OKAY for a long time i really needed one particular au, and then i finally realized: if you want it, do it yourself
here you go
my beloved dance au
maxie and archie are in a dancing group, and they were chosen by the trainer to dance in pair. of course at first they hate it (both think they are better than the other and deserve a better pair), but they ended up being the best pair in group, because their perfomances are always filled with PASSION and TENSION and the SPIRIT OF COMPETITION 
yeah of course in the end they are having a huge crush on eachother 

Characters in BNHA that I really, really want to see interact more:


Bakugou and Uraraka:

After their fight at the sports festival, I really want to see more of the two of them. Perhaps even a second fight, since they grew a lot over the course of the series, and especially Uraraka got better at fighting.


Bakugou and Shouto:

Yep, again, Bakugou is one of them. You can’t tell me he won’t ever want a rematch against Shouto, since the latter held back in their first fight, and Bakugou can’t stand it when someone holds back on him.


Izuku and Gran Torino:

I mean, come on – a man who worked with both Nana and Toshinori, went as far as to become a teacher just for the latter’s sake and instantly jumped on the opportunity to train Izuku, too? I definitely want to see more of their interactions. Especially now that Izuku knows more about Toshinori’s past – at least he knows about Nana now – and Gran Torino kept hinting at All Might’s true name during Izuku’s stay. There is a lot that this old hero has to tell Izuku (and, yeah, I want him to become an adopted Grandpa for Izuku, alright, I got caught.)


Gran Torino and Recovery Girl:

The two old veterans who constantly worry over Toshinori and Izuku, each in their own way. Do they perhaps already know each other, since Gran Torino was once a teacher at U.A.? Did Recovery Girl know Nana, too? Even if they don’t know each other yet, I’m so here for sassy old people laying down the law.


Naomasa and Toshinori:

Since when have they known each other? How come that Naomasa is one of the few people who was allowed to see Toshinori’s true appearance? I want to know everything about those two. I think they are something like best friends, but they haven’t interacted much now, and I think that’s a pity.


Naomasa and Izuku:

Pretty much the same reason as the one for Gran Torino. Naomasa is another person who obviously has known Toshinori for a long time, and Izuku is Toshinori’s first-ever-student and his successor. I would love to see best friend and student interact a bit, since they both care a lot for Toshinori. Plus, I’m sure they would be quite curious to get to know each other.


Hagakure Tooru and everyone in Class 1-A:

I’m not saying that Tooru doesn’t get screen time often, since I guess it’s really hard for Horikoshi to give twenty children equal screen time, but… I think Tooru is one of the students we don’t know much about. Has she always been invisible? Does she feel kinda left out sometimes – since she only can be seen when she is wearing clothes, and nobody will ever be able to really look at her? I want to know.


Satou, Shouji, Sero, Tokoyami and everyone:

Pretty much the same reasoning as for Tooru. I want to know everything there is to know about all the students of Class 1-A. I just love those kids.


Present Mic and Ms. Jokes and Midnight:

That’s my teachers squad, okay. My “They-would-drive-Aizawa-up-the-wall”-squad. Those three would hit it off immediately, I’m sure of it, and it would be hilarious.


Aizawa and Sansan:

Man who loves cats and a cat-human. ‘Nough said. They need to meet again and become best buddies.


Mei Hatsume and Izuku Midoriya:

A girl who loves to invent and design and a boy who is a nerd who takes notes and designed his own hero-outfit. Two nerds, basically. They would hang out and design super cool new stuff like outfits, weapons and more, I’m sure of it.


Hisashi Midoriya in general:

I’m not even convinced of his existence yet. Never seen, never mentioned, he’s a phantom. Until proven otherwise, Toshinori is Izuku’s Dad. There we go.

(But honestly, Horikoshi, give us something about this guy.)

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Why I like them:
he’s a really good boy and a cool character? it’s hard to say i guess because i haven’t really… THOUGHT ABOUT MUCH… he’s just unconditionally charming.

Why I don’t:
he can be kind of a little shit sometimes LMAO but really that’s the worst i can say about him.

Favorite episode (scene if movie):
HMMMM…. i’m not really sure! any episode with him and goten is pretty good

Favorite season/movie:
buu saga of course. thats the one where he Did Something

Favorite line:
“My dad was right, Gohan, you really are kind of a nerd.”

Favorite outfit:


TRUTEN, and trunks/gohan

Head Canon:
only takes naps when goten’s around. they take naps together

Unpopular opinion:
i’m… not sure i have one?

A wish:
i want him and goten to hang out together more when theyre older <:( they did it all the time as kids but i feel like not as much when they got older

An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen:
don’t let him marry mai in DBS please?

5 words to best describe them:
making copies, move i’m gay

My nickname for them:

Halloween Costumes Part 3

The nerdy: From film, TV, comic books, fantasy, steampunk, cosplay, etc. there are tons of options for fun, sexy, nerdy costumes. What better way to show people what you like?

What it says about you:  Well that you’re a nerd, obviously! But not just that, it shows that you have passion for the things you nerd out about. Expect to have all kinds of guys and girls interested in your costume. Both people who are interested in the same thing as you, as well as guys who just love the idea of being with a cute little nerd! After all, being a nerd also tells people that you’re down to earth and easily approachable.

A few examples -

Video Games:

Comic Books:

Or just a standard nerd outfit!


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the little nerds outfits for their first date probably

i feel like i gotta put my headcanons in every post i make about these kids so kenma: afab agender aroace ✌️
shouyo: demifluid (demigirl? demiboy ? both probably at the same time so) quoiromantic demisexual 🌸
tobio: agender arovague acevague

and all 3 of them are autistic romo no romo qps
(btw sho’s just stimming haha he doesnt have like 4 arms or st)