What it’s like being a silent film fan

Hey, that’ sounds cool! I’d like to watch that…”no copies are known to exist.”
Huh, how about this? “Fragments held in some museum” 
Okay, what about this one? This says a complete copy exists but I can’t seem to find it anywhere. Come on!
Oooh, that sounds interesting and it’s up on Youtube…in a horrible fuzzy transfer run at the wrong speed. 

My hobbies also include drinking and crying.

I was looking at furniture on craigslist because my cheapest-of-cheap ikea dining room chairs are showing their wear (remember when we bought them, @tinierpurplefishes? Dubya was still president! Those chairs have seen some shit!).

I realized, sadly, that even if I go to a local furniture place where I can try things out, it would probably be awkward for everyone involved if I sat in one chair for three hours to see if it’d be comfortable during a D&D game. 


Too Many TV Shows to WATCH 📺 

So lately I’ve been having a challenge with watching all of my shows and keeping up with the new shows that pop up and it’s all overwhelming. So I do what I do with most of my #NerdProblems MAKE A YOUTUBE VIDEO ABOUT IT TO PROCESS!!!

That feeling when

You had a really good roleplay goin’ and your partner has to do something and says they’ll be back in 30 minutes but they still aren’t back and it’s been 10+ hours and you’re super bored and another roleplay partner hasn’t been able to rp in two days because they’re so busy and you’re still super bored :’)