nerd noms

An overwhelming urge woke him in the middle of the night. If it was because of a dream, he couldn’t remember, but the feeling still remained. Shifting slightly, Bull propped himself on one arm. “Hey.” He murmured groggily, his hand reaching out to the body next to him. The qunari gently shook Coriander’s shoulder. “Kadan.”

After a few moments of gentle nudging, a sleepy mumble indicated that the mage next to him was awake – if only barely. “…wha…” She mumbled, her hand rubbing one of her eyes as she turned completely toward Bull.

“Sleep on me.” He asked, half asleep and with an implied please. Though she was pressed flush against his side, something in him wanted her to be closer. The big man wanted both his arms around her tonight, and the only position he could sleep in was on his back.

A confused look – as confused as it could be considering how tired she must be – was all that answered him at first. All at once, he realized how foolish that must have sounded. He should have just let her sleep. Plopping down onto his back again, he put his hand to his face. “Ah, listen, never mind I–”

Feeling a shifting of weight stopped him mid-sentence. Removing his hand from his face, he looked down to see Coriander slowly crawl on top of him. Though she didn’t weigh enough to hurt him, the feeling of her just resting on top of him brought him the comfort he needed.

After a moment of getting comfortable, she finally settled onto his chest, pulling the blankets back over the two of them. Coriander’s hand gently patted his chest. A pause. Then a tired giggle.

Bull smiled. “What?" He wrapped his arms around her.

Tilting her head slightly upward, she gave him a half asleep grin. "Pillowy m-man bosoms.” She giggled again.

The qunari groaned, still smiling. “I’m going to kill Krem.”


A peek into the Martini life:

Here are a few personal photos from my Hallowmeme party last evening, which I wanted to share with you darlings as they are fairly nerd related. Mostly, I wanted to show off my baking/sewing skills! I made all the baked nerd noms (except the cookies) that you see on the table, the cocktail was a Moogle, and I made my TARDIS dress! Also, though I may be biased, doesn’t the boyfriend make a snazzy 10? ^_~ 

Anywho, thanks for indulging me!