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Hey, I just saw the short dub you did yesterday with one of my favorite Sans lines in the game. The way you said it made it sound so genuine, as if you/Sans were actually here with me. And I really needed that. The past month or two at school has been hell and it just felt really good to hear that. Thank you.

you are so welcome.

whenever i record. i always but 100% of my self in the voice. i become that character im doing. i saw it they way i think they would say it… and then how i would want to hear it from then if they were talking to me.



In which Feliciano is a gay sinnamon roll who likes to put his entire weight on people he likes while they walk, Lovina has a resting bitch face when she is actually thinking about a cute boy who wants to put her in jail, and Sakura works a daycare with Feli and thinks the Vargas siblings are a normal family.

So I’ve just finished reading the Half Blood Prince for about the millionth time and I was just thinking about what the Riverdale gang would smell if they brewed Amortentia, regardless if they went to Hogwarts or not (because I’m a giant nerdgirl who can’t wait for the hiatus to be over)    :

Veronica: Cupcakes from New York, her mother’s old perfume, her father’s aftershave. 

For Veronica her parents are really important to her, most importantly her dad and all the things he represents to her; her old life, home, etc, and even though he’s done bad stuff that smell of his aftershave will always make her feel secure. Her mother is a figure that she fights with, but there’s something in her perfume that always makes her calmer, that makes her think about late nights waking up for a kiss on the cheek when her mum and dad came back from a night out, something loving and safe. And the cupcakes are her own personal treat that made her feel like a normal girl back in NY.

Betty: Jughead’s cologne (used to be Archie’s), Strawberry milkshake, Polly’s lavender hand cream

 So Betty used to feel “safest” with Archie, but now, unfortunately, a lot of that trust is gone by no one’s fault. Now she feels safest and happiest and most at ease with Jughead. Jughead is someone who she trusts a lot and who she can be herself with, and when she smells his cologne it smells like home. Strawberry milkshakes are her favorite and remind her of going to Pop’s with her parents and friends, spending hours laughing and talking. And when she smells Polly’s lavender hand cream that she always wears she feels like she’ll never be alone again, like she has a best friend for life. For Betty, I think, the things most important to her are people and happy memories, something to hold on to.

Jughead: Fresh Pop’s burgers, Betty’s fruity shampoo, his sister’s old gel pens

I just think Jughead loves his home the most and the things and people that make up his home. The burgers (like Betty and her milkshakes) remind him of happier times with his family and when they were all together. They’re a memory that will never fade ‘cause he can always find them again. Betty’s shampoo tells him that he’s not alone, and he loves it when she accidentally smacks him in the face with her ponytail (like their second kiss <3). She’s there for him emotionally which he hasn’t felt in a long time. Also he just loves the smell. Jellybean used to have this pack of smelly gel pens that smelt like a different fruit that she would write everything with. He would be in charge of cleaning up after her and he’d always make sure to sniff one. They remind him of being a big brother and being loved by his lil’ sis. 

Archie: The wooden smell of his guitar, freshly mowed grass from when he plays football (or quiditch if it’s Hogwarts :)), the fabric softner his mum used to use

Archie loves music and he actually gets a lot of confidence from holding his guitar and smelling the wood. It makes him feel powerful and happy. It’s also new, which he likes. The grass reminds him of fun on the field, of being tackled by his friends and winning games. Of getting up and seeing his mum waving from the crowd. The grass means he’s going to play something that he loves, win at something that he loves. When his mum was home, she’d always use a special type of fabric softner that made the sheets smell like daisies. His dad doesn’t use it anymore, but anytime he smells it he remembers his mum and her smile and knowing that she’d always be there for him.

I know a lot of this was made up but I had too :) I hope their accurate