I’m looking for a penpal. I love the originality and beauty of writing letters. How you get to know a person through their writing. I’d like to experience that with one of you guys! (Or even more than one!)

I’m looking for someone who I can rely on actually responding and keeping up with my letters!

If anyone is interested in becoming then drop me an ask on my personal, and we can exchange some deets!

- Cole

nerdbians  asked:

What's up! We're a new lesbian blog, and we were wondering if a fellow lesblogger would help us out with a promo? :) We take in submissions, questions, and hold competitions with every 100th follower we gain, plus we have a competition right now for reaching 50 followers!

AWESOME name, love it, GO FOLLOW RIGHT NOW!! ^^^


We NEED another moderator for this blog so it doesn’t go to bust!

I have a new job in GAME, and I’m constantly going swimming and training at Karate, and Demi is doing a 12 week course, so we’re both pretty busy.

If you’re interested then please mail us.

- Cole