nerd shirt

lucas is a Fashion Disaster. he cares more about comfort than appearance, and does not know how to coordinate an outfit to save his LIFE. tacky “nerd” shirts are a cornerstone of his closet (x, x, and x). cargo shorts, sweatpants, those fucking, bright red “are u nasty” shorts. he wears them all, in all combinations, even in the lab. he never buttons his labcoat up over them, either, so he’s actually being super unsafe in his quest for Shitty Fashion.

if he’s doing something important, meeting with important people or something, and he Needs to dress nice, he’ll put on a button-up dress shirt and some khakis and a tie but…he’s still a wreck. his shirt is only tucked in in the front, & his tie clashes horribly w/ the color of the shirt, & his belt has one of those terrible tacky Giant Decorative Buckles.

i once met a dude irl who would wear swim trunks as pants in public, if they were the only clean thing he had in his room. that is lucas 100%


Trinket Geek’s first t-shirt release, ThroneMonsters, are now available and ready to ship, everyone who has made preorders will be receiving their t-shirts soon. :D

To celebrate I’m offering 10% off all orders! Like us on Facebook to get this offer! More details are on my site! :)

T-Shirts by Trinket Geek:

ThroneMonster T-Shirts

if kal el landed on earth in 1987 he’d be 28/29 in 2016 but more importantly he’d be 17 in 2004 which means he probably had an american idiot t-shirt and wore it with a long-sleeved shirt underneath it. with thumbholes in the sleeves. lana lang probably looked like avril lavigne, except they were rural so she did the best she could with what smallville’s thrift stores had to offer. she probably pierced her own eyebrow even though clark kept telling her she’d get an infection. how many of those little wrist sweatbands do you think he owned. did he have a wallet chain.

Shirt finally came in! 

I got the small in men’s because I thought it would have a more relaxed and comfy fit and I was right! Going to wear it out once and then use it for PJs thereafter. Don’t want to shove my ship down people’s throats. It’ll also go really well with my batman boyshorts.

I freaking love this ship! Thanks Dante! You’re a great captain!