nerd hemmings

Virgin (Luke)

Rating: R

Pairing: Luke x Y/N

Request: No

Summery: Bad boy Luke takes nerdy Y/N’s V card. 

I’ll admit it, I’m a virgin. It’s not like I’m saving myself til marriage or anything special like that, but I wasn’t going to whore myself out like a prostitute either. I mean, no one’s ever tried anything with me. Mostly because I was the nerdy girl in the class. 

The pencil behind the ear, thick glasses and sweater type of girl. I’m smart, and kind of a know-it-all. So as you can see, no one wants to have sex with the boring smart girl. I didn’t have that many friends as a result of this.

“Alright class, settle down. We have a new student.” Ms. Martins said, motioning to the tall blonde boy next to her. He had a black lip ring and ripped black skinny jeans. I could see a rose tattoo peaking out from under his black and white striped shirt. “Luke, would you like to introduce yourself.”

“Well, I’m Luke Hemmings. I moved here from Sydney. I like bands.. That’s about it.” He says, playing with his lip ring. I could already tell he was going to be popular, just by the way he stands. Not to mention Kristen Matters was already swooning over him. I could almost guarantee that he would be sitting at the popular kids table at lunch. 

“Alright then, why don’t you go sit next to Y/N in the back.” Ms. Martins instructs before beginning to start class. Luke sits next to me, staring. He had this bad-boy, intimating aura about him that made me shrink in my seat. I quickly jotted down the notes as they left Ms. Martin’s mouth, Luke just stared at me.

“Y/N was it? Beautiful name, darling.” Luke says, leaning closer to me. I almost don’t hear him as I’m too focused jotting down notes. He outstretches his hand to me, I look at him with a puzzled expression. “Shake my hand, darling.”

“Why?” I ask, slowly reaching my hand to his, he takes my hand and kisses it.

“Your skin is so soft.” He mumbles as he pulls away.

“Mr. Hemmings,  I’m sorry to interrupt the love-feast going on with Ms. Y/L/N but I’m sure we wouldn’t want the principle to talk to you on the first day.” Ms. Martins says, the entire class turns back to stare at us. I feel heat rise in my cheeks as I snatch my hand away from Luke and put my head down.

Ms. Martins went on teaching and I quickly jot down the notes, refusing to look at either Luke or any of my peers. Every so often, one of them would sneak a glance back at me and Luke. This didn’t seem to phase him but made me blush.

“Y’know, you’re cute when your flustered.” He whispers to me.

“Please, Luke. Just leave me alone.” I whisper back. 

“Why? You scared you’re gonna start liking me and stop focusing on your studies.” He suggests. “Or is it that you’re a virgin and have no idea what the fuck you’ll do and are scared to embarrass yourself?”

“Leave me alone, Luke.” I snap a bit too loudly. 

“Mr. Hemmings, one more time and I send you to the principal’s office.” Ms. Martins snaps.

“Sorry, teach. I’m a bit distracted by Y/N.” Luke says, causing eyes to dart my way. 

“How so?” Ms. Martins asks, knowing my meek and quiet demeanor. 

“Oh you know.” Luke shrugs. Ms. Martins rolls her eyes and continues to teach. This has been the longest class ever. Class continues as such, Luke getting in trouble and me avoid glances. Eventually, the lunch bell rings and I scurry off to the cafeteria. As I wait in the lunch line, Kristen Matters and her friends stand behind me. 

“That Luke guy is so hot! You should totally date him, Kristen!” One of Kristen’s squeaky high pitched voiced friends say to her. 

“I know right! They’d be so cute together! I bet he’d be a good fuck too! Right, Kristen?” Another friend says. 

“Yeah, we could do it in my car after prom or something.” Kristen says. “But the fucks up with that Y/N chick? I didn’t even know she existed until he was like oogling her!” 

“And like, how could she just reject him like that? For a nerd, she’s pretty fucking stupid.” The first friend says. I ignore them and take my food to the library, on my way out seeing Luke sitting at the popular table. School passes and buzzes with the gossip of the new kid. I board my bus and sit at the front, the bad kids sit at the back. 

“What are you doing here?” I ask as Luke walks down the slim isle way. 

“This is my bus. What are you doing here?” I question.

“This is my bus.” Luke says, taking a seat next to me. “Mind if I sit here?” 

Yes.” I say.

“Too bad. Guess you’ll just have to live with seeing me every day until you graduate.” Luke smiles. I groan and scoot closer to the window, Luke’s leg touches mine. I feel him put his hand on my exposed knee, I cross my legs. “You’re a virgin, aren’t you?”

“Shut up, so what.” I say, crossing my arms over my chest.

“So that means you’ve never had an orgasm.” Luke says.

“Shut up, Luke.” I say, irradiated by his forwardness. 

“Oh, poor Y/N, she’s never had an orgasm.” He chuckles. “What are you like religious or something? No sex til marriage type of thing?” 

“No, I’m just not one of the many harlots you spend your time with.” I state.

“You mean Kristen and her friends?” He says. I nod. “You know maybe you’d get laid if you weren’t such a stuck up bitch.” 

“And maybe if you weren’t such a filthy minded pig we could have had a civilized conversation about the weather and such.” I huff, recrossing my arms. Luke rolls his eyes and looks the other way. The bus comes to a stop on Maple drive. Luke starts to get up and leave the bus, sadly this was also my stop. I ended up walking behind Luke as we both headed home. 

 “What? Are you hear to harass me some more? Or say you’re sorry and give me head?” Luke snaps at me, his black messenger bag slinging off his shoulder. 

“None of the above, I’m heading to my house.” I said pointing to my house.

“Fuck, you live next door from me? So there’s literally no way to avoid you? Oh no.” Luke says. I groan and just speed walk to my house. Luke watches me enter before continuing on to his home. I finish up some homework and eat dinner. I then lay on my bed in my underwear and a big teeshirt reading a book. I hear a tap at my window. 

Luke pears in from behind the window, perched on the roof. I walk over and open it. 

“What the hell are you doing here?” I snap at him.

“Well hello to you too. Can I come in?” Luke asks still perched.

“How the hell did you get up here?” I ask.

“Hopped your fence and climbed up the side.” He states. “I’m enjoying this outfit selection.”

“Shut up. Why are you here?” I mark the page I was reading and return it to my shelf. “I swear if you say ‘to get head’ or anything along those lines I’ll push you out the window.”

“I wanted to say sorry for teasing you. I mean, it’s not your fault you’ve never had an orgasm. I mean probably.” He says.

“Sorry my sex life isn’t as interesting as yours, Luke. But not a lot of people want to sleep with a girl who dresses like a catholic school girl.”

“I do.” Luke says.


“I want to sleep with you.” Luke says.

“You know I’m a virgin?” I inquire, very confused that someone would find me remotely attractive. 

“Only makes you hotter. You know how hot it is for a guy to like.. Mark his territory. Like when America landed on the moon. It’s kinda like that.” Luke rambles, I notice a bulge in his jeans. “So, Y/F/N, can I take your virginity?”

“I- sure. Yes. You can take my virginity.” I say, blushing as I say the words. Luke grins and locks my door. 

“You’ve kissed a boy before, right?” 

“Yeah..” I blush. Luke gently cups my face before pressing his lips to mine. I kiss back timidly, he brings his tongue to my bottom lip. I open my mouth and let him explore. I feel butterflies in my stomach as Luke pulls me into his lap. I straddle him, arms loosely hanging around his neck. Luke starts to kiss down my neck and I gently pull on his hair, making him groan. He leaves hickeys down my neck and too the collar of my shirt. 

“C-can I take your shirt off?” I ask, shifting on his lap. He lets out a breathy groan. 

“Please, darling.” He smirks. I meekly take it off and put it on the floor. I admire his toned physic. I gently place a kiss by his ear and down his neck, his body is tense and breathing hard. I start to suck on an area wear his neck and shoulders meet. “Princess, you’re gonna make me cum in my pants by how fucking innocent you are. Can I please get you started on so you actually can loose your virginity?”

I nod and Luke quickly flips us. Luke gently removes my shirt, biting his lip ring as he takes in the sight of my bare breasts. He places kisses to each nipple before taking one between his teeth gently. I throw my head back on the bed and arch my back.

“I see someone likes that.” He says cockily. He leaves my breast and starts down to my naval. He places a kiss on my belly button, making me giggle. He then leans down farther and pulls my blue panties down with his teeth. i gasp at the sudden temperature change on my clit. “Easy there, darling.”

Luke spread my legs, placing a kiss just above my clit before slowly kissing down. I groan at his teasing, he chuckles and licks a long stripe up my folds. I groan and tangle my fingers in his hair. Luke circles my clit with his tongue before licking a flat stripe from the bottom to the top. All I knew was pure pleasure as my legs shook with pleasure.

“Mmm, you like this don’t you?” Luke hummed on my cunt.

“Fuck you, Luke.” I groaned out. He pulled away from me, his face dripping with my juices.

“Well that’s no way to talk to the guy that’s gonna give you your first orgasm?” Luke asks, tilting his head. I sit up and grab his face, pressing my lips to his. He smirks into the kiss and grabs my breast, making me groan. 

“Please, Luke.” I beg, breaking the kiss. Luke’s eyes roll in the back of his head at my words.

“Fuck, Y/N. It’s so hot when you beg me.” Luke groans, rubbing himself through his jeans. “Please, princess.”

“Luke please fuck me, I’m so fucking desperate. I need your big cock.” I groan, my eyes fluttering shut. Luke smirks and kisses me, I lay back on the bed.

“Who would have known the nerdiest girl in school was so desperate for the bad boy’s dick.” Luke chuckles, unzipping his pants. He aggressively tries to yank them down. His erection visible through his grey boxers. “Enjoying the view, sugar? You can touch it princess, no need to be scared of it.”

I gingerly reach my hand out and stroke him through his boxers, he bites his lip as he watches me. I slowly pull down his boxers and gawk. He’s bigger than I thought. 

“Are you sure this’ll fit?” I ask timidly, looking up at him through hooded eyes. 

“You virgins are so cute.” He says, seeming to strain against his urge to bang me into an oblivion.  “Always asking strange questions. Of course it’ll fit, just be a little snug.”

I slowly reach my hand out to his erection. I place a kiss to the tip, making him hiss. I then slowly pump him in my hand, he bites his lip. I look up to him, batting my eyelashes. 

“Y/N, I’m seriously going to cum if you don’t stop.” Luke says, I slowly stop. “There’s a condom in the back pocket of my jeans. Grab that for me?” 

I reach into the back pocket, shaking from anticipation. I hand him the foil package. Luke leans over and kisses my forehead as he rolls the condom onto the length.

“You can tell me whenever you want to stop and we will.” Luke states, I nod and he kisses me again. I then lay down on the bed, legs spread. He then settles between my legs, kissing my neck as he slowly places his tip to my entrance. “Ready?”

“Ready.” I say. Luke slowly pushes himself into me. I his at the sting of my walls stretching around him. 

“Holy fuck you’re tight.” He groans, wheezing. He then bites his lip and throws his head back. “Can I move?”

“It feels weird but yes.” I say, biting my lip. Luke slowly moves his hips, I scrunch my face. A lone tear trails down my cheek, Luke slowly reaches his hand down and quickly rubs my clit. Luke continues to slowly pump in and out of me, going deeper and deeper each time. 

“HOLY FUCK!” I groan, thrusting my hips up. 

“I think we just found your G-spot, princess.” Luke chuckles. “Let’s play with that.”

Luke thrusts into that spot again, hard. I squeal raking my nails down his back. Luke picks up speed and thrusts into my G-spot. I lean up to his neck and press kisses down it. I feel my walls clench around him as my orgasm grows near. 

A wave of pleasure washes over me, I squeal and rake my nails down his back, leaving marks. I thrust my hips up to meet him. Luke groans and kisses me. He aggressively starts thrusting into me, I feel him release into the condom. I squeal in pleasure as it finally ends.

Luke pulls out and rolls over next to me. I whimper at the sudden emptiness and roll over to face him. Luke is panting and looking up at the ceiling. 

“I can’t believe it, I just fucked the school nerd.” He chuckles. “You’re really good in bed, Y/N. We should do this more often.”

“Thanks, Luke. We should totally do this again.”  

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I saw open request so I have to ask for nerdy Luke!! Have a nice day 💕

Originally posted by outerspaceimagines

- shy looks across the room

- biting his lip when he is nervous

- small smiles when you two have a conversation

- sweet kisses on your cheek

- love notes passes between you

- reaching for your hand to intertwine your fingers, swinging your arms as you walk together

- long drives to no particular place

- meeting his friends, and him profusely apologizing when his friends are gross or dirty-minded

- you laughing and joining in on his friends’ jokes

- luke’s raised eyebrows when you get along really well with them

- hands shaking slightly when you ask him to play guitar for you because even if he can play in front of millions, he has never serenaded you before

- singing your favorite songs to see that smile light up your face

- kissing the back of your hand trying to be “your prince”

- cheesy jokes so you’ll roll your eyes at him

- hiS GIGGLES as you have a tickle fight

- giving you a piggy back ride around the house

- hugs from behind while you’re cooking

- him being shy with his shirt off in front of you

- so you come up and gently run your hand along his chest

- the shy smirk on his face

- always reminding you how much he loves you and is grateful to have you

I hope you have a wonderful day :)

Fuck Good Guys - LUKE SMUT

inspired by the quote, unedited

-you’re meant to be in college in case i didn’t make that clear-

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“Fuck good guys, fuck good, live the dangerous life.”

- Palo Alto (2014) Dir. Gia Coppola

“I just need some maths help Luke!” You begged, putting on a show for the blonde boy who was buying your sob story, “Come over tonight yeah? 7pm.”

Luke nodded and his eyes trailed to your fingers stroking him lightly on his upper arm.

“Thank you so so much!” You pandered to him, forcing him into agreement.

You let a smile play on your lips as you turned to saunter off in the opposite direction, down towards your room. You were so bad, teasing Luke like that. But you knew it worked, however being this far into the year, you were unsure if you were only using him to get your grades up.

You needed him, really. You needed admiration. A new boy anywhere you went. Someone to unconditionally worship you. And at college, that was Luke.

You had spotted him in your first maths lecture, large thick-rimmed glasses swallowing his angelic face, framed with blonde hair. The only thing that threw you off was his black lip ring. It confused you, it didn’t fit his pristine image, so you ignored it, you didn’t like being confused.

You made the first move, obviously. Plopping yourself next to the boy. You hid your chuckle from him as you saw his eyes grow wide at the sight of you, his adam’s apple bobbing nervously. He was perfect. Vulnerable.

“Hi, I’m Y/N. Nice to meet you.” You stuck out your hand towards him.

“I’m Luke.” He managed to stutter, taking yours in a limp shake.

Your strategy was simple but undeniably evil:

1. Find a nerd. Luke. Easy.

2. Entice him with common interests. Sci-Fi shows, movies, whatever floats his boat. For Luke it was typical, Pokemon, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles etc. You had him sussed from the off.

3. Use him. For money, food, other material items, grades.

A totally barbaric system really, but you didn’t like dwelling on it too long. You’d end up questioning your morals, or lack thereof.

Back in the present, you had earned Luke’s trust, built fake walls. But something about this one, this boy, had you disoriented. He acted like the others, bought you things, did your homework, tended to your every need, but the way he glanced at you out of the corner of your eye; it was like he knew about your unethical ways.

However he carried on regardless. For almost a year, no less.

You could see it in his eyes though, in the way he moved. He was growing tired of you and you needed to keep him, just for another couple of months. The only way how was to invite him into your territory. And no, you didn’t just mean ‘welcome him into your poxy flat’. Oh you had much more planned for little Luke.

It was 7pm on the dot when you heard a mild knocking at your door. You glanced at yourself in the mirror, triumphantly observing your reflection before answering.

“Hi!” Luke drew out the word as his eyes raked down your body, drinking in your appearance, almost forgetting how to hold his maths textbook.

You couldn’t blame him, you looked pretty hot. The hem of your long white band tee reached just above where your fingertips dangled beside your body, and stopped short of the black lacy thigh highs attached to a matching garter belt, which was concealed under the shirt, for now. Your hair hung loosely and your makeup was minimal, only eyeliner and mascara, but still looked effortlessly sexy.

“Hi Luke! Oh thank you so much for coming! What would I do without you?” You snapped him out of his trance, but slipped into your own, reciting your memorized tactics.

Make him feel special, check.

“I— uh, no problem.” He choked out as you ushered him inside the tiny room, the only sitting space available on your bed, you sat him down, “I think we should start with trig? Your score was pretty low on that test…” Luke began, opening the cumbersome textbook.

“Nope.” You concluded, slamming the book and shoving it off the bed, crashing your lips onto Luke’s unsuspecting ones.

You underestimated how good his lip ring would feel massaging your mouth. Surprisingly, Luke caught on quicker than you anticipated, grabbing your waist with both hands and flipping you over so you were under him. You whimpered falsely, but it had the opposite effect you had intended it to. Luke pulled his lips from yours and threw his glasses onto the table behind your head, his clear blue eyes now boring into yours hungrily.

“Nu-uh, I don’t want to hear anything from you unless it’s real. You understand?” He growled, attaching his lips to your neck and sucking hard.

You couldn’t have used your words if you tried. He left you gobsmacked. Luke had figured you out. You should have known, maths major, analytical mind, obviously.

Luke’s tongue tore you from inside your meticulous brain, the kitten licks in between each formation of bruise like a balm. You threw your head back to allow him more access, and to let out a true moan, you felt him smirk against you, pulling up to your lips now.

"Good, babe.” He purred, kissing you tenderly as a reward.

Sentiment, a no go. Change the subject. Get back in control.

“I though I was fucking a bad guy?” You cocked your head and blinked innocently at him, actually taking in his image without glasses, and boy, you liked it.

“I thought I was tutoring a bad girl.” He shot back, winding his hand into your hair.

You mirrored his actions, deepening the kiss but it wasn’t enough for you. You wanted to see this new Luke for all he was worth and you wanted to see him now. You impatiently grinded your hips up against Luke’s crotch, smiling to yourself as you felt a bulge grow in his jeans.

"If you don’t do something about the fact that we are both fully clothed, I will kill you.” You gasped as he shoved you back on the bed, responding immediately to your whines.

He began stripping, but not delicately, oh no. He wanted to fuck you hard and he wasn’t delaying with some striptease. You agreed non-verbally, pulling your own shirt over your head. You sat up on your elbows, letting Luke see you in your favourite underwear before you removed them. He halted your wrists actions as you went to unclip your garters.

“Keep them on.” He muttered, looking you up and down as he ripped off his boxers, leaving him exposed and hard kneeling on the bed.

“You like them do you?” You teased, running your fingers over the cups of your bra and along the lines of the garter belt, reaching closer to your core, wondering how Luke will respond to your bait.

“Y/N I swear.” He halfheartedly threatened, his eyes glued to your fingers ghosting over your skin.

“What are you gonna do Luke? You like it when I touch myself don’t you?” You rubbed yourself over your underwear, throwing your head back dramatically but then pulling it up to watch your movements, “Don’t you?” You insisted, unclipping the garter belt to allow you to drop your panties down your thighs and slip your fingers over your skin letting them glide over your wet core.

At this point Luke was transfixed on you, almost under your spell, stroking his flushed cock whilst observing you, his fingers wrapped tight around himself.

“I can’t— I can’t.” He strained, not being able to restrict himself from touching you any longer, no matter how much he liked the earlier view.

He caught your lips in a kiss as he weighed his body on top of yours, holding himself up on his elbows. He slapped your hand away and replaced his with yours, plunging a finger knuckle-deep into you. Not expecting him to take over so rashly you let out another genuine whimper at his taunting. It drove him insane, causing him to work harder at your heat, rubbing the pad of his thumb on your clit as his lips attacked yours.

You reached your arm above your head and fumbled for a condom on your desk, grasping it finally and pulling it between your two bodies and disconnecting Luke’s lips from yours, and unfortunately halting his hands’ rhythm from between your legs.

“Safety first, Lukey.” You deliberately babied him, to infuriate him more.

“Shut up,” He said, plucking it from your fingers and rolling it on himself.

“Are you angry Lukey?” You simpered, cupping his face patronizingly, you could see the fire burning in his eyes and bit your lip, loving the effect you were having on him.

“I am gonna fuck you so hard.” He snarled, slamming into you forcefully without warning.

You didn’t need any time to adjust despite his large size as you were practically dripping for him already. You wrapped your hands around his neck as his head fell onto your shoulder, his hips relentlessly thrusting creating a familiar knot in your stomach. He suddenly lifted his head from you, dragging his lips over your chin and parted lips, up to your cupids bow. He nudged your legs to curl around his waist as he panted hot breaths onto your cheek. 

Abruptly he stilled and pulled out, earning a whine and a small slap from you.

“Up, get up, on your knees.” He barked orders at you and you were so close that it clouded your better judgement to fight back.

You moved onto your hands and knees and instantly felt him fill you up, your dry lips releasing moans every time he pumped back into you. Luke was desperately chasing his orgasm but was set on making you cum first. He pulled you up by your hair, your back arching off his chest as he thrusted upwards into you now. The new angle made you crazy, hitting your g-spot effortlessly over and over again. You felt yourself tighten around his cock, Luke shuddering behind you in response. That tipped you over the edge, your body convulsing as you felt Luke release as well, his small pants and groans audible in your ears.

“Fuck.” You both cried in unison, falling onto your thin duvet, utterly spent.

“Never would have classed you as a dom.” You breathed, opening your eyes slightly to gaze at Luke, “That damned lip ring.” You muttered.

“Yeah well, you thought I was a clueless nerd too.” He responded.

You lay silent for a moment, realizing that for the first time ever you’d have to apologize for your ways.

“Sorry.” You coughed.

“That’s not good enough. Why? Why do you do it?” Luke protested, looking you directly in the eyes now.

No escape.

“Fucking and living life, living dangerously. That’s all I’ve ever been about. But this world doesn’t like me that way, I had to figure something out.” You argued.

“Fuck good guys.” Luke nodded, as if it were only now obvious to him.

“Bingo.” You were both sitting up now, staring each other down, “Don’t leave today and never talk to me again.” You pleaded.

You gave him a part of yourself and the worst thing Luke could do to you was throw it back in your face, reject you for who you truly were, not just some dumb act. Your biggest fear being realized.

“I wouldn’t dream of it.” Luke caught your gaze before dropping it a few moments later.

A stupid smile grew on your face.

“That means we’re gonna fuck again right?” You cheekily inquired, aiming to lighten the mood in the room.

“I would like nothing more.”

Next Time // Luke Hemmings

Requested; Yes

Summary; Nerd!Luke tutoring you in math and things get kinda hot.

Warning; Things get steamy man

It was your biggest weakness, the numbers and the irrelevant variables and graphs just didn’t make sense in your head. You tried and tried to study but you always ended up getting distracted and doing… not so great. Frankly, you were getting sick of it. 

Once again you received your test back and got a 59%, it was obviously going to have an effect on your grade for the class and you were on the brink of failing. Even though you could care less about the subject, you cared about graduating. So passing the class was a must, you decided to ask the teacher for some further assistance.

“Is there anything else I could do to bring my grade up?” You waited until just about everyone was out of the classroom, not wanting your nosy classmates to overhear you. Mr.Garcia, your math teacher, took off his glasses and pinched the bridge of his nose. Even he knew you were in too deep but you didn’t care what he thought you really needed a boost and it was going to happen one way or another.

“Here’s the key for the next test.” You completely ignore the 6'4", slightly hunched figure besides you, too caught up in your own needs.

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Nerd. [Part 2.]

Summary: Luke is a pretentious Jock and you are a nerd.

Rated: PG-13

Word Count: 1412

{Part One.}

High school was like a punch in the face, well quite literally now that I thought about it.

I was currently holding an Ice pack to my cheek to my cheek where a girl punched me in the face over Volleyball, I was, of course, horrible at any kind of Physical strength, while basically every other girl practically did circles around me.

“Okay the swelling should go down as you day goes on, and I convinced the coach to just let you watch the guys gym practice as you do your french homework.” I smile broke across my lips as I smiled widely, I grimaced when a stinging pain went down the side of my face, I probably shouldn’t smile.

“Thanks, Shelly.” I stood up quickly engulfing Shelly, the school nurse, into a hug.

“Better get to class before I get arrested.” She joked motioning to the hug, of course, hugging or making any kind of contact with the school board or anyone that was involved with the school was Illegal.

I giggled lightly, happily walking towards my Chemistry class which was easy, I entered class maybe a few seconds late, “Oh Y/L/N” I was waiting for Mr.Carver to bring up the bruise but he didn’t.

“I’m transferring you over to my Senior advanced class, in Mrs.Tracy’s room.” My mouth opened in shock, what… why? “You see, you’re a little bit higher in academics then this class, so I saw it best fitting for more opportunities your life if that’s okay with you?” I could feel the stares of some of my freshmen peers, I blush crept up my neck embarrassingly.

“Uh yeah that’s fine”, I nodded stiffly.


I knocked on the door of Mrs.Tracy’s Senior advanced Chemistry class, this should be good.

“Miss Y/L/N, I was informed you were joining my class, I hope to see you doing well in this class.” She smiled shaking my hand, chalk still stuck to her hand from previously writing on the board.

“Uh You can have a seat next to Mr.Lennoard over in the left-” The teacher was cut off by a male strong voice, that I found familiar making chills run down the back of my neck.

“She can sit next to me.” I looked up from my black combat boots seeing those blue eyes, as dark as the sea.

“Alright, you can have a seat next to Mr.Hemmings.” Mrs.Tracy seemed agitated with him, And I didn’t understand why.

I walked to the back, of course, he picks the back..

He pulled out the seat for me, which surprised me, but I gently took a seat, and I quickly realized why he had been gentle men for 1.0 seconds, Luke pulled my chair right next to his, not bothered by my body weight.

“What are you doing in Senior Chemistry Nerd?” He asked, probably not even knowing my name.

“Uh, my teacher wanted me to.” I bit my lip, leaning away from him when his hot breath fanned by neck unconsciously.

He didn’t respond, I caught myself staring at his scattered stubble across his jawline as he twirled a black ink pen in his right hand as he started at the clock above the chalkboard.

I shook my head trying to get him out of my head, as I tried my best to listen to my teacher all the way from the back of the class.

“Well, it looks like you’ll be doing my Chemistry and History Homework.” He grinned not looking at me, I felt anger boil through my veins, he was being a plain jackass now.

“No, go screw yourself.” I hissed hiding my face between my folder avoiding his intense gaze.

“Oh, sweetheart don’t test my patience now.” His voice was graveling and my heart stumbled at the nickname ‘Sweetheart’ that just rolled off his tongue so easily, making me feel these undesirable feelings, do I listen to him?

I turned towards Hemmings and saw his folder in neat cursive I was certain didn’t belong to him saying “Luke Hemmings.” but the paper underneath shown fast drawn handwriting that was hardly recognizable as the English language.

Luke, it fit him.

He was busy typing on his new iPhone, but his gaze was hard as someone was texting him back, I looked up just in time to see Mrs.Tracy looking around the room for someone to answer the question her gaze nearly landing on the handsome bully who demanded  I do his homework.

I kicked his shin harshly he dropped his phone hissing out in pain his eyes looking at me in pure anger, icy with rage and confusion, I was certain I looked like a moron staring back at him with wide doe-like eyes hoping he didn’t punch me right then and there.

“Miss Y/L/N? since you’ve gained the focus of the entire class will you be happy to answer the equation?” I winced looking at the board seeing it was a complicated one that usually took me a VERY long time.

“Yes, Ma'am.” I got up shakily feeling Luke’s gaze on the back of my head, but it wasn’t an infuriating gaze of anger, I couldn’t tell how he felt about my recent risk of action.

My head spun in bewilderment, why the hell did I save his ass from getting his phone taken away the rest of the day? he had been nothing but an asshole to me but yet I had done something to benefit him, not me.

I bit my lip in embarrassment the thoughts clouding over my vision so much I had realized I had been not even close to finishing the equation.

“Not even close Miss Y/L/N.” Mrs.Tracy’s neat eyebrows looked at me in defeat, and I began to question if even going to senior Chemistry was worth it.


I sighed dragging my hands down my wet face from recently washing my face off, trying to get him out of my mind.

Decidedly I picked up my messenger bag in Dismay, emotions overflowing from me like an overflowing sink, I pulled out my phone seeing I still had Lunch and French,

on my lock screen was my dream college, Florida University, a long way from Australia, but I so Badly wanted away from Australia as I focused my attention on a stupid dream I couldn’t afford.

I didn’t notice the blonde haired boy at my right when I exited the girl’s bathroom thinking of the cool sea touching my feet, I was suddenly pinned to the cold block wall, and staring stormy eyes, his eyebrows arched together.

“Why did you do that?” He asked it was now my turn to be confused, his one large hand holding my two hands above my head and his other hand on my hip.

“D-Do what?” I stuttered playing stupid obviously knowing he was talking about the cellphone incident, my lips pursed as I tried to keep the lie convincing.

“Don’t tell me white lies, Nerd.” not forgetting to add my favorite nickname of 2016.

“I’m not.” I turned my head away from his gaze, staring at an empty classroom and seeing the whole hallway was empty and everyone else had already gotten to lunch safely.

“You’re face says otherwise.” He leaned in closer, his grip on my wrists tightening, but not enough to bruise.

I hissed in pain and attempted to recoil from his touch, his fingertips on my hips making me feel nervous but they never moved.

“Okay! I’m sorry I saved your ass.” I scowled at Luke, wondering how he even got me in this position so quickly.

“I don’t need your help, All you have to do is my homework, understood?” He leaned in closer to a point where my nose was only an inch away from his own, and if I tried to turn my head even the slightest we would be kissing.

I closed my eyes to avoid his cerulean blue eyes that haunted my thoughts perpetually, half expecting him to kiss me then and there, but he backed away, my arms falling to my sides, My eyelids shot open, to see him no longer standing in front of me but walking down the hallway with determination to get somewhere.

His words now just merely echoed in my mind, All I was to him was his little computer to get all his grades completed perfectly, well if he thought I would do that, he was dead wrong.

Submit some smut idea’s to me please.

{part three}

Essay || Calum Hood

Requested; Yes

Summary; Nerd!Calum helps you out with your essay and a little something else.

Warning; Smut

“So in this novel there are themes that bring up controversy and cause us to think about our own values…” You felt your eyelids get heavier with drowsiness then twitch as you fought to stay awake.

You stayed up late last night catching up on the last 4 chapters you “forgot” to read over the weekend for homework because there was going to be a class discussion and you didn’t want to make a complete fool of yourself, especially not in front of Calum, who happens to sit next to you.

Every day you constantly rack your brain, trying to come up with something to talk about with him but he always gave you a curt response and avoid all eye contact with you. Eventually you gave up trying to make small talk and you’d give him a friendly “hi” every once and a while, which he, much to your surprise, politely returned. Maybe he wasn’t a fan of talking.

“So for the next few days we will be working on writing our essays, following the prompt. To what extent can one play God when it comes to genetics such as in this story? Why do you believe it is wrong/right etc.” Your professor kept rambling and you peeked at Calum who had his entire outline for the essay written down already. “Okay we have 20 minutes left of class but since I am feeling generous today I’m letting you guys out early.”

Calum leisurely continued to write, meanwhile everybody else was bolting out the door. You decided this was your chance to talk to him, perhaps get a little help on your essay because truth be told you had no idea where to start. “Hey Calum?”

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This is the updated complete master list of all of the writing done on here (it’s literally all smut, you’ve been warned). I hope you enjoy :D

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she’s not afraid: 3

au: in which y/n finds interest in the geek seated in the corner.

words: 1281

masterlist (you’ll find the other parts there!)

“So Y/N,” Luke smiled cheekily, “are you ready for our date?”

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