If Ancient Roman Authors Had Tumblr

Cicero: would put multi-paragraph rants without page breaks and piss everyone off

Catullus: would run one of those arty blogs that periodically startles you with hardcore gay porn on your dash

Vergil: would have a successful ongoing webcomic or blog and would constantly reblog and be reblogged by Horace

Horace: would post a ton of Instagram photos of wine and houses in the countryside and would constantly reblog and be reblogged by Vergil

Pliny the Elder: would post a bunch of photos of flowers, nature, and astronomical facts, and would die while attempting to liveblog the Vesuvius eruption

Lucretius: would be a nightblogger who would always post stuff like “what if when we die we become atoms and float away in the wind? Like you could be inhaling and exhaling your dead ancestors right now!”

Ovid: Would post a mixture of porn and reblogs of nature and portrait photos and would ultimately engage in massive flame wars and get banned for violating the Terms of Service

Classes for next semester

Kid-First Policy: Family, School, and Community
The African American Tradition of Critical Educational Thought
Urban Education
Policy, Organization, Measurement, and Evaluation Seminar
Some seminar with a woman who does policy levers as means to achieving equity. It’s just a placeholder until I figure out how to bypass the restrictions and get into:
Sociology: Education

I will get into that last class, I swear it. It’s taught by one of the authors of one of the most influential books of my sociological intellectual life, Inequality By Design. Right now it’s restricted to sociology grad students, as far as I can tell. But I will persist. Because I need that class.

In any case, soooooo excited. Hopefully grounding my thesis in the AfAm Critical Thought course and writing about institution building. We’ll see…


I had a really long day (3 hour class at 9:30 am, go up to the Bronx for a meeting, existing, etc) so I’m abandoning my “cook and study” Wednesday routine and instead choosing to read comics and have wine/a shitton of Trader Joe’s snacks. I regret nothing/sorry I’m not sorry/haters gonna hate, etc.