Because I’m smooth like cracker jacks, this was my crap attempt to quickly get to the other side of @lydiahearst on the red carpet last night without disrupting her photos to say hi to Aaron Paul at the Elton John Oscar thingie. #NameHopping [Regram from @patrickmcmullan]
#LydiaHearst gets a #photobomb from #Nerdist #ChrisHardwick at the #EltonJohn #Oscar Party Photo by Andreas Branch by Patrick McMullan @andreasbranch

I like walking walking around, meeting people, and I may not always do photos. The trouble with photos is [then] I’m not me anymore. As long as I’m me, [for example] in the room with you guys, then that’s fine. But when you’re posing on the street, you’re That Famous Guy, and I may not want to be him at that moment. I may just want to go into Starbucks or do a bit of Christmas shopping or something. I say to people, ‘Look, I’m happy to have a chat with you,’ shake hands, 'Let’s just talk.’ Somebody said, 'You spend more time with them than you would for a photo. Why don’t you just do a photo and get it over with?’ I said, 'Because it robs me of me.’ It changes - I’m not that guy I think I am inside, suddenly I’m that guy on the poster. So I hold to that more than a lot of people.”
Q: What’s the disparity between the guy on the poster and the guy that you think is inside?
A: “He’s very famous, and I’m not. I’m just a dad, and a granddad. That’s me. I’m the guy who drops my youngest daughter off at school, talks to the school mums. That’s me. But then the next week I’ll be in Rio in front of 45,000 people. That’s him. And I like him, but I prefer me.
—  -Paul McCartney on fame and turning down fan photos, on a special edition of The Nerdist podcast [x]