nerds invade long beach

WARNING: Here Comes a lengthy post about the descendents show last night so if you don’t care about the descendents then don’t bother reading.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of seeing the descendents last night with many friends both new and old and to be quite honest it was epic to say the least. I had known about the show since the third week of January when my boss told me that it was in the works and ever since then I had been giddy with anticipation. I was counting down the days until I could achieve ALL with one of my favorite bands and so when yesterday came I could help but just go nuts.

Kayla and I left side one dummy around 445, about 45 minutes later than planned due to my server taking longer than expected and a small line to get gas. However, we gave ourselves close to three hours to make it to long beach so I wasn’t too worried. We then rolled to her apartment to pick up Madison and then we were off! Sure traffic made the trip that should only last about 25 minutes take about an hour and a half but it didn’t matter.

When we finally got there we met up with Matt and Sean with about an hour or so until the time Descendents were supposed to go on. S we chilled outside the venue waiting for Jimmy, Richie  Shelby and Breanna to show up. In that time we saw a few people like Kevin, Liam and Chris. As time went by we got really nervous as Richie and Jimmy hadn’t shown up and it was already 20 minutes until the descendents were supposed to go on. Matt decided to find them and give them their tickets while Kayla, Madison and myself went inside.

Around 7:05 Matt shows up running inside stoked that he was able to make it in time. About 6 minutes later Jimmy shows up with Richie not too far behind him. At this point everyone had showed up but Shelby but she had told me she was going to be awhile and to just keep her updated. At this point we waited with only 4 minutes until 7:15. 7:15 came and went and soon it was 7:30. I was beyond antsy, I couldn’t stop moving. I was like that kid who really has to pee with no bath room in sight. The only thing that was able to help keep my mind off of the wait was the horribly obnoxious bro and his girlfriend arguing which was hilarious by the way.

At about 7:45 I was beyond angry, the show was 30 minutes behind and the music playing was HORRIBLE. The the lights dimmed and I lost my shit waiting for the band to start. Everyone took their places and they said a few words before they went into descendents. At that point they played non stop, hit after hit and I couldn’t help but go nuts. About 4 songs in Shelby shows up and we just go crazy. They played a near perfect set and to be honest there was only 3 songs I could have asked for to really have made it the ultimate set. Hell, their second song was Hope.The band went on for almost 50 minutes and I really appreciated the fact that their set was longer than bad religion’s.

I can’t remember the exact set list but they played songs from every album, but played heavily from Milo Goes to College. Once they were done we decided to stick around for Bad Religion but that that point we knew nothing could really top the descendents. Bad Religion were fine and all but I felt they played way too much new stuff for a hometown(ish) show but that’s just me. Granted I’m not usually too stoked on Bad Religion opening/festival sets because for them to really hit the catalog hard they need at least an hour and a half to do their music justice.

After they wrapped up we decided to leave and miss rise against. At this point, they would have had to play “revolutions per minute” from beginning to end to top the descendents and we all know that wasn’t happening. So we kind of wandered around Long Beach until we found a wing stop and chilled there. We had some fun times and had sing alongs to some shitty songs but hey it was fun! At that point we chilled outside and got told to quiet down by security. Then I decided to call it a night and go home.

On that ride home all I could think about is how I would be seeing the descendents again at the end of next month at punk rock bowling as well as some other festival dates they will be playing this year( some announced and some unnanounced). So hopefully I will see some of you at more descendents shows later this year!