Kylo Ren Imagine- Second Chances

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request “Could you do a Kylo x reader where the reader is with the resistance and Kylo tries to get information out of her but fails so he turns her over to Hux and hux scares her so much that the next time she sees Kylo she runs into his arms for protection? Sorry I know it’s really specific.’

The day you were taken into the first order was a day that you will never forget. Ever since you were little, you dreamed of being a part of the resistance. You used to run around your house combating pretend sith lords and helping restore unity. The resistance took an interest in you at the ripe age of 15. Something about your personality called to them for you were the lightest of them all. Your heart pulsed with the the force and you yearned for a deeper understanding of the light. The First Order knew that it was crucial to get their hands on you in order to hit the resistance hard enough. 

“Such a shame we have to meet under these circumstances.” 

The figure wanders around the room aimlessly without intent or purpose. He stands tall as he was about. Every now and then he would pause and look at you for a few moments, but then would continue on. 

“You could say that.” you spit back. 

The restraint around your wrist starts to cut into your skin as you struggle to stand up. Your legs ache with pain as they stiffly hold your body up. The First Order took you hostage a few day ago and as far as you know you have been strapped to the same chair for your entire stay. Kylo Ren walks out of your field of vision but you feel him looming behind you. 

“It doesn’t have to be this way you know. You have so much potential, you just need to direct it in the right direction. You can start by helping us out.” 

His voice echoes in the empty holding room as he speaks to you. Despite the fact that his voice is synthesized behind a metal mask, you sense a waiver in his voice. You have heard rumors that he was Han and Leia’s son but you never had the chance to figure it out, that is until today. 

“I’m not afraid of you. I know you better than you think you do. I can feel it.” you retort. 

“What do you feel?” 

He swings in front of you so that he can examine your face. His beefy arms fold across his chest as he waits for you to respond. 

“Your light. You aren’t as dark as you think you are Ren. If working with the resistance has taught me anything, it’s that no matter how hard you try to push out the light, it is always there shining in the deepest parts of you.” 

Behind the mask Kylo freezes. You can only imagine his muscles tensing up in his jaw. If he is anything like his alleged parents, he must be a beautiful human. That is part of the great mystery behind Kylo Ren, he is a contradiction. His actions are so malicious, but behind his dark facade is this beautiful human who captivates. 

“Clearly you don’t know the powers of the resistance.” 

With those final words Kylo exits the room, leaving you wanting more. Another man enters the room. This man has ghostly skin and eyes that have had the life sucked out of them. As he stares at you, a faint smile pulls at the corner of his mouth. Unlike Kylo Ren, this man has no light struggling inside of him. 

“Hello (y/n). I hear you wouldn’t cooperate with Ren. I thought maybe we would see eye to eye.” 

As the man walks up to you, you find that he has a knife tucked away in his hand. The cold metal scrapes along your collar bone as he talks to you. Kylo Ren would never stoop this low and if he knew what General Hux was doing he would be furious. He tries to listen from behind the metal barricade but it was too thick. Something about you caught his attention in a way that no one has ever done before. 

You let out a loud scream and Kylo Ren burst into the room. This time without a helmet, he stops and looks at the scene in horror as General Hux drags the knife along your thigh. After wriggling out of the restraints you drop to the ground in pain. You stare at Kylo for a second as tears brim your eyes. He was more beautiful than you ever imagined, but in a subtle way. He wasn’t your conventional attractive guy, but all of his features put together fit him just right and that’s what made him attractive. 

“What are you doing!” Kylo yells. 

“She wasn’t talking.” Hux stutters. 

“Get out!” 

Hux points the knife at you again, taking a step closer. You tremble against the freezing floors trying to avoid getting cut again by the General. Mustering up any strength you have left in you, you stand on weak knees and stumble over to Kylo and drop at his feet. A small trail on blood follows you and smears on the ground as you lay down. 

“I said get out!” 

Hux scurries out of the room, dropping the knife on the ground in the process. Kylo bends down and smoothes over a piece of hair from your face before picking you up off of the ground. You glance up at him with beady eyes. He sees your vulnerable state but doesn’t take advantage of it. 

“Thank you.” you whisper with a quivering lip.