Fitness addict by day 💪🏃💦
Weeaboo scum by….Also day cause I love me some OP blasts, insane overacting, training motivations and anime tiddies 😛 but just made this to give Props to everyone who’s been doing the 2 week sweat challenge. All of you have my utmost respect and support. Keep at it and we’ll all have ripped protag beach abs ☺️ #fitness #fitnessaddict #sweat #monstermusume #anime #geek #nerd #running #workout #exercise #training #weeaboo #manga #sexy #me

if darcy lewis was played by seth rogan, liam hemsworth, michael cera, you would be queering up that marshmallow

because if darcy lewis was a wise cracking guy checking out thors abs with no real reason to be there apart from comic relief and was played by seth rogan or some other white guy you would be all over that shit tumblr

Kenneth Branagh will be one of my favourite director for the simple reason of that slightly chubby nerdy who aren’t super smart with phds. girls exist and want to be represented and more importantly he has shown us our value. .

don’t tell me darcy lewis is annoying when if a guy played her you would be queering that marshmallow up with selvig and thor and loki.

its because kat dennings is a jewish woman, who isn’t typically Hollywood attractive, with boobs like me and an hourglass figure she is considered a mary sue and annoying.

if you would favour a character more if it was a skinny brown haired cis het male. then you need to reconsider shit.