nerd rage

OK TIME FOR A NERD RANT!!!!!! Gabriel is talking utter bullshit!!!! I love both the new diverse characters and the old classics, every month i buy the latest issues of Spider-man, Champions, Avengers, Spider Gwen and my absoulute favourite super heroine ; Ms Marvel! All my fellow comic book fans that i’m friends with love these books and critics do to.

It’s idiotic to say that Female centred books are to blame for poor sales seeing as The Mighty Thor (Jane Foster version) sells waaaaaaaaaay more than her Odinson counterpart, that Wolverine (Laura/X23) is more popular than ever and that Ms Marvel (Kamala Khan) is constantly a best seller both digitally and physically!

And so what if some of the new characters are not white? So what if they’re gay? So what if they have a diffrent faith? These stories are about heroes and not all heroes are going to be thirty/forty something white dudes.

What’s hurting Marvel sales are there Crappy events like Civil War II and Monsters unleashed….ok nerd RANT over!

Some questions to everyone mad at Jashi being canon

1. Did you write the show?

2. Are you Genndy Tartakovsky?

3. Are you involved with production in any way?

4. Is your primary reasons for hating it because heterosexuality “offends you” or because you saw them as a different way then what you can easily change in fan fiction?

5. If either the answer to either of 1-3 is no, and/or if 4 is yes, WHY THE FUCK SHOULD WE CARE ABOUT YOU?!“

Seriously, grow up!

Also I’m maybe even more unsettled by the way Davies talks about Les Mis being about “redemption” but not at all about the social commentary? 

Because yes, absolutely, Les Mis is about redemption!  But like…what does he think people  (…Valjean. He only cares about Valjean. and probably Javert. I’m resigned to this.)  are being redeemed from?  Bad luck?  Their own Evil Impulses?   The Lost Luggage department? 

Because if he doesn’t get that the whole point is that they’re being redeemed from the darkness society creates,  then this thing is gonna be missing the point by 1.60934km. 

Go Set a Watchman doesn’t exist
Go set a Watchman doesn’t Exist 

I don’t care if you Social Justice Warriors need a parraiah. I don’t care you need some fucking boogey man to say ‘see! we can hate every white person now! Look! THEY’RE ALL EVIL WE’RE ALL GOOD! THEY’RE ALL THE SAME!!!!’

I’m sorry, but that is NOT my Atticus Finch. This is the same as Captain America turning out to be  Hydra Agent. It is a literal slap to the face just like Harper Lee has Scout’s uncle do in the novel. I don’t care it’s 1950, fuck that.#NotMyAtticusFinch 

The nerd outrage over the very idea of a non-white Link is even more absurd than usual. I mean:

1. The Legend of Zelda franchise is Japanese, so Link is probably meant to read as Japanese to the games’ actual target audience. He only reads as white to Western audiences because we’re used to Japanese characters being heavily marked for race; being aimed at a Japanese audience, the Zelda franchise doesn’t need to employ heavy racial marking to get a character to read as Japanese. Dude was never white in the first place.

2. Hyrule is one of the relatively few mainstream fantasy settings that explicitly has multiple human ethnicities. What, did you think the Sheikah were just really into sunbathing? I mean, seriously:

Do these characters read as the same race to you? Honestly?

Buncha arrant nonsense, is what it is.

Honestly, the next time some nerddouche or metalhead or whatever points at your t-shirt and snootily asks if you’re, “a real fan,” just tell them “no.”

“No, I hate Star Wars. I hate everything about Star Wars. I hate the movies, the action figures, the video games, the extended universe-related comic books- in fact, I hate every single facet of nerd culture. The only reason I wore this was to piss you and every other nerd off, and thus ruin everything you hold near and dear to your heart.”


Is it just me?

Am I the only nerd who is bothered by the onslaught of people who want a relationship like the Joker and Harley Quinn’s.

Like it pains me to see when ladies say, “He’s the Joker to my Harley,” or “I want to find a Joker to my Harley.” Really? You want a manipulating, emotionally and physically abusive sociopath who only cares about you when it serves a purpose? Ladies, if anything find yourself a Poison Ivy. Find someone who is fiercely loyal and protective. Someone who would do anything to see you happy. Someone who might just be as crazy as you, but it doesn’t end in mutually assured destruction.

And guys. Why are you aspiring to be the Joker? Like…he’s not a good character at all, and honestly he’s completely overrated. “But he’s crazy, and gives no fucks.” Yeah, and those are two things that don’t a good relationship make.

Like…HarleyxJoker is just not a healthy relationship, and I think people should stop romanticizing it.

Don't be a dick in PotD

Well I had a mostly shit Palace of the Dead night! I decided to roll a Dark Knight (yes yes Batman jokes and glamour later) and the first group I was with was super fun and amazing. Then it took a turn.

I had two groups in a row that did the bare minimum, ignored hoard, and rushed, which I don’t see the point off. Why are you there if not for exp, loot, or weapons? Any one of those things requires checking all the rooms for chests.

Then I had a group that all stood around and it took me a sec to realize they were waiting for me to run and pull since I was the only tank. I got insane excited…until the White Mage stayed in cleric mode and just didn’t heal me at all. So I died. Three times.

Folks, look at me in my creepy little black eyes. This is what nerd rage looks like.