Friday I started to make Nerdfighter Notes to place into books! I made a few simple ones; cards that say DFTBA in fun font, fun facts,  and cute animals…

but I also made a set of Homestuck-themed nerdfighter notes.

I did all 12 trolls onto cards , each of them having “Don’t forget to be awesome” on the front in their fun typing style. On the back I wrote down the vlogbrother’s youtube channel, the link for Homestuck , and this name for my art tumblr. :3

They were fun to do. I'mma make a point to go to a bookstore tomorrow and leave them in books. I’m thinking for fun I'mma leave them in books that have something to do for each troll. A pie cookbook for Gamzee or a book on cancer for Karkat. you know.. open horizons and make it fun.

Homestuck trolls are owned by Andrew Huss.

Wanna learn how to make nerdfighter notes? Check out

Got sorta bored so I decided to spend the night making my own nerd fighter notes,I haven’t been into the vlogbrothers as long as others but I thought this was a really good and kind idea so,why not? (Forgive my handwriting ><) #vlogbrothers #youtube #nerdfighternotes #nerdfighters #nerdfighteria #worldsuck #hankgreen #johngreen #dftba #dfta #lfa #lookingforalaska #anabundanceofkathrines letitsnow


We have not posted in a while, but that’s only because we have been hard at work being Not Your Average Army! We finished up our amazing charity benefit, where several charities presented the work they do, and guests got to vote for who won all the money raised by the event. The winners (plottwist! A tie!) were Peace Love Studios and the Institute for the Study and Pratice of Nonviolence. At the end of the event, we had raised over $250! Fifty points to us, I’d say.

Now we are onto our biggest project yet… Accio Books! We’ve already collected over 120 books amongst us chapter members, and we are well on our way to achieving our initial goal of 200 books. But, we are Slytherin, so we are a bit more ambitious—we want to pull Slytherin out of last place for the Accio Books house cup! Here are a couple of pictures of our donation boxes, as well as some of our Nerdfighter notes for bonus points!