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I’m gonna make a show called “Ambivalent Gamer Guy” which will be like the Angry Video Game Nerd but I’ll play games that are pretty good and be like

“This game is so alright that I could play it for one or two hours before deciding that I had other responsibilities to attend to, and then I’d turn it off not out of frustration but because I didn’t think this game is worth spending my whole day on!”



Here he is again doing his thing but this time with the javelin. Ancient Africans perfected the use of the javelin during the time of ‘hunters and gatherers’ by the way of Paleolithic beings so it is no wonders that these quiet yet striking ‘Sons of RA(H)’ have emerged as fierce fighters and great men of weaponry technique? Fascinating. Geez I’m a nerd. That is all. Enjoy!

Robin ‘KUSH’ Cole

Know any guys that can appreciate this camouflage duct tape bowtie? Tag them! (Click on Etsy shop link in bio to view more) #craftygeekysassy
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anonymous asked:

Hahaha that post of Hiro calling everyone a nerd is so me!! I take an art program and literally everyone is freaking nerds (they are so stereotypical haha with a bit of anime influence on top lol) the amount of times I've gone "you are such a nerd, hhaa lol on you" BUT IT BACKFIRES BC AM THE BIGGEST NERD OF MY CLASS T_T

Okay but SAME

we’re all nerds haha! 


Ok so um, I apparently have 6 new followers so that’s neat. Hi you all! If you followed me for Undertale art, you’ll be pleased to know that I reblog a bunch of fanart because I’m a nerd, and that also I’m like 40% finished with the next “scene” which is pages  5 and 6. 

Hope to have that up this weekend, I guess my only question is if my followers like progress shots? I send them to my friends, but people sometimes like to see the inbetweens. So yes or no?

Hip Hop is great right now :)

I just feel really good about hip hop right now. The seeds for the flowers of today were planted in the early 00s and budded in between 2009-2010 with J. Cole, Kid Cudi, Wale, and Tyler the Creator to name a few.

Today I want to concentrate on Tyler the Creator (obviously) lololol. 

I just love how people from seemingly different worlds can accept each other and work together. Growing up people usually didn’t perculate through different friend groups. The jocks hung out together, the popular girls stayed with each other and the nerds stuck with each other. For me, it was a lonely experience because I could find something in common with each group but we couldn’t all hang out together. 

The fact that A$AP Rocky, Schoolboy Q, Pusha T, and The Game have worked with Tyler and formed great relationships with him speaks volumes. It’s great! It makes me love my generation because we question traditions. We are more accepting of people’s differences and makes me feel hopefull for the future…….. even though we only have like 1,000 years left lololol #nerd. 

Well anyways just thought I’d share my thoughts with you. I saw this when I went to Camp Flog Gnaw and Schoolboy Q said “I’ve never missed a CFG festival”. Can’t wait to see what comes next :)

-Flyy Science