So my daughter sometimes uses my laptops webcam to video herself, she often just goes on about random stuff. Making up stories or whatever comes to mind. I love finding them and watching them later.

These couple she made recently I thought were well worth sharing, as she brushes on the subject she talks to me a lot about with the boys at her school telling her they don’t believe she does anything “geeky” because it’s boy stuff. Girls too sometimes have made fun of her for wearing “boys clothes” One girl even got so mad at her about it that she told the teacher on her for wearing a boys shirt when my daughter told her she could wear whatever she liked and there were no such things as boys of girls clothing. The teacher told the girl my daughter was right and she wasn’t doing anything wrong and the girl was legitimately surprised that it was fine.

This is what happens, from a very young age kids go into clothing and toy stores with girls and boys sections that their parents don’t let them stray from. Saying “That’s a girl/boy thing honey”, they get confused seeing anyone not following the gender based box they’ve been introduced to.

"Fake geek girls" is created by far more than just guys who think their amount of invested time into comics, video games, and so on makes them more real than others. My daughter is a pretty new "Geek Girl", and fairly new "Geek Boys" are telling her that all this stuff belongs to them, because that’s what their family, and stores, and so on tells them it is.

Happened to my sister, who was wearing a Pokemon shirt with the 3 original starter Pokemon, and a random guy we didn’t even know told her she had to name them.

"Charmander, bulbasaur, and squirtle." She replied, giving him the best are-you-kidding-me look ever.

It’s like girls aren’t allowed to be nerds.