Honestly guys, I love nerds so freaking much.

There’s just something so innately comforting and wonderful to me about people who get so excited and deeply passionate about the things they love. The fact that people can have the capacity for such wonder and delight is so heartening, it makes me so happy to see how people’s faces light up when they talk about something they love and how much joy that topic brings into their life. You can be a nerd about literally anything; there are academic nerds, book nerds, sci-fi nerds, fantasy nerds, anime nerds, gaming nerds, music nerds, the list goes on and on. People love being nerds so much they’ve literally congregated into groups (fandoms) where they can be nerds about the same things together and be excited and passionate in a community.

Don’t ever let anyone make you feel bad about being a nerd, because being a nerd just means you’re a passionate individual who isn’t ashamed to enjoy life and the things you love to the very fullest.

When you and your significant other play warframe:

Them: Hey could you get me that kavat code???

Me: but I’m doing a thing….

Them: Ty!!!!!

Me: … *mumbles and does it*


Them: There’s a potato alert rn and I won’t be home in time to get it.

Me: *Already did the alert for self* … oic.

Them: *stares at thought phone*

Me: but… it’s defense. [I hate playing on public]

Them: *Staring intensifies*

Me: *sweats* I’m logging into your account rn!!

Them: Ty Ily.

Me: …. yeah ily2

Uggghhhhh. I miss playing D&D so much. Every group I join seems to dissolve after three sessions, and what’s more, every group I join always gives me funny sideways glances because I intensely RP my character (including voice acting). I’ve had groups where people have grown uncomfortable because I enjoy the game on a different level than them, and others where people make jibes against me (”Ugh, there’s always one”). 

I’ve used tools and forums to try to find groups of like-minded people, and it just never works out. Either people will say whatever they want to join a group, or everyone will have wildly varying schedules, or the DM will quit very shortly into the campaign.

I don’t rules lawyer. I don’t nitpick. I don’t tell other people what to do with their characters. I just like to act.

I’d kill to join an RPG group that can meet somewhat reliably and was accepting of someone with strong RP skills.

What it’s like being a silent film fan

Hey, that’ sounds cool! I’d like to watch that…”no copies are known to exist.”
Huh, how about this? “Fragments held in some museum” 
Okay, what about this one? This says a complete copy exists but I can’t seem to find it anywhere. Come on!
Oooh, that sounds interesting and it’s up on Youtube…in a horrible fuzzy transfer run at the wrong speed. 

My hobbies also include drinking and crying.

I'm going on vacation!

Tomorrow I’m leaving for Barcelona until next Sunday! I’m so excited, Barcelona is one of my favorite cities. The only thing that bothers me is that tomorrow night Game of Thrones is starting again and I don’t know if I’ll be able to see it on Monday like I usually do… So I hope the wifi in the hotel will be good and fast. Fingers crossed!