Bobby Singer Valentines Cards (because IDJITS!)

My sis and I always have a facebook card war for Valentine’s Day, and this year I thought I’d make some cards of my own! I’m completely obsessed with Supernatural, so here are some Nerd-entine’s Day cards for you idjits! I was going to just pick two of each character and make an easy print set, but I kinda want to upload them all first, so that’s what I’m gonna do!

  1. Supernatural Set 1: Tumblr Link!
  2. Supernatural Set 2: Tumblr Link! Print Link!
  3. Dean:   Link!
  4. Sam: Link!
  5. Bobby: THIS is the Bobby link, Idjit!
  6. Castiel:  Link!
  7. Crowley: Link!
  8. Kevin: LINK

Font is called Paperclip!

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