ALRIGHT. I would really, really like to try to get Zayn to put this as his Twitter header. reminiscingintherain gave me the idea, and yesterday nerds4life egged me on to really give it a shot. Squad, will you help me out? I’m gonna have to tell you though, I have no idea just how other people can help. Would you have to tweet this same image at him and @ me in the tweet as well? (@zaynscremebrule on Twitter) Or something?

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I've heard tons of rumours taylor's actually queer and closeted herself. I've also heard she's now milking the 'queer' bandwagon as her bearding to everyone else was too obivous. I think it's a bit of both tbh

Anonymous: About Taylor Swift and her use of she, queerbaiting perhaps? Or a genuine expression of her sexuality. However it is interesting to note her behaviour and perhaps she is playing this up so that when one of her previous (Gay) ‘love interests’ comes out people might assume that it was mutual bearding. These are the type of things that are picked up by fandom rather than media / general public. it is also fandom which would discuss past supposed relationship(s) n the event of a coming out.

Yeah, these are the two theories that I’ve heard too - she’s gay and/or queerbaiting/setting herself up not to look like a jerk when Harry comes out. I really don’t know what’s going on, but here are some of the things I have heard. (This is literally just gossip about Taylor Swift, so if you’re not interested in that don’t bother reading it).

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(video 1) 0:35-0:36

(video 2) 0:41-0:43

(video 2) 0:59-1:02


Stockholm (night 2)

(video 3) 1:49-1:53

(video 3) 2:01-2:03



(video 4) 2:04-2:09

(video 4) 2:18-2:21

(video 4) 0:56-1:00



(too many gifs. see this photoset)

(video 5) Lilo water fight

(video 7) 1:12-1:14

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what are some blogs you love?

Not all are strictly 1d but these are some of my favorites!
@0xyzen @diortitties @madat-55 @zaynsbambieyes @zaynsmyinspiration @all4zayn @ziamgreatesthits @malikaesthetics @somewhereisaplacethatziamknow @tommoandmalikpayne @cheekylirry @liamszdaytweet @liamalrighty @ot5alwaysinmyheart @fan-on-a-mission @dedicatedlarrylover @zayniepaynie @verseziam @nerds4life
There’s so much more but these are the only ones I can think of right now 😫

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nerds4life still adding to posts from business direction and sassing

LOL!  I didn’t think it was “sassing”, they’re reblogging and adding a reasonable opinion that I happen to disagree with.

To me, all it means is that he’s using his own name which is perfectly legal. The trademark is about selling product with his name on it, and I don’t think that magazine putting his legal name on the cover would technically be violating the fair use of the trademark even if they didn’t have permission from 1D Media Limited. If you look at the trademark information, it specifically lists what the trademark registration covers and nowhere does it say “magazine covers or interviews”.

But I’ll toss this one to @lawyerlarrie just in case.

Helloooo.   @awwwhoopsehdaiseh  @littlelegendlouis @rightnxt2ziam and @zaynsbambieyes  tagged me to pick my 6 favourite films I can watch at anytime.   Thank you lovelies.

1. 13  going on 30

2. Sleepless in Seattle

3. I Like your skirt Mary - the story of Ziam part 6B (aka all of them)

4.  Cinema Paradiso

Five.   Star Trek 2009 

6.  Monsters inc

i tag @all4zayn  @josjournal  @deniallisstrong  @liamsinginghotlinebling @oh-no-its-elle  @nerds4life  @paynoisbatman @bothsideslikechanel  @myuselessknowledge and anyone who wants a go

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NIELS. Take a look and get back to me on your opinion please. Today’s pics are something else. Only topped by the Funeral pics.

Zayn buying a house for Perrie’s mom + Zayn visiting Perrie’s great grandmother = Zayn the perfect son in law too be + the perfect husband too be = The happy, soon to be wedded couple narrative. 

Everything is a photo op to Modest.

This private couple doesn’t have any fucking privacy! Everything is just out in the open and omg, guess what ? Little Mix is on tour and haven’t sold out the O2 yet

They’re going all in. All or nothing!

No really, what’s next ?!

- Niels