So this happened at Subway the other day
  • Me wearing my Pizza John shirt at subway:
  • Sandwich Artist: Who's that guy?
  • Me: Um... John Green.
  • Sandwich Artist: I've heard that name before. Is he like running for president?
  • Me: No.. He wrote some books. You've probably heard of The Fault In Our Stars.
  • Sandwich Artist: oh yeah. That thing . Well he should run for president. I'd vote for him, since I take it from your shirt he's a pizza fan. I'm pro pizza.

i have a few very Important Questions ! ^^ 1. Does anyone here have Animal Crossing: New Leaf? 2. If so, wanna share dream addresses and/or friend codes ? 3. If not, who’s your favorite character in the game? 4. Is anyone here a Nerdfighter ? ? ( ; v ; ) 5. On a scale of 1-10, how cool do you think physics is? also yes hi hi!! I’m alive, just pretty unmotivated at the moment ! But I’ll be okay!! Just gimme time, lil ol’ me will be back !

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Could you guys help me?

A few months ago I sent the original of this drawing (I’m holding a photocopy so it’s a little faded) to John Green.

He sent me a lovely letter back in reply and said he would love to watch me grow in the art world, but I can’t get in touch with him again, as I don’t go to the therapist who connected me with him anymore.

All I want to ask him is what he did with my picture. I don’t care if he hung it with pride or threw it into a nearby drawer, but I need to know.

Please help this poor girl.

Make John Green find the thing.

I wanna take a minute to appreciate John & Hank Green. 
These two have built such a HUGE system of people dedicated to educating people in an easy-to-understand way that is fun and exciting through thing such as Crash Course, Sexplanations, TheSciShow. They talk about real issues on VlogBrothers but also keep the channel lighthearted. They are so dedicated to changing the world and helping people, and we need more people with their amount of fame (notoriety? I don’t know the correct word for this) who heavily connect with people of a larger demographic spreading messages like these. 

Thank you John & Hank for building such a community dedicated to education and compassion.