nerds are funny

what she says: im fine

what she means: the depiction of perseus in battle with the sea monster while riding the winged horse pegasus, as is often seen in art of the 19th century and earlier as far as the middle ages, is actually incorrect. perseus was actually originally given winged sandals by the god hermes before his departure to slay the gorgon medusa, which he subsequently used to defeat the sea monster and save andromeda. painters of mythological scenes might have confused the myth of perseus with that of bellerophon, who rode pegasus in his battle against the chimera.

Top things heard in Chemistry class

“Bitch please, you bond more readily than fluorine”
“I think you’ll find I sexually identify as the periodic table”
“Did you just assume my oxidation state?!”
“Honey if you were any more unreactive you’d be a noble gas”
“Wow, fluorine really is a slut”
“So dative covalent bonding is basically atomic double penetration right?”
“Yo, imagine a bath bomb made of pure caesium”
“What’s a commercial use of sodium chloride?” “It’s literally salt, you can- you know what, never mind, you’re white”
“I think you’ll find my enthalpy change is infinite”
“Guys what’s the Avocado constant again?”
“You know that acid is highly corrosive, you probably shouldn’t sit there with it pretty much in your lap”
“You know, our friendship is stronger than a hydrogen-fluorine covalent bond”
“I would literally pay you to set me on fire and calculate my enthalpy of combustion”
“Forget Hess cycles, you’re a fucking mess cycle”

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