The WWII rescue outfit

I don’t think I need to say any more

Happy EvansChess!!

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Spirit Week (Tuesday)

Waddap, waddap?!

Today was Nerd Day for Spirit Week!

Hehe so yaah! Here are more pictures of the entire outfit. (I might have overdone it)

I’m wearing a thin-striped t-shirt with PIKACHU ON IT! Whoot! Who doesn’t love pikachu?! Along with this is a set of black suspenders and blue jean shorts, and to top it off, I got my white knee-high socks and my trusty converses! OH! Don’t forget those giant lens glasses! (They’re fake btw haha) Hairstyle = pigtails. Booyah.

I’m the kind of person that can’t walk out of the house without some sort of jacket or sweater. So here is a picture of a white button up sweater that goes nicely with my nerdy outfit!

Here is a close-up of my converse…sorry it’s still kind of bad quality, but its not like I understand any of the scribbles on it anyways…except maybe “Everlast” haha :P I bought them a couple years back in Taiwan so they’re a little beaten, but still good!

So that’s it! Hope you like my outfit!

…and I couldn’t resist taking another pic of myself hehehe…I just looked SO DARN CUTE! jaay kaaayyyy.


How Nathanaël learns to appreciate The Little Mermaid a little bit more.

Pretty much I was designing outfits for Marinette that were inspired by her friends when I felt the increasing urge to hop aboard the “Nathanaël is Ariel” bandwagon. Sorry for my handwriting. :P


Marinette shows Nathanaël the real outfit based off of him, and Nathanaël’s inner thoughts are showing.