Margaret Atwood draws cartoon strip for ‘geek girl’ anthology

The novelist is contributing her own cartoons, detailing her experiences as a young woman, to Kickstarter-funded The Secret Loves of Geek Girls

“Margaret Atwood is taking a short break from writing acclaimed and award-winning literary novels to contribute a series of cartoons to a crowd-funded, all-female anthology aimed at the “geek girl” looking for “stories on dating and love”.

Racing towards its goal of C$37,000 (£19,000) on Kickstarter – launched earlier this week, it is already at over C$27,000 – The Secret Loves of Geek Girls is the brainchild of Hope Nicholson, a Canadian comic-book publisher and editor, who called it “a celebration of the stories we tell each other but never make public – until now”. Atwood is the most high-profile of a host of women, both creators and fans, contributing a mix of prose stories and comics to the anthology.

The Booker prize-winning Canadian writer is shown on the cover of The Secret Loves of Geek Girls, along with other contributors: “I’m white-hair w. cat; pleased I have long legs at last,” she tweeted of her image. She will be drawing her own cartoons detailing her “personal experiences as a young woman” for the anthology, says Nicholson; other pieces from more than 40 contributors range from a comic about “lovers who meet, interact, and learn some truths about themselves through an MMORPG” from Irene Koh, one on a childhood obsession with Final Fantasy VII from Jenn Woodall, JM Frey’s story entitled “How Fanfiction Made Me Gay” and a comic on how writer Meags Fitzgerald’s “pre-teen love of Sailor Moon intersected with her new curiosity about the mechanics of sex”.”

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A Letter to All the Fandoms I’ve Loved Before
Dear Fandoms, It’s been a while since I first discovered some of you, and it’s been even longer since I put a DVD in and pressed play, but I want you to know that I haven’t forgotten about any of you--so that’s why I’m writing this letter.

Contributor Carly Lane penned a lovely missive to her former fandoms for us this week.

So true, so true.

The popular girls, the girl jocks, the cheerleaders, the fashionista - in other words the girls who get laid all the time - are probably not as good in bed. Nerdy girls are better at it precicely because they don’t get laid all the time. Experience doesn’t make for better sex. The more the popular girls do it, the faster they plateau and become mundane at it. Nerdy girls don’t get as much sex so they save it up. When they do get to have sex, they are much more creative and more explosive. So whp would you rather have? The popular girl who had sex every other day for a year? Or the geeky thing that’s pent up and wants it. Nerdy girls need love…too.