nerd war

I kind of love that, among their many other hats and skills, Jyn is a hacker and Cassian is a programmer.

I just imagine that it’s like … they do their drifting-off-into-their-own-bubble thing, completely ignoring the general conversation around them, and people have Assumptions about what they’re murmuring to each other. And meanwhile their food goes cold and the entire conversation has changed by the time they emerge out of computer geek talk. 

I do wish the film had been clearer about that background. I know they intended Cassian to be the one who freed Kay via programming, and Jyn as a jill-of-all-trades that included hacking Imperial data, but it’s barely alluded to. And, in fairness, it’s not that important in the grander scheme of things, beyond the otherwise-possible interpretation that the Rebellion effectively mind-wiped and brainwashed Kay rather than freeing him. 

But still, I love the idea that they theoretically know about each other’s skills, but don’t really process it, until one of them is grumbling about some problem and the other jumps in. And then they’re just happily babbling at each other while the rest of the team looks on in bemusement at these dorks they’re following around the galaxy. 

Wonder Woman branded awesomeness
  • no man’s land ? bitch please I Am No Man ™
  • Lemme Blow Down This Clock Tower ™
  • BABY??? B A B Y ™
  • Here Take That Tank In Your Face ™
  • Gotta Help The Horse ™
  • Ice Cream Is Good ™
  • How The Hell Can You Wear Dresses ™
  • Lemme Slap You With My Shield Into That Wall ™
  • Lemme Spray You With My Knee Through That Window ™

did anyone else notice when tony knocks steve down toward the end of the fight in siberia, and steve struggles to drag himself back to his feet, and we cut to a wider shot that makes everyone, but especially steve, look so fucking small, and it’s like steve is a little guy in brooklyn again fighting off the bullies, and he stands up and wobbles a bit just like he did in that scene in catfa, but his eyes are hard as steel when they meet tony’s, and he says, for the thousandth time, i can do this all day

then, even though he’s laid out on the cold stone, beaten and bloody and broken, even though he’s half-unconscious and he just lost his goddamn arm fighting tony, bucky takes steve’s words like a cue, drags himself toward tony as best he can, and his best isn’t that great right now, but it’s enough, because he grabs tony’s ankle and tony’s distracted from steve, turning around to fight off a defenseless bucky, which gives steve the opening he needs

did anyone else notice that even though he’s totally shattered and half-dead himself, bucky jumps into this fight same as the one we saw way back in 1943, same as all the other fights steve started back in brooklyn but couldn’t finish alone; did anyone else notice that even though this whole fight was about steve saving bucky, in the end, it was still bucky who saved steve?


Clay Haas + winning me over one line at a time

ft. Nimah Amin being badass

Nerd weddings are the best

Seriously, you get:

  • A bride walking down the aisle to Lord of the Rings
  • The minister beginning with “Marriage is what brings us together today”
  • Readings from Neil Gaiman and Walt Whitman
  • Star Trek references in the vows
  • The bridal party exiting to the Star Wars theme
  • A playlist that includes more LoTR, the Cantina song, and the Firefly theme song

You also get amazing cake toppers like this