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The Signs as Weapons

Aries:The first spear thrown in the most important hunt for the tribe. The arrowhead sharpened to a point that cuts through wind, and more importantly, flesh.
Taurus:A shield used in the Colosseum. Perfectly round, its edges bare chips as scars from many close calls. A blade is only as strong as one who weilds it, a shield will always hold if built correctly.
Gemini:Two daggers, both forged by a self proclaimed God. One blessed by sunlight, the other cursed by moonlight. Where one is weak, the other is strong. Never to be separated, as you can not live solely in the day or the night.
Cancer:A war axe, crafted from diamond and metals passed down from the heavens. Incredibly heavy, when in the hands of the pure it swings with the speed and force of the northern winds.
Leo:A whip eight feet long, with thorns protruding from the aged leather. Legend says when cracked by one with a lion’s spirit, the animal kingdom is theirs to rule.
Virgo:The poison itself may not warrant the label weapon, but the needles dipped lightly in the vile before being perfectly placed in the nape of the victim’s neck might. Starting from there the poison slowly eats away the muscles and fat from the body, leaving its host a shriveled pile of skin and bone.
Libra:A shaman’s fan, made of large leaves bound in twine and blessed with drops of patchouli oil. Seemingly a flimsy decorative piece, when fanned as the ancestors did, the winds themselves bend to the control of the shaman.
Scorpio:A woodsman’s axe, two small chunks of opal tied tight to the handle. It’s intention is to forge through the darkest part of the woods, to clear any obstacles that the forest may present, but the blade is very familiar with the feeling of blood.
Sagittarius:The bow was carved from glass, engraved with the prayer of a lost civilization. The arrows, nine of them, found in the chest of a queen buried deep in an eleborate tomb. When used together, they say a man can become a God.
Capricorn:The old crone’s staff, an owl carved into the darkened wood. Decorated in stones, feathers, and totems of her people. She raises the tip to the setting sun, and transforms into her true form. Her night is spent soaring above the trees, moonlight illuminating her hunting grounds.
Aquarius:A gun can instill fear in anyone, but a water gun on the other hand brings people together with the power of nostalgia. Until, that is, they realize that’s not water they’re laughing off. It’s acid.
Pisces:A sword passed down from mother to daughter for generations. Once known as the sharpest blade in the world, it has been kept from bloodshed for a hundred years. Sheathed in an ornate sleeve it sleeps, and waits for the day its steel must save humanity again.

I can imagine the wasteland would be dark. And I mean REALLY dark. No light pollution, no towns, a vast empty expanse long beyond the point where campfires and torchlights would flicker. The most you’d get on moonless nights is the silhouette of broken cliffs and hills rising against the greyed backdrop of stars.
And in this black emptiness of night, you hear something moving nearby.
Against your better knowledge, you turn on your Pip-boy light, a light that lets you see but flashes your presence up like a flare.
But that’s now the least of your worries.

“Blackmail, spying, money - Everytime I gained one of the eyes back I lost something” do you even know how much this line had been haunting me.

 Ever since the begining of the dc arc it’s so obvious Kurapika had been going far worse than we expected, that he ended up digging so much in the manga he felt like i lost part of himself along the way.  “blackmail, spying, money” , all stuff Kurapika always hated. Stuff he hates and that yet he forced himself to confort to in order to gain the eyes back - losing himself, losing all trace of possible redemption, of an after. 

Kurapika became the boss of a Family which was extremely disliked and only tolerated because of Neon’s powers, and Neon’s powers are gone. A guy in the mafia had some beef with him and saw Kurapika with the red eyes, after an auction for the red eyes. How bad could it have been, how did that middle end up being? The day it spreads his eyes were worth billions, how much trouble could he get into?

Kurapika mentions to Mizai the family only focus on gamble, but that’s when he fears Mizai might arrest them, what if he’s lying, what did they have to do to save the family from sinking, how much danger Kurapika must be in, how much activities that disgust Kurapika did he have to get into?

In how much danger can his loved ones be, how can he focus on that, how can he check it out, wouldn’t disappearing be the best for them?

And of course there’s him throwing his life away now, trying to do everything on his own, not letting anyone help him. 

Kurapika was so determined. In the begining of the story he held his pride so high and he was saying that he was ready to trash it and lower himself to do stuff he hates and he did. 

Kurapika’s entiere storyline had been to do stuff he hates, like how disgusted he was to even have to kill Uvogin. 

And in the end i’m just so sad because Kurapika is fully aware of that. It’s not a slow sinking he didn’t even realize, he forcefully put himself into that path, it disgusts him, he’s aware of it, but he’s also aware of how much he changed.

I wish he could recover but I wonder if, after doing so much stuff he can find disgusting, he’d ever be able to forgive himself. And I even wonder if it will one day be easy to just walk out of the mafia.

“Everytime (..) I lost something” and I am still forever crying.

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I'm actually surprised that we haven't been introduced to a 'nerd' type of character. I mean the kind of person who is super smart. Not a total dork. All of them are dorks.

RT has been very good about making characters that are well rounded. They’re not just one cliched character type. Ruby is a strong leader who is also a weapons nerd who is also really bad about internalizing her pains/fears/doubts. Weiss is a stubborn, cranky and sometimes cold heiress, who also has a heart of gold and throws herself into danger to help people. Not to mention she’s lonely and filled with doubt. Blake is distant and seems to have a handle on how bad the world can be. But she’s also a nerd kitty who chases laser pointers and would be content to hide away in the stories of her books than face a real world that has made her question if there really is any goodness out there. Then there’s Yang who is the party girl and loves to have fun and adventure, but is also team mom and is warm and caring. Puts others before herself and will not stop unless those she cares about are happy.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that we may have seen the super smart/nerdy character already, it’s just not what defines them. 

#SanversWeek Day 2 Master Post

High School Science Olympiad

J’onn begs weapon nerd Maggie to behave (canon).

Lucy and Lena are perfect and I’m crying.

Nerds in Canon gifset that didn’t at all make me weep.

Actual children book nerds.

Stop denying it, Sawyer, you’re a massive fucking nerd.

Oh my god Winn.

Alex and Lena are apparently Favor Friends.

Alex is Maggie’s closet key.

Giant tornado model nerds.

Useless lesbian Alex Danvers internal monologue bliss.

Alex punches a kid for Winn and I am living.

Nerds of the world unite (against Max Lord).

Nerd v Dork Discourse.

Horror flick nerds.

Best banter ever to bant.

I can’t handle myself this is gold and I just.

Maggie is a giant comic nerd.

Maggie is into Athena kids.

Alex identifies with the Beast why would you hurt me like this.

Alex as an exo-bio instructor read this it will change your life.

Alex Absolutely-No-Chill Danvers, everyone.

Maggie Legends-Only Sawyer.

Dinosaur nerd!Maggie. That is all.

Greek mythology nerds.

Penguins and relationship pebbles and my heart being destroyed.

Calm your nerd, Maggie, my god.

A fucking engagement gun tho.

Pick Up Line Nerds.

Huge Bespectacled Dork.

Gaming Nerds.

Grease omg what even.

I reblogged this one from the Phantom Zone, nerd smut yall.

Alex wonders if dimples are genetic ofc she does.

Entangle quantumly, what even, these damn nerds.

Everyone on Team Machine was a colossal nerd. My case:

Harold, obviously a nerd for technology.
Reese, nerd for suits and justice.
Carter, nerd for justice.
Bear, nerd for pets also baked goods.
Root, nerd for technology, metaphysics, actual physics, pre-history, and sometimes literature (based on her references throughout the show).
Shaw, nerd for weapons. Let’s be real. Nobody on the show was a Bigger Nerd for anything than Shaw was for weapons. Also nerd for languages, political history. Also later she was a nerd for dogs, Smooth Criminals, and that other nerd, Root (don’t you dare tell Root though).
Fusco, nerd for music.

Other, non-Team-Machine nerds:

Control, nerd for America.
Greer, nerd for evil.
Martine, nerd for lesbian otp and evil.
Lambert, not worth discussing.
Samaritan, nerd for power.
Machine, nerd about everything, the kind of person who gets so excited to talk abt shit that they get a nosebleed even if that shit is ethics or polymer bonding or shampoo or cavemen.