nerd shirt


sets shadow aside for a moment to say knuckles is actually the coolest character next to sonic… blue vs red, speed vs power, wind vs earth, snark vs snark…

challenging when separated, frightening when together… I’m here for it y'all…


Peter Parker + outfits.

(part 3)

(part 2)

(part 1)

me, like two years ago: why do people get so many dice sets? and dice boxes??? and those bigass books??? like they’ll buy an expensive dice set just for one character??? why??? dnd isnt even that interesting i don’t get it

me now, midway through writing a homebrew 5e campaign amidst a sea of my numerous and aesthetically varied dice sets: oh i get it

while im on the subject: why do all of the most peddled ‘nerd shirts’ seem to be mashing two entirely unrelated ‘nerd culture’ things together. I once saw a Legend of Zelda/Back to the Future shirt. I’ve seen Harry Potter and Pokemon. Who exactly is going to buy all of these Doctor Who/Portal crossover tees.