Imma say something so listen up. 

I’m 16 and have never been on a date, had a boyfriend, or even a first kiss. Lots of other 16 year olds haven’t done these things either. This doesn’t make us strange or abnormal. It just means that we don’t want relationships or, well, nobody wants relationships with us in the present time. I don’t want a relationship as a 16 year old. I want to spend my time on something more valuable like school, hobbies, and accomplishing things. Now this may just be me, but I know that, for me, at my age, doing these things would be a mistake. 

Rant over.

nerdhabits  asked:

It is so great, and rare, to find Conservatives on Tumblr. I am so happy that I found your blog. It's nice finding someone that actually agrees with you on so many points instead of having everyone attack you at all times for what you believe. So I thank you for existing.


This person needs more conservative tumblrs in their life.