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can you talk about the reasons you love / why i should love block b? i want to stan but i dont know where to start...

you’re not ready for this it’s going to be LONG! If there any misspelling I’m sorry I will fix it later

OT7 Block B: They are mean to each other all. the. time! 

Ukwon had to get bowls broken over this head and as the other members were taking care of him clearly Kyung was laughing so hard he fell over.

Taeil didn’t want to talk to him and was ignoring him so Jaehyo said this

The members starting on Kyung’ and his height

They are over dramatic 

Weird….oh they are so weird I love it!

Why are you touching your booty Zico? It didn’t get any bigger. He sat there too for like 5-7 seconds holding his booty.

What sexy poses from BASTARZ?

Pyo…BBomb…this reminds me of something

Are over sized children that you actually have to chase around 

And through this all (sadly I don’t have a screencap) through them being all pains to each other and being weird they all actively support each other and whatever they do. There was never a chance I felt like Block B was upset with each other over one going solo and other being in a drama ect. They even have said it on broadcast that they all visit or try to show support for each other’s solo events. I think aside from them always making me laugh every time I see them from making jokes or P.o touching Taeil chest I know that they do get along with each other. What I also like is that since I’ve been a fan of theirs slightly before Seven Season fully came to be is the honesty they do try to give us. Them being open about them liking porn. Jiho being open and honest that yes he likes his members. That yes they get along and he always knows what they are doing because he cares about them. BASTARZ MV shoot he was right there staring that the monitor watching them. That in Jackpot dvd he walked in on BBomb’s interview and when BBomb asked him about AEOM his dance crew that has nothing to do with Block B Jiho sat there and told the camera what the crew was about without BBomb having to open his mouth at all. But the point is he does make it clear that they are not outside of work friends. That he has time and time again show he cares about them and he their leader but that they were all thrown in together. He has his own friends that he has picked himself that like the same things as him. That I love that they do try to be honest with us. With this group especially with Zico you’re going to know when he mad, when he doesn’t like something, when the members are getting on his nerves because they are not listening, and all around more about how he feels. Some don’t like it some misunderstand it because they are not use to people being more blunt especially idols that should be always smiling and loving. I’m going to stop here about the group because I’m really just talking a lot about Zico now.

Jaehyo: Is a actual real life prince. Met him twice and nothing but the sweetest down the earth person. Have you ever met someone and they just give you the feeling that they are a good person? Yes that’s him. I actually get emotional talking about him because he really is a good person. Like those I’m so pretty I’m so much better is SUCH a lie. I told that boy he was pretty and he stopped for a second like no one told him this before and the smile that spread across his face was genuine. That he is a awkward member 

He the person that you can call at 4 am and say you need him and he will be there with no complaints. For 3 years he been regularly volunteering at a shelter for dogs. He loves babies too and fishing. You should watch his 2 6 hour long V app broadcasts they are worth it!

Taeil: He comes off as a hardcore kid but he one big softy. He finally becoming comfortable in his body! He loved by all the members but is a trouble maker that likes being mean to his members. Is tatted up which I personally love and has the singing voice of an angel. Has a huge Jeep and a motorcycle. Loves his fish and just like Jaehyo is a huge animal person. Actively take part in things that are against animal abuse. Met all the members and he the one that will greet you like you’re already friends. I’m shorter then him and got all excited and side low highed me. His energy is that you are already friends. Also walks around the dorm naked after his baths. Come on you have to love him!

BBomb: ALL THE DAD JOKES. He also a awkward member. Is one of the naturally funny members when he not trying to be really funny. Love him but when he actually trying to make jokes they fall flat and he the only one laughing. Beautiful skin ohhhh love his coffee milk colored skin! 

Dimples. Him in BASTARZ. Him in Jumping Girl.

Is my favorite dork in Block B 

I love him so much my secret lover that I have a backdoor relationship with. Zikyung comes by and like Why did you have Cherry Blossoms Ending just on? …and why did I just hear the back gate close?

Me: What? What you talking about? I’m sorry I’m eating right now!

P.o: Honestly he my second top bias and I don’t know how he ended up there! I think it’s just how happy he is all the time. 

Jihoon is simple and is just out to have fun and be happy. It makes it really easy to like him. He also changes from baby boy to bae in seconds. 

He been working on music too. Honestly he not at all complex like the other members.

Ukwon: Was my actual first Block B bias and the reason I started to watch Match Up. He really good looking but he more then that but like BBomb and Jaehyo you have to actually be active with him to understand. All the members are like that but trying to get more out of Ukwon you have to be looking. He got second in being the most understanding out of the members that think about other’s feelings over his. Is actually part of the life of the party! He either dancing, singing, or being funny. 

Did I say he really handsome and can be a visual without trying?

Is a actual tease. He doesn’t really play I Have a Girlfriend anymore but he now will tease you. He will act like he going to hold your hand and then make you chase after his hands before spinning around smiling and walking/dancing away from you! He will keep doing this too getting closer and closer allowing you to almost have him. TEASE! 

Kyung: the light of my life and my favorite nerd

Mention his name and I will automatically start to smile. I actually have a crush on him and been for 3 years now. I have no reason to pretend I don’t to seem cool.

Zico: I mentioned him earlier but he is also really nice and sweet. Is straight forward but has learned to use a filter lately. He really likes music and I really like music and why I biased him. Has a crush on him too but nothing like Kyung. But I like them both in their own ways. Anyways I’m done since I talked about him up there too!

PLEASE BIAS BLOCK B BECAUSE THEY ARE SUPER FUN AND THEY WILL MAKE YOU HAPPY AND LAUGH….as long as you’re okay with fake bullying and them saying each member’s secrets!