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Tonight I learned Raúl Esparza loves Star Wars, used to play out Macbeth using his Star Wars action figures, and will become ~outraged at anyone who tells him they haven’t seen any of the movies 😂😂😂

No, but it was such a pleasure to learn more about him and to hear his insights on everything from growing up Cuban in America to what he’s learned throughout his acting career. It was so good of him to share stories from his personal life, stories that both warmed and broke my heart. It was an unforgettable evening, and I’ll forever be grateful for every second of it.

Oh, and hearing him sing songs in Spanish wasn’t so bad. Neither was the beautiful transition from U2’s Running to Stand Still to Hallelujah. UNREAL.

ETA: He was wearing shark socks.

Why didn’t the One Ring turn Sauron invisible?

We are told that the One Ring amplifies the wearer’s innate powers and fulfils their strongest needs. Thus a great warrior would become nearly unstoppable; a great wizard would become incredibly powerful etc. This is why Sauron was very afraid that Gandalf or Galadriel would take the Ring, since it would amplify their abilities so much that they could overthrow him.

 So, according to this logic, did the Ring make hobbits invisible because they were small, shy and naturally stealthy? Not quite. We know Isildur also became invisible when he used the ring, thus it is not about the race of the wearer.  The other rings for men also had this ability. (the elven rings and dwarven rings did not turn their original wearers invisible – I’ll discuss these on a later occasion)

 So why didn’t Sauron turn invisible? Was it simply that being the Ring’s master, he could better control its powers? We have to understand what the Ring(s) actually did. Invisibility was merely a result of their main function. Taking the wearer (partially at first) into the Unseen World – this being the world of ghosts essentially, the spiritual part of Arda.

 Anyone who wore a ring of power for too long would eventually become permanently invisible – a ghost/wraith/spirit, permanently invisible to physical beings. Remember how Frodo only saw the actually form of the Nazgul when he wore the One Ring? It’s because he was partially a ghost like them.

 Now, Sauron was a Maia, an angelic-like being, living mostly in the spirit word. All the physical bodies which he ever had were mere vessels for his spirit; they were not his actual body, since he had none to begin with.

 Since the “invisibility” was merely a side effect of the Ring’s true purpose, taking the wearer into the Unseen world, it had no effect on Sauron, since he was already a Spirit.

[Submission] Title: Darling, you look perfect tonight.

Author: callalillies

Length: 17k

Status: complete

Rating: nc17

Genre: soulmates au, highschool au, angst, romance, fluff, baekyeon, sekaisoo, xiuchen, popular baekhyun, nerd chanyeol, smut, top baekhyun

Summary: Despite his crush on Byun Baekhyun, Park Chanyeol couldn’t wait to find out who his soulmate was.

Baekhyun didn’t want to find the person at the end of his thread at any cost because he was already in love with someone else.

Admin Notes: FUCCCCCKK THIS WAS AMAAAZING (it was totally not what i was expecting, in a good way though) I looved it this has to be one of my favorite soulmate au’s now im crying real tears thanks for the submission!


*Ravenclaw ranting about fanfictions on famous mathematicians*

Ravenclaw: I’m actually surprised such a cool dude like me could like fanfictions like that!

Gryffindor: …Actually, I expected it sooner.

Ravenclaw: What? Why?

Gryffindor: You’re a math nerd. Dude.

Ravenclaw: What? NO I’M A COOL DUDE!

Gryffindor: Dream on, bitch.

Ravenclaw: …ouch.

I have a headcanon that Taako dyes his hair. He and Lup did have matching dark brown hair, but the minute he messed up a spell and his hair turned a golden blonde, he never looked back. Anything to not be 100% identical to his sister was good. And it became part of his identity, Taako with the long golden braid.

After Lucretia takes their memories, Taako lets it grow back out to his natural color, not knowing why he kept it light in the first place. Once the incident in Glamour Springs happens, he starts dyeing it again so he’s not recognized as the elf who poisoned an entire town. He finds comfort in the light color, but can’t for the life of him figure out why.

Guess who’s gonna be putting together a McHanzo purse? Just gotta find the purse (hopefully this weekend)

Hanzo wallet found on ebay (it was like, $7 Canadian with free s/h) It even has a space for coins!

Mchanzo star, dragon, McCree and Hanzo patches are from Silverclock Threads on Etsy (they make a ton of OW patches and they are great! Seriously, I have a ton of them and they are so lovely!)

Cacti patches from PinkskullCA on Etsy

Charms from Jubobbles on Etsy (I have her Reaper as well - so cute)

BAMF pin from CharnelCharms on Etsy (check the cute wanted poster card it comes on!)

Kitty Hanzo and McCree Doggo pins from ShatteredStore on Etsy (if from Canada you might get slapped with border fees but they worth it! I have the Reaper kitty and doggo 76 ones from there as well)

Cacti and coyote pouches bought from a local maker (I’m gonna use them for holding pills and kleenex and such)

If anyone has links to shops selling other Hanzo, McCree or Mchanzo merch please message me!

Senchal baklava

In case it wasn’t already obvious, the Khajiit love their moon sugar and they love it on everything. You can wander through Elsweyr and you’ll find every imaginable dessert in Tamriel, tailored to suit Khajiiti tastes. But during my travels, the local dessert that stuck out to me most there was baklava: crispy little pastry rolls soaked in moon sugar “şerbet” syrup and sprinkled with crushed pistachios. Sound good? It is. Don’t let the tiny portions fool you, these sweet morsels will have you ending your meal totally stuffed! Best served alongside a cup of black bitter coffee.

You will need:
40 pieces of filo pastry, fresh or thawed
300g ghee or clarified butter
3 tbsp soft brown sugar
4 cups water
3 cups caster sugar
Juice of ½ lemon
½ cup crushed green pistachios, plus extra for serving

In a saucepan, boil the caster sugar, water, and lemon juice, simmering on low heat until you are done with the pastry.

Preheat your oven to 200C/395F. Baste the bottom of a baking tray with the ghee/clarified butter and sprinkle a punch of pistachios over the surface evenly. Mix the rest of the pistachios with the brown sugar.

Lay down the filo pastry and baste with ghee piece by piece, laying them down on top of each other. Do this for 20 pieces. Spread the pistachio and sugar mix evenly over the top, then repeat the basting process with the remaining 20 pieces of pastry.

When this is finished, cut the baklava into even, bite-sized squares or rectangles while still on the tray. This is so it’s easy to remove the pieces without the entire baklava falling apart later on. Remove the sugar syrup from the heat and refrigerate.

Bake the baklava for 45 minutes. Remove from the oven and immediately drizzle evenly with the syrup. Sprinkle generously with extra crushed pistachios and serve at room temperature. Recommended 3 pieces per portion.

This recipe is dedicated to @remonermec 🖤 Photo: my own