Image if Hiro actually had gotten a little “Cube” of his own in a lab with Tadashi like some of the concept art. Imagine the sheer levels of sibling sass that could have been generated.

Like, Hiro is working on some big new project, huddled away in an enclosed science cave while all his peers are packing up to go home. He’s in The Zone. No one has seen him so much as step out to use the bathroom for a frankly alarming amount of time.

Tadashi comes to drag Hiro out, because it’s almost midnight and they still have to commute back home, and he has no clue if the doofus even ate the lunch he slipped through the curtain almost ten hours ago, let alone if Hiro got himself dinner. Knowing Hiro, if he left him to take the cable cars back home he’d still be there in the morning.

At first, Tadashi just knocks on the side and calls for Hiro to come out and join the living, you knucklehead. Hiro only grunts and mumbles something about ten more minutes, and Tadashi sighs because he should have figured, honestly.

But then Tadashi has the sheer audacity to pull back the curtain and demand they leave now, because who has the vehicle and a license to drive it between the two of them, you sad little unwashed pedestrian? Get out of there before I leave you behind for the janitors to throw in the trash

and then Hiro responds back like

and that’s the tale of how Hiro lost his Cube privileges 


based off this

For an AU asexualtadashihamada and I have where Tadashi is a professor at SFIT, and Hiro attends classes without ever actually being enrolled. Some context for this pic:

  • (This is Tadashi’s graduation).
  • Tadashi is teaching while working towards his PhD.
  • Hiro knows the other professors through Tadashi and they don’t mind when Hiro pops in to sit in on lectures and labs.
  • Hiro attends enough classes to technically have earned a PhD. (He gets his “PhD” before Tadashi and refuses to not rub it in his face).
  • The school encourages this behavior bc they have no complaints about housing a robotics genius. (It’s a very odd thing trying to explain the situation to other schools).
  • Hiro made his own PhD gown out of the lab coat Tadashi got him a while ago and adamantly refuses to be seen in the hat.
  • Hiro spends the entire ceremony making fun of Tadashi’s “Nerd Crown.”
  • Hiro should be older here, but it looked funnier with a younger Hiro.