Things to do before you graduate highschool

- Join a sport; any sport. Either school sponsored or an independent group
- Join Orchestra, Choir or Band for at least 1 year in high school
- Join either a community or high school theatre group for at least 1 year
- Try out for a musical/play
- Earn a varsity letter
- Go to prom
- Go to at least 1 football game ( Bonus points if its a charity game)
- Join a debate team/club
- Sign up for a pre-college summer program
- Join clubs that interest you but are not in your comfort zone
- Study a language
- Try out for an honor group ( ie. Jazz band, Jazz choir, Chamber ensembles, All-state, etc)
- Decorate that locker
- Develop good study habits
- Be involved with your church youth organizations
- Take on a mission trip
- Donate blood
- Do a marathon/walkathon
- Run for some sort of student government position
- Order a graduation ring
- Own a school letterman jacket
- Own a school yearbook
- Buy spirit shirts that your school sells
- Break a stereotype
- Travel internationally
- Go to disney land/world while the innocent magic lasts
- Go on a date. Just a simplistic, safe, casual date
- Experiment with hair colors and styles, not drugs.
- Make friends and always be open to new ones.
- Aim for straight As. Even if its for 1 semester.
- Get a permit, even if you don’t get a license, a permit should be your minimum.
- Work in a small business such as a family owned bakery for a summer.
- Enter academic contests

Doune Castle, Scotland

A castle probably most famous for being the location of filming for several scenes in Monty Python and the Holy Grail, the other castle being Castle Stalker (known in the film as “Castle Aaaaarrrrrrggghhh”) Since 2004, an annual “Monty Python Day” has been held at the castle to cater to film enthusiasts. I’ve also heard there is a gift shop within the castle that sells plastic swords and coconuts, which you can use to recreate the clattering hooves sound effect and become a Knight of the Coconut yourself. How cool is that??