dance. They cry. This life, Liam’s life, it wasn’t pretty. It was messy and chaotic, but it’s real and now this is his verity too. 

Hi you guys, It’s been a hell of a long time since I had the guts to post something again, but this time I kind of got this in my head and it needed to find it’s way out.

I need to thank two very important people because without their constant help and support I would have probably given up on this fic (and any other fic for that matter) and never type again.
Toni - Babe, from the moment we started talking we have stopped for one day. You guys! you need to go tell her how much you simply adore her writing!!!
Secondly Jasmine, my dear dear friend. Has it been three years now? Something like that. We’ve been talking a long time and you’ve kept me sane in the moments I was about to loose my head completely.
I wouldn’t have done this one without you.
This is for you - and for Zayn and Liam who have endured so much in this last year alone.
We’re still here boys and we still love you.