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You really gotta hand it to them.
—– Inspired by @birdsandivory‘s text post.

What it’s really like to be a flight attendant:

•You will have report times at 4:30am
•You will have 3+hour delays
•You will get rerouted numerous times
•You will have passengers yell at you endlessly
•You will have long days and short nights
•You will have moments you want to hide in the overhead bins


•You will also have pilots who buy you coffee in the morning
•You will have crews who keep you laughing constantly
•You will have layovers that let you visit with your friends/family
•You will meet celebrities and occasionally catch a ride in a Porsche
•You will be invited to T.I.’s show in Vegas after serving him first class beverages
•You will have passengers who sometimes understand you have long days and they bring you gifts

And most of all, you will have an amazing job with a lifetime full of memories❤️✈️

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Cas had been different around Sam since he got back from Hell. More cautious, more courteous, and a Hell of a lot more protective. It was weird, Sam had never felt this close to anyone beside Dean. Not even Jess had managed to get under his skin this much but somehow, just with his questions and kind eyes, Castiel was firmly implanting himself into Sam’s every day existence. 

Even though he was clearly busy with whatever was going on in Heaven, Castiel made sure to visit him every day. Sometimes it was for a few brief minutes, leaving Sam wanting and wondering. Other times they spent sprawling hours together, presenting Sam with a dizziness that felt almost like drugs. Not quite, this was something much more pure.

Sam didn’t know when it happened, but he got used to Castiel always being there.

After Rufus’ death, Dean and Bobby both turned to drinking - Bobby more than Dean, the man had lost his best friend, but they were both fairly gone. Sam turned to Castiel, seeking comfort in the familiar feel of his aura. Cas seemed to need the comfort too, clinging to Sam more than he had done in a while, like he needed the confirmation that Sam was still there, that he was alive.

“Please don’t ever let that be you.” Sam hadn’t ever heard the angel beg, but there was a pleading tone in his voice. Sam frowned. Cas continued. “Please just look after yourself. I don’t know what I’d do if you got hurt.”

There was desperation there, something more than when they were just friends. Something had changed, Sam couldn’t in  good conscience call Cas just a friend. They had changed.

Castiel reached out to grab Sam’s hand, squeezing it tight.

Sam didn’t mind at all that things had changed.