A lineart commission of rah-bop‘s lovely fantroll Rahggi Linnéa!  Who is adorable and adventurous and excited about all the grody slimy skittery things the galaxy has to offer. UwU  Go look at Rah’s art and also Rah’s fantroll because BOTH ARE GREAT AND CUTE AS HELL.

Spirit Week (Tuesday)

Waddap, waddap?!

Today was Nerd Day for Spirit Week!

Hehe so yaah! Here are more pictures of the entire outfit. (I might have overdone it)

I’m wearing a thin-striped t-shirt with PIKACHU ON IT! Whoot! Who doesn’t love pikachu?! Along with this is a set of black suspenders and blue jean shorts, and to top it off, I got my white knee-high socks and my trusty converses! OH! Don’t forget those giant lens glasses! (They’re fake btw haha) Hairstyle = pigtails. Booyah.

I’m the kind of person that can’t walk out of the house without some sort of jacket or sweater. So here is a picture of a white button up sweater that goes nicely with my nerdy outfit!

Here is a close-up of my converse…sorry it’s still kind of bad quality, but its not like I understand any of the scribbles on it anyways…except maybe “Everlast” haha :P I bought them a couple years back in Taiwan so they’re a little beaten, but still good!

So that’s it! Hope you like my outfit!

…and I couldn’t resist taking another pic of myself hehehe…I just looked SO DARN CUTE! jaay kaaayyyy.

Inspired by the DCI Agents of Dance Central 3

Top: Harvey Nichols - Parker top, $300 / Vest: Modekungen - Leather vest, $230 / Pants: H&M - Ankle length trousers, $13 / Flats: Shopbop - Charles Phillip Yasmin Flats, $160 / Purse: Target - Mossimo Clutch, $18 / Ring: Modcloth - Play it Again Ring, $8 / Necklace: General Pants Co - Legacy Spiked Necklace, $20

Study tip #8

Organization helps a lot. It makes everything kinda easier.
Keep your homework and class notes together in notebooks, or folders that are in subject order. You could also have a filing system at home, where you keep all your textbooks, worksheets and assignments for each subject in different drawers or ring files. If you’re anything like me, stuffing loose papers in my bag or using the same notebook for different classes just because they’re close at hand, it’s time to stop and reorganise. Take a day or two to get things sorted again.


Shin as Silver for Shuriken Sentai Ninninger
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