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rivenmoiety  asked:

I'm a nerd for Gil-galad. Could you do a headcanon about how he courts his love? Please and thank you?

Yesss, Gil-Galad is the best

-He’s not very proper and considering he’s high king, who’s gonna say anything?
-Sitting at a table during a meeting and he’ll have his arm hanging lackadaisically around your shoulders while listening intently to his Lords or discussing something feverishly. His arm just doesn’t move.
-Very affectionate, I should mention. Kissing your hand when he says bye or just holding it.
-But he does know not to take it too far in public
-Beautiful hands (just saying)
-I imagine he likes to hold your chin when he kisses you because he likes to control the kiss
-Very generous and doesn’t know when to stop spoiling
-You’ll have the finest things in Middl Earth
-You have to watch when you say, “I wish…” because he’s ALWAYS listening
-He seems aloof and in another place most the time, but he stores the information away like a computer. He’s got a lot on his mind (like kicking Sauron’s ass.)
-Since he’s High King he’s very busy but he’ll always make his way home to you to enjoy some quiet time
-whether you’re a commoner or a one of the royals, he doesn’t discriminate and you’re treated as his equal.

Thanks for the ask! I hope you liked it ❤

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So, a few people have asked how my ME:A playthrough is going…

I originally doodled these for a letter (sorry, @fanfoolishness, but you’ll still get the originals) before realising they were the closest thing to a playthrough log I had at the moment.

  • Sel = snarky idealist who wants to focus on science and discovery but has a military past and is too aware of this. Film nerd (much to Liam’s continued amusement.)
  • Sel is currently doing a lot of very confused flirting with both Liam and Vetra. Vetra went all tongue-tied and oh good god I’m a bit in love. But I mean, purple clan markings. Of course I approve.
  • Sel is fast becoming tech-nerd buddies with Jaal, Gil and Liam. It’s kind of hilarious. “Can I hang out in your workshop” happens a lot.

Olai leaning up against walls and calling people buster with his hands in his pockets and a smirk on his face

Olai mackin on the pact makers because it bothers Odin

Olai flirting his way through TITANs low level security and committing petty crimes for kicks

Olai being a punk rock bad boy dreamboat on the surface but actually having a lame nerd crush on ava/Gil/Maggie and constantly bugging Odin to introduce him to ‘that babe over there’ 'come on help your big bro get a little’ 'don’t be so uptight’

Odin having none of his big brothers shenanigans