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I’m here to expose Proto Gil for his terrible choice in swimsuits
(somebody p l e a s e get this boy some new clothes and teach him how to dress himself properly)

(mod- honestly i was gonna make a joke about this choice ass shot but YOU’RE RIGHT, HE WEARS GRANDPA CLOTHES. please get this man a swimsuit from this century thanks. @vosian-spirit calling out gil for the shit that REALLY matters)

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6. Is there a reason you're naked in my bed? Or 19. The paint's supposed to go where? You choose. Seungchuchu.

Can Nerd stay below 1,000 words? The answer… well the answer is no…

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Dating Phichit was never dull.

Seung-gil contemplated this thought as he stood in his shower, scrubbing the dirt from his hair. Somehow, his crazy wonderful boyfriend had convinced him to take his dog for a run in the rain, an activity that had left all of them coated in mud and drenched to the bone. He had managed to detangle his precious baby’s fur under the water from the hose and when he had finally made his way into the house, Phichit was already in the shower probably attempting the same feat with his own perfect mop of hair.

Phichit had arrived three days prior, bounding into Seung-gil’s waiting arms and making a spectacle of kissing Seung-gil in the middle of the airport. It should have been embarrassing, but Seung-gil had never particularly cared about anyone else’s opinion, and his happiness was too great to allow that to change. Phichit had chattered all the way back to the house, only falling silent when Seung-gil had pushed him onto the couch and silenced him in the best way possible.

From then it had been three days of laughter, adventure, and mild insanity. Phichit wanted to see everything that could be seen in Seung-gil’s town, and they had spent three whirlwind days touring every site and eating food that would never make it on their diet plans. It had been wild and amazing, and Seung-gil was already dreading the day Phichit would have to leave him.

Life had been fairly quiet and uneventful prior to Phichit’s existence. It wasn’t until Phichit had appeared in his world, like the sun breaking over the city skyline, that Seung-gil really understood how mundane his existence had become. Phichit was a tornado of happiness, tearing through Seung-gil’s life with the intent to overturn everything Seung-gil had ever known. Seung-gil had never known happiness greater than the spending every minute with Phichit.

Except right now. Seung-gil stepped from the shower to towel dry and pull on a pair of sweatpants. His boyfriend had been giggling over his phone for several hours of the day, refusing to tell Seung-gil what was so amusing. Adding to Seung-gil’s apprehension was the mysterious nature of their evening plans. All he knew was he had to be clean and not to get fully dressed yet. While that would normally make Seung-gil’s body tingle with promise, it was the glint in Phichit’s eyes that had him concerned. Tossing his towel into the hamper, Seung-gil sighed and made his way out of the bathroom.

He nearly fell over at the sight of Phichit lying face down, in the middle of Seung-gil’s bed. “What?” Seung-gil didn’t move. There were certain lines that hadn’t been crossed yet, and Phichit looked ready to leap over all of them. Shaking away the rattling thoughts in his brain, Seung-gil tried again. “Is there a reason you are naked in my bed?” Not a hint of disappointment was found in Seung-gil’s voice, despite the awkward squeak at the end of the question. It wasn’t a bad thing, it was simply unexpected.

Raising his butt in the air, Phichit shook it back and forth. “I’m not naked!” Reaching back, Phichit grabbed the edge of the skin colored underwear and snapped them against his skin. “I’m simply modeling our attire for the night.” Turning his head, Phichit dropped his phone screen-down on the bed and winked in Seung-gil’s direction. “Intrigued?” Wiggling his eyebrows, Phichit continued to smirk at Seung-gil.

“Terrified,” Seung-gil corrected, cautiously approaching the bed and sitting down. Whatever Phichit was about to declare was the reason for requiring tiny flesh colored underwear, Seung-gil certainly was not ready to hear it. He let out a nervous chuckle as Phichit sat up and wrapped himself around Seung-gil from behind.

“See there is this benefit tonight,” Phichit leaned his chin onto Seung-gil’s shoulder, wrapping an arm around Seung-gil’s waist to show off the picture on his phone screen. “It benefits local rescue animals and they were looking for painted models, so…”

“You did not.” The statement was as deadpan as it was useless. Seung-gil already knew where the conversation was headed, and the feeling of Phichit’s laughter vibrating against his back, as Phichit’s breath danced over Seung-gil’s shoulder was not helping him prepare to say no.

“It isn’t like we would be naked…” thumb scrolling through the pictures, Phichit playfully nipped at Seung-gil’s shoulder. “We will have these little underwear things, which are quite comfy by the way, and they are going to paint our entire bodies to look like animals. I signed you up to be painted like a husky. You’re welcome.” When Seung-gil began to turn, Phichit jumped backwards, preemptively attempting to dodge the tickle attack that was inevitable.

Catching Phichit by the ankle, Seung-gil dragged his giggling boyfriend back over the bed. Pouncing, Seung-gil attacked Phichit’s sides with squeezing fingers until Phichit’s breath began to wheeze. Falling backwards, Seung-gil let his own laughter collide with Phichit’s in the small space. When Phichit crawled over him, Seung-gil shook his head at Phichit’s pout.

“I promise it won’t be bad. And the painting will only be awkward when they have to paint the actual underwear-” Phichit’s arguments were cut short when Seung-gil clapped a hand over Phichit’s mouth.

“The paint goes where?!?!” Seung-gil exclaimed, eyes going wide. The thought of some stranger painting his junk was the least appealing thought Seung-gil had ever heard. Head falling back against the pillows, Seung-gil pulled his hand from Phichit’s face and let it slap against his own. “Remind me again why I let you con me into this stuff.” His voice was muffled behind his hand as he felt Phichit shift over top of him.

“Because I’m cute and you adore me!” Phichit quipped, pulling Seung-gil’s hands from his face and planting a quick kiss to his nose. “Now hurry up, we have to be there in thirty minutes!” Bouncing from the bed, Phichit made a show of strutting out of the room in his tiny underwear.

Groaning, Seung-gil rolled into his pillow, painfully accepting his fate. He was head over heels in love with the most ridiculous man in the world, and tonight a stranger was going to paint on his body because of it. Shoving from the bed, Seung-gil hesitantly let the smile creep back on his face.

This was his life now and despite the insanity that came along with him, Phichit Chulanont was the greatest addition that Seung-gil had never known he needed.

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I'm a nerd for Gil-galad. Could you do a headcanon about how he courts his love? Please and thank you?

Yesss, Gil-Galad is the best

-He’s not very proper and considering he’s high king, who’s gonna say anything?
-Sitting at a table during a meeting and he’ll have his arm hanging lackadaisically around your shoulders while listening intently to his Lords or discussing something feverishly. His arm just doesn’t move.
-Very affectionate, I should mention. Kissing your hand when he says bye or just holding it.
-But he does know not to take it too far in public
-Beautiful hands (just saying)
-I imagine he likes to hold your chin when he kisses you because he likes to control the kiss
-Very generous and doesn’t know when to stop spoiling
-You’ll have the finest things in Middl Earth
-You have to watch when you say, “I wish…” because he’s ALWAYS listening
-He seems aloof and in another place most the time, but he stores the information away like a computer. He’s got a lot on his mind (like kicking Sauron’s ass.)
-Since he’s High King he’s very busy but he’ll always make his way home to you to enjoy some quiet time
-whether you’re a commoner or a one of the royals, he doesn’t discriminate and you’re treated as his equal.

Thanks for the ask! I hope you liked it ❤

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Olai leaning up against walls and calling people buster with his hands in his pockets and a smirk on his face

Olai mackin on the pact makers because it bothers Odin

Olai flirting his way through TITANs low level security and committing petty crimes for kicks

Olai being a punk rock bad boy dreamboat on the surface but actually having a lame nerd crush on ava/Gil/Maggie and constantly bugging Odin to introduce him to ‘that babe over there’ 'come on help your big bro get a little’ 'don’t be so uptight’

Odin having none of his big brothers shenanigans