What it’s like being a silent film fan

Hey, that’ sounds cool! I’d like to watch that…”no copies are known to exist.”
Huh, how about this? “Fragments held in some museum” 
Okay, what about this one? This says a complete copy exists but I can’t seem to find it anywhere. Come on!
Oooh, that sounds interesting and it’s up on Youtube…in a horrible fuzzy transfer run at the wrong speed. 

My hobbies also include drinking and crying.

While at the bar...
  • <p> <b>Friends:</b> One time I was so drunk I passed out *laughs*<p/><b>Friends:</b> How about you Dkun? Stories?<p/><b>Me who doesnt drink:</b> ... Do you know Genghis Khan died because of his own vomit out of being roo drunk...?<p/><b>Friends:</b> Oh.. Dkun always has geeky trivias!<p/><b>Me:</b> (hopes the ground swallows me)<p/></p>

I was looking at furniture on craigslist because my cheapest-of-cheap ikea dining room chairs are showing their wear (remember when we bought them, @tinierpurplefishes? Dubya was still president! Those chairs have seen some shit!).

I realized, sadly, that even if I go to a local furniture place where I can try things out, it would probably be awkward for everyone involved if I sat in one chair for three hours to see if it’d be comfortable during a D&D game. 

That feeling when

You had a really good roleplay goin’ and your partner has to do something and says they’ll be back in 30 minutes but they still aren’t back and it’s been 10+ hours and you’re super bored and another roleplay partner hasn’t been able to rp in two days because they’re so busy and you’re still super bored :’)

*So I’ve been looking to get an accounting job for a while now. Many of the job descriptions require that candidates know V-Lookups and Pivot Tables in Excel. All this time I’ve been intimated by that. I still apply to the jobs, but was nervous about any test or questions I may get about these two things that I know nothing about… I currently have down time at work, and just for the hell of it I decided to youtube V-Lookups and Pivot tables. I kid you not, in about 10 minutes I learned how to use both functions with ease… I feel ridiculous for being so intimidated by these things and not just attempting to learn them sooner…

I am currently sitting in front of three computer screens with two different computers, and my phone. One screen has Netflix, one is running my tabletop rpg sessions, one is where I’m working on adding my umpteen allergies to my medical records, and my phone is running an anti-anxiety fish app.

You know, in case anyone needed to confirm how much of a nerd I am.