I Want My Nerd HQ 2014

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PLEASE read this even though it’s a novel.

Zachary Levi and some friends started The Nerd Machine a few years ago to give nerds and the usually maligned and perhaps unsocial masses of the world a place online where they could feel safe and welcomed, a haven free of bullies and general meanness. A place where they could come together to talk about the things they’re passionate about, from movies and video games to gardening and knitting. Anything. Everything. We became a family that spanned the entire globe.

In 2011, the Nerd Machine brought Nerd HQ to San Diego Comic Con. That tradition has continued each year. It’s a place where EVERYONE is welcome. There’s no entrance fee to get into the building. And they provide you with small, intimate panels with celebrities for $20 a ticket. Every cent of that money goes to Operation Smile.

Over the years, Nerd HQ has grown a little, raised over $400,000 for Operation Smile, and MORE people want access to its brilliance. And that means more lives will be changed—not just the lives of the lucky individuals who get to be there and attend panels, but the lives of the children who benefit from the beautiful work done by Operation Smile.

This year is going to be different. Bigger and better. But Zac, the Nerd Machine, and those of us who are passionate about this cause, need help making it so.

At its heart, Nerd HQ is about charity. And it’s about taking the I-Guess-If-I-HAVE-to element out of donating to a cause. Yes, it’s a massive nerd party. But since I first started going, every nerd I’ve met is passionate about Nerd HQ and equally passionate about Operation Smile. Even if you can’t be there, EVERY SINGLE PANEL will be live streamed on the Nerd HQ youtube channel FOR FREE. And this year, they’re even fielding questions from the internet to ask the celebrities in the panel. You’ll get free, interactive access to intimate panels with some of the most important people in the business. Let me tell you, these panels are the best panels you’ll EVER see. During his panel at NerdHQ13, Nathan Fillion paid for one girl’s entire two days’ worth of meals when she revealed she had her backpack stolen. And Doctor Who’s Matt Smith and Jenna Coleman crashed the Game of Thrones’ Richard Madden panel. These panels are up on the Nerd Machine youtube page right now for you to watch for free if you want examples. If you donate to this year’s Nerd HQ fund, everyone benefits, even you.

Please click that link. Even if you just want to learn more about Operation Smile, Nerd HQ, and/or Nerd Machine without donating. Please watch the video. You’ll see how incredibly massive Zac Levi’s heart is, and everyone affiliated with Nerd Machine.

Thanks everyone!!! From the bottom of my nerd heart!

You are all

anonymous asked:

May I ask where your icon is from? I feel like I heard Jensen talking about it at some NerdHQ but I'm not sure... :0

Hey anon! 

My icon is an edited version of this;

I’m not sure if this is the image Jensen was talking about at NerdHQ in 2014 but he said; 

“There’s a woman in California and she had done this drawing or painting. It was amazing and I was like, ‘Yeah, but- I mean, this is so good but I’m not going to put up a picture of myself- like my giant face’. [Misha: Not another one!} Not another one. [Misha: There’s no room on your walls] There’s no wall space. [Jared: (??) It’ll have to go over another picture of myself] It would have to. [Mark: You mean that black and white one?] It might’ve been black and white. Anyway, I had this picture that I taken or was taken, somebody had taken of me in Scotland playing gold, and it was just me in the very distance but it was the whole landscape of, like, the Scottish west coast. And I found out who she (the artist) was and I sent her that picture and I’m like, ‘Draw this if you’re going to draw something’ like, ‘this would be cool’. She drew it, sent it back to me framed. It’s hanging up. It’s amazing!” 

I don’t know if this is the photo he was talking about, it might be because I can’t find a HQ version of it so it may just be the original photo but cropped so we can see Jensen clearer. I don’t know. I think, if I’m remembering correctly, the artist in question got on Twitter a few days after this event and spoke about it? Saying she was honored Jensen had remembered her and liked her work. But Hell if I can remember more than that. 

Maybe someone else knows more than I do! I hope this helps :) x

anonymous asked:

I just don't think it makes sense for someone who has celebrity status to ask others with way less money to donate. It seems like it's something he and his celebrity friends can afford themselves. Why should we have to donate?

I understand your concerns, Anon.

But I think you are overlooking a lot of things having to do with the #IWantMyNerdHQ crowd-funding movement. All #IWantMyNerdHQ asks is that you donate $5. Trust me when I say that I completely understand being in a place where $5 seems like a lot. 

So let’s talk about what you’re going to get with that $5.

Unlike other Kickstarters, you aren’t going to get the immediate satisfaction of having a poster or DVD sent to your residence for donating amount of dollars. That’s because Zac and The Nerd Machine wants all of us nerds to feel equally important, whether we’ve donated $5 or $5000. To me, that’s a huge deal. And it shows more than anything just how much they appreciate and respect all of us. So, right. Okay. No tangible/immediate perks when you donate to #IWantMyNerdHQ. 

But then July rolls around, and SD Comic Con roars to life. Nerd HQ starts, and celebrities from TV shows, films, et cetera volunteer their time to sit in front of an audience of 200 or so for HQ panels. You get to turn on your computer, pull up the NerdHQ live feed on youtube, and watch every single one of those panels live. FOR FREE. You don’t have to download anything. You get to just sit back and enjoy the panel. FOR FREE.And I’m not sure if you saw any of the prior HQ panels, but they’re hilarious, interesting, exciting, and practically perfect in every way.

Now, nobody is saying you have to donate. The awesome people with TNM are asking that you do. (I am begging that you do. A tad desperately, if I’m being honest.) 

I don’t mean to be rude, but you’re being really unfair saying that just because Zac and his “celebrity friends” are rich they should pay for it themselves. Nerd HQ is for the fans. It's for the nerds. TNM isn’t asking us to help fund an event for celebrities. They’re asking us to help fund an event that's for us. Heretofore, they’ve given us an awful lot of their time, money, and efforts where Nerd HQ is concerned, and we’ve had to give very little–if anything–back. 

To expect our favorite celebrities to pay for Nerd HQ out of their own pockets is the epitome of taking advantage. Why can’t we pitch in, even if it’s only $5, when we’re the ones who reap all of the benefits? (To say nothing of the over $400,000 Nerd HQ has raised for Operation Smile over the last few years.) That’s like showing up at a restaurant, eating, and expecting your cook and waiter to pay for your meal afterwards.

So we should donate to #IWantMyNerdHQ, not because Zac and TNM expect us to, but because we want to. We should wantNerd HQ 2014 to be the best one yet. Because think of all of the amazing panels that would bring us. And think of all of the lives changed around the world thanks to the money raised for Operation Smile!

#IWantMyNerdHQ isn’t supposed to make you feel obligated. Yes, a rich celebrity is asking you to donate–so that he and his buddies can throw nerds of the world the most awesome, inclusive, beautiful four-day party ever. 

At the end of the day, #IWantMyNerdHQ is all for us. With the added bonus of doing some good in the world (ala Operation Smile). So try to ignore the whole celebrity-asking-for-money aspect if it bothers you. Instead think about everything that a quick and easy $5 donation is going to get you come July.

Donate to #IWantMyNerdHQ. Watch the video of Zac explaining #IWantMyNerdHQ. I promise you that the product in July is going to be well worth the donation.
NerdHQ 2014 Panels Announced So Far!

There are some amazing panels this year at Comic Cons biggest offsite event NerdHQ hosted by Zachary Levi.

Panels include Zachary Levi, Nathan Fillion, The Walking Dead cast, The Giver, Alan Tudyk, Sesame Street, Joss Whedon and more!!!

All the panels are broadcasted live and they will even be taking questions from the internet this year! Check the link for times! And be on the lookout for updates and additions!