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Bookish Question Photo Challenge: Do you use bookmarks a lot?

As can be seen from the photo, I’m something of a bookmark hoarder. I generally use a bookmark, but will occasionally dog-ear a book unless it’s particularly special or expensive. I have about 20 bookmarks from various Bookdepository orders, and many more miscellaneous ones from collecting them over the years. I used to actually have more but I foolishly got rid of my childhood collection at one point.

I tag @feelingsofthesecondarycharacters and @coffeeandbooklr, feel free to join in but don’t feel obligated to!

I know this is an art blog xD but I’ve been down lately so I’m trying to…–ya know I honesty have no idea what I’m trying to do xD. (And all these have filters duh except the bottom, middle, goofy one; also, the beard filter was my everything T_T) but, well, I’ve just been super stressed lately since I’m sort of coming to terms with myself and I live with a super bigoted, super homo/transphobic mom who would literally kick me out and never speak to me again if she knew I was trans. She’d probably stab me tbh (she’s scary af but I still love her. She’s just got really old views of things, ya know ;-; plus we’re southern and the massive bigotry is still lurking down here) but my friends love me and I love me, and isn’t that all that matters? ♡

Somedays I’m like, “Why hello, sexy. I haven’t seen you in a while~” Then other days I’m like, “Who is this strange girly looking creature?” XD

Concept: We’re in bed after a long nap. The sun is deep and golden, filtering in through the blinds and drawing lines across your chest. We don’t talk. We listen to each other’s heartbeats and smile at nothing. I am in awe of you.