Friday I started to make Nerdfighter Notes to place into books! I made a few simple ones; cards that say DFTBA in fun font, fun facts,  and cute animals…

but I also made a set of Homestuck-themed nerdfighter notes.

I did all 12 trolls onto cards , each of them having “Don’t forget to be awesome” on the front in their fun typing style. On the back I wrote down the vlogbrother’s youtube channel, the link for Homestuck , and this name for my art tumblr. :3

They were fun to do. I'mma make a point to go to a bookstore tomorrow and leave them in books. I’m thinking for fun I'mma leave them in books that have something to do for each troll. A pie cookbook for Gamzee or a book on cancer for Karkat. you know.. open horizons and make it fun.

Homestuck trolls are owned by Andrew Huss.

Wanna learn how to make nerdfighter notes? Check out