nerdist tv show

  • Chris Hardwick: Hey Matt, remember when you said that we should have someone on the show who's published research on computational neurophysiology?
  • Matt Mira: Yeah, that sounds like something I would say, Chris
  • Chris: And Jonah, remember when you said we should have someone on the show whose name sounds like a resort on the coast of the Mediterranean?
  • Jonah Ray: Fuck you, Chris
  • Chris: Well, you're both in luck

[get to know me meme] 10 TV Shows - Current (10/10)@midnight

Dear Chris Hardwick/ Nerdist TV people

You are very hard to pirate. I mean, I haven't tried or anything but you are. Firstly because not a lot of people upload you but also because searching anything with Nerdist in it brings up a LOT of results. So, uh, well done…?


A British Person Who Heard From My British Friend Who Isn’t Me

P.S Anyone?