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CHALLENGE: post the most ''embarrassing'', ''self-indulgent'' thing you've made in the past moth! (that's not smut, if you're embarrassed about that!) (but it could be smut) (pleasebemucklespleasebemuckles)


WELL OKAY I NEVER RUN SHORT OF EMBARRASSING SELF-INDULGENT STUFF.      SO.  I was thinking about Motorcity and Disney movies and I saw Atlantis on Hulu or Netflix or something and I was like……………………


I’m going to go lie on the floor how dare you make me do this GOD


Seth Rollins discusses his Fatal 5-Way Universal Title No. 1 Contender’s Match: Exclusive, June 4

…his unintentional wink was strong in this interview….

i know all the names in bnha are puns but i almost kinda wish horikoshi had put effort into making shinsou’s name more like, subtle? who the fuck names their kid heart-manipulating people controller. there’s no way they knew he had that quirk from when he was born cause yknow like… babies cant talk. i mean i personally take it as evidence that he’s trans cause theres no way “hitoshi” is his birth name but

  • Hazel and Annabeth: I can't get a read on Jason, I don't trust him, he has secrets, he's too cold and calculating. Hera/Juno was using him and I don't trust her, so I don't trust him either.
  • Leo and Piper: Jason is an adorable nerd, he loves following rules and he gets knocked out all the time. Once he attacked two giants with his bare hands in the same day. Hera needs to keep away from him or we'll kill her.

im gonna draw any shit from any musical u want, nerds

da rules:
• u gotta b following me (im def gonna make sure u are my guy)
• u gotta reblog (likes dont count dude)
• that’s all, bros

I will draw:
• pretty much anything
• your favorite underrated musical that nobody even knows? yeah
• your favorite extremely popular musical that you’re afraid to ask for fanart of because you’ll think you’re being annoying? totally, hmu
• porn? maybe. depends on the ship. also im a minor so if getting that shit from me bothers u don’t ask for it

I wont draw:
• incest
• r***pe
• characters using slurs
• furries (or dolphins guys dont make me ple a s e)

that’s all! I’m gonna pick the winner on June 3rd, 2017!

hey look who’s back with more gay stuff!! im not dead haha 

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