nerdfighters help me out


54 JOKES! In Four Minutes!

Hank Green Returns to tell FIFTY FOUR MORE JOKES in less than four minutes because that is WHAT I DO! Thanks to all the Nerdfighters on Twitter who helped me out. And, of course, to the original creators of the jokes…where ever you are. 

If you want to watch my previous jokes videos (I’ve now told a total of 289) there’s a full playlist here…

All 54 jokes can be found in the video description on youtube, as transcribed by nerdfightergifs.


So I bought Paper Towns by John Green recently and found this secret note hidden inside the cover! It reads “Dear reader, if you haven’t bought this book:BUY IT! If you have:CONGRATULATIONS!!! Good choice!!!” Followed by a DFTBA and no name… I am on a mission now, I must find out who wrote this message! Was it a fellow nerdfighter or John Green himself?!? Please help me find out who wrote this cute note and spread this around till I find them!