nerd ranking

It’s ironic how nerds have been bullied and excluded from things but then they create this pecking order within their own ranks 

some nerds can be so pretentious and exclusionary themselves–especially male nerds toward female nerds


so not only is the glyph the floor becomes during the ‘divine reckoning’ of the battle with thordan exactly the same as the patterning on the Round Table itself, but the knights + thordan take the same positions in the summoning as they do at the table.


Procedural Cop Show AU: DCI Jenkins·DI Baird & Carsen·DS Stone·DC Cillian & Jones

“We’re going in with a plan. I want full breakdowns on the missing, backgrounds on their work places, magical and supernatural possibilities.” 

I decided to draw Rocco from his intense ranked battle days for my sweet bun @squid-nerds ♥ ♥ ♥ Ranked battles are too intense for this squib. 

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The fluegel was walking around with the E-book her master gave her, reading while walking. She looked up when she saw an unfamilliar person from the corner of her eye. A human? – No, that woman didn’t felt human, but looked like one.

“ What are you? “


NERD RANKING - Die krassesten Creeps in Videospielen! (von DoktorFroid)


NERD RANKING - Welche Zombieapokalypse darf es sein? (von DoktorFroid)