Shions-heart basically made me fall for these two with her lovely fic here–oh my goodness I’m so sorry to basically be stalking your work it is just REALLY GOOD and thank you for not being too creeped out by my admiration! BWAH! 


VR drawings by :

- Pen Ward (creator of Adventure Time)
- Jim Mahfood (Tank Girl)
- Peter Chung (Aeon Flux)
- Jhonen Vasquez (creator of Invader Zim)
- Chris Prynoski (Nerdland)
- Antonio Canobbio (Metalocalypse, Motorcity…)
- Dave Johnson (Marvel, DC Comics …)
- David Nicolas (Lascars)

Using Tilt Brush VR software with HTC Vive.

Dr. Melissa Harris-Perry is not hosting her MSNBC show this weekend, after the network repeatedly bumped her morning show, for election coverage. This departure is sad news for people who love smart news reporting on politics! She asked write Jamil Smith to post this letter to her audience: 

Dearest Nerds,

As you know by now, my name appears on the weekend schedule for MSNBC programming from South Carolina this Saturday and Sunday. I appreciate that many of you responded to this development with relief and enthusiasm. To know that you have missed working with me even a fraction of how much I’ve missed working with all of you is deeply moving. However, as of this morning, I do not have any intention of hosting this weekend. Because this is a decision that affects all of you, I wanted to take a moment to explain my reasoning.

Some unknown decision-maker, presumably Andy Lack or Phil Griffin, has added my name to this spreadsheet, but nothing has changed in the posture of the MSNBC leadership team toward me or toward our show. Putting me on air seems to be a decision being made solely to save face because there is a growing chorus of questions from our viewers about my notable absence from MSNBC coverage. Social media has noted the dramatic change in editorial tone and racial composition of MSNBC’s on-air coverage. In addition, Dylan Byers of CNN has made repeated inquiries with MSNBC’s leadership and with me about the show and what appears to be its cancellation. I have not responded to reporters or social media inquiries. However, I am not willing to appear on air in order to quell concerns about the disappearance of our show and our voice.

Here is the reality: our show was taken — without comment or discussion or notice — in the midst of an election season. After four years of building an audience, developing a brand, and developing trust with our viewers, we were effectively and utterly silenced. Now, MSNBC would like me to appear for four inconsequential hours to read news that they deem relevant without returning to our team any of the editorial control and authority that makes MHP Show distinctive.

The purpose of this decision seems to be to provide cover for MSNBC, not to provide voice for MHP Show. I will not be used as a tool for their purposes. I am not a token, mammy, or little brown bobble head. I am not owned by Lack, Griffin, or MSNBC. I love our show. I want it back. I have wept more tears than I can count and I find this deeply painful, but I don’t want back on air at any cost. I am only willing to return when that return happens under certain terms.

Undoubtedly, television nurtures the egos of those of us who find ourselves in front of bright lights and big cameras. I am sure ego is informing my own pain in this moment, but there is a level of professional decency, respect, and communication that has been denied this show for years. And the utter insulting absurdity of the past few weeks exceeds anything I can countenance.

I have stayed in the same hotels where MSNBC has been broadcasting in Iowa, in New Hampshire, and in South Carolina, yet I have been shut out from coverage. I have a PhD in political science and have taught American voting and elections at some of the nation’s top universities for nearly two decades, yet I have been deemed less worthy to weigh in than relative novices and certified liars. I have hosted a weekly program on this network for four years and contributed to election coverage on this network for nearly eight years, but no one on the third floor has even returned an email, called me, or initiated or responded to any communication of any kind from me for nearly a month. It is profoundly hurtful to realize that I work for people who find my considerable expertise and editorial judgment valueless to the coverage they are creating.

While MSNBC may believe that I am worthless, I know better. I know who I am. I know why MHP Show is unique and valuable. I will not sell short myself or this show. I am not hungry for empty airtime. I care only about substantive, meaningful, and autonomous work. When we can do that, I will return — not a moment earlier. I am deeply sorry for the ways that this decision makes life harder for all of you. You mean more to me than you can imagine.

Yours always,



Nerdland is playing in a lot of theaters tonight as a fathom event thing. If you are planning on seeing it or for after you see it. Check out my review from back in March of Titmouse’s first feature film.

Nerdland Review

the Nerdlands

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To Be Celebrated by Melissa Harris-Perry, Loan Tran, Jada Gossett + GLSEN

Honored to have received GLSEN’s Inspiration Award on Monday night. Deeply humbled by the beautiful tributes by  Loan Tran + Jada Gossett and a video message from Melissa Harris-Perry. You can watch the entire show, or fast-forward to 1:49:00 to see our portion of the evening.  Oh, and I also channeled my inner 70s goddess, serving the children jumpsuit realness….


The official red band trailer for Titmouse, Inc.’s first feature film “Nerdland” starring Paul Rudd and Patton Oswalt.

We are so excited to be on the @mhpshow today! Watch us get schooled by RBG’s trainer, and also talk a bit more seriously about what makes RBG notorious 👑 #nerdland #NotoriousRBG

I really hope to one day be a father, but please DO recognize: this whole “but what about the fathers?” thing is just another iteration of the “but what about teh menz?” nonsense

sn: just for clarity’s sake, *before* someone mistakenly attempts accusing me of being a “man hater” I’m a cishet, xy-chromosome, melanin endowed, black man (or however you want to define maleness)

Moving on…there is one reason and one reason only that U.S. Courts award parental rights to mothers so frequently: because mothers are so disproportionately left with discarded children so that men can move on with starting a new life with a new wife. That there are exceptions does not disprove the rule

In other words, after decades and decades and decades of successfully employing patriarchal norms to shame women into being the “good mom” who is most often left with the financial and emotional burdens of child rearing, suddenly poor ole “aggrieved” fathers are balking at the very patriarchal snares that a male dominated society set up in the first place  —and men are still the primary beneficiaries

Yes, obviously I can name plenty of fathers who have aggressively sought custody of their children following a divorce (or very often, a breakup where there was never a marriage)—and I can count my own father among such divorces—but those fathers are NOT the norm. Anyone who argues that fathers seek child custody “just as much” as mothers is employing a disingenuous “both sides” fallacy or is not knowledgeable on the subject. Think about it empirically with one simple question: who does our society shame most for abandoning their children - men or women? And here’s the real kicker: by and large our society blindly expects the woman/wife/mother to be the primary child rearer, but then mercilessly shames them for being unwed or divorced mothers—they are still mothers…but now divorced or unwed mothers. That kind of “heads I win tails you lose” pathos favors one gender only. There is no equal stigma for being an unwed or divorced father (see also: the “motherhood penalty“ where women are paid less because they’re expected to need more time off for mothering…even when they aren’t mothers. conversely, even when they aren’t fathers, men are routinely paid more because of possible future fatherhood status) 

So yeah, I can support *any* divorced person who wants custody of their children —regardless of the parent’s gender, but let’s be a little bit real here