anonymous asked:

Hey Stanley, so we know Ford kept a series of journals during in his time in Gravity Falls but did you?

Stanley: Pfft… you really think I’d keep a nerdlog like Ford? I’ve had tourists to swindle, a young archnemesis to avoid, a business to run, and an ungrateful little twin brother to get back for thirty years. I haven’t had time to keep a journal.

Stanford: Then what was that pile of diaries I found the other day doing in your room?

Stanley: Hey, what’s in my room is in my room and it’s none of your business!

Stanford: I especially enjoyed seeing that heartfelt doodle of you and that Susan woman from the diner. You know, the one where you’re holding hands and kiss-

Stanley: Don’t say another word, Stanford.

nerdlogic  asked:

Οι πολιτισμενοι ανθρωποι οφειλουν να σεβονται τα προσωπικα πιστευω των συνανθρωπων τους. (εφοσον αυτα δεν προσβαλουν τα δικαιωματα των υπολοιπων)

Πίστεψε ότι θέλεις αλλά μην περιμένεις να το σεβαστώ κιόλας.

Υ.Γ.: Δεν με ακολουθείς καν lol