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Got this idea a while back from Kiki and decided to finally do this. These are all blogs from people I follow, reblog often, and talk to on a regular basis. So if your in the market for a new blog to follow, gives these a try. There all listed in alphabetical since i love them all equally. The graphic show the fandom we have most in common. 

1.)Avenging-Corgi is someone I actually just followed recently and has some great taste. Anyone that love Jason David Frank as much as I do is good in my book. If your a fan of him, they’re one you want to follow

2.)Biggieatsyou is probably the only person on here I reblog like crazy and I know in real life for sooooooo many years. He’s a very close friend of mine and has amazing taste. If you love anything towards superheros, comics, movies, and friendly person to talk to; he’s the one to follow.  

3.)Jazz-Sk-McW: If your a: Lauren German fan, McWeston Fan, LOST fan, or Alex O'loughlin fan you need to add her now. You will not only love her post, but her personality and opinions toward these fandoms. I don’t know how many hours we’ve spend messaging each other (instead of studying) over different plots that might happen in Hawaii Five-0 lol

4.) Jfouchebag: If you love One Tree Hill and creative/random posts, she’s your gal. We both have a love writing long/drawn out post about ridiculous OTH confessions and baking. She also a great listener and always there when you’re down and need to vent.

5.)Kikiikent: I’m just going to come out and say it: Kiki is probably one of the nicest  individuals i've encounter online. Not only does she have a great blog, but she’s a kind friend. I mean who actually sits down and writes a detail tutorial on making gifs for someone they barely know. Also Kiki is way younger than me but is a huge fan of Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. I mean most people my age have never even heard of the show let alone watched it and loved it.

6.) Nerdcrest: Kristin is probably the next individual that I’ve known the longest. We both met on twitter during that crazy Supernatual day when fans were tweeting “lucifieriscoming”. We became quick friend and now we not only tweet each other, but fb and text on regular basis. She has an amazing blog that only centers around gaming, and tv shows, but fashion and random/funny posts.

7.)Poeticpinkranger is one of those blogs I just happen to come across and love. Her posts just remind me of all my childhood favorites from charmed to Sabrina the teenage witch and power rangers. She also posts the most amazing desserts and animals that I can’t help but reblog.

8.) Zoejeren is an individual i also just recently followed and loved how she reblogged every Katherommy post i had. Anyone that loves: Catherine Sutherland, Katherine Hillard, and/or Tommy & Kat are automatically loved in my book LOL.    


So that my list. These are just a taste of what i have in common and love them for. If you really interested, their links are attached to their names in this post.