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sets shadow aside for a moment to say knuckles is actually the coolest character next to sonic… blue vs red, speed vs power, wind vs earth, snark vs snark…

challenging when separated, frightening when together… I’m here for it y'all…


When unicorns (and their Chazzies) have dress fittings. BTS shots by Ane Crabtree. [x][x][x]


LOOOBC Dramatis Personae:

The Repressed Nerd- Repressium nerdicus is a common creature found in situational comedies and movies about high-school/college graduates. Found in their natural habitat of resisting change and an over-exaggerated insistence on “nerdy” hobbies, R. nerdicus occupies a more or less one-dimensional space in pop culture. Until now. If you’ve heard of “rebel without a cause,” now you’re going to meet “rebel before the cause,” in this unique take on the character.

The Ultimate Wingman- In mainstream entertainment, this character more often than not leads the protagonist to do wild and crazy things, without regard for the said protagonist’s actual interests. This brilliantly written character can mesh well with The Voice of Reason (see: below) and has only the R. nerdicus’ best interests at heart.

The Voice of Reason- Uncomfortable one-liners aside, this character reveals layers of backstory and character development that often goes unnoticed. While the “voice” in question often is directed towards the affairs of others, what lets itself slip is a deep and scarring backstory on the part of this character (watch out for it!). In this great take, the Voice again meshes well with the Ultimate Wingman, bringing the R. nerdicus to new heights of Pearlitude.

The Mysterious Girl- The main mover of all the events in the story, without whom we would have witnessed a quiet night of Pearl awkwardly pushing people at a house party. Alternatively, a night in which they decide to go home after running out of gas. Her role shows that you don’t need words to be a compelling character. Sometimes, all you need is a shock of pink hair.

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Imagine Steve having been mentored by Norman Rockwell

Steve only agreed to face the storage unit because Pepper said she’d go with him.  

Steve had an appreciation for all of his teammates and Tower-mates but his affinity for and friendship with Pepper ran deep.  She reminded him of both is mother and Peggy: a calm confidence and strength that was all Peggy and a kindness that sometimes, (usually when he was very tired), made his eyes prick thinking of his mother. 

Apparently Howard had taken it upon himself to store any and all of Steve’s belongings he could get his hands on in a unit in his New York mansion. Tony had never touched it (not even out of curiosity), and it had been collecting dust for almost 80 years now. Pepper had finally convinced him to visit and sort through what was there.  

The old lighting buzzed quietly in the silence as they surveyed the space.  There was a cage in the far left packed high with boxes.  The rest was empty and mostly dusty. She took one look at the empty space in front of the unit and laid down three pieces of blue painters tape parallel to one another and eight feet apart.

“Left is keep.  Second from the left is for things you need time to think about, second from the right is donate, right side is throw away.”

You are overwhelmed and this will help you strategize, he heard her say.

He pulled her into a tight hug.  “Thank you.”


Three hours later and they’d gotten through just over half of the unit.  A majority of what had been in there, Steve decided to donate to museums or sell to antique shops (he’d balked at the idea of selling rather than donating to the shops, but Pepper pointed out he could donate the funds to charity, so selling to shops it was).   

The second-largest pile was the trash pile, mostly full of empty boxes or old, moth-eaten clothes and blankets.  

He was deciding upon whether to keep the rickety bedside table that had been his mothers when Pepper called to him rather shakily.

“You ok?”  She was standing still on solid ground and he hadn’t heard her fall.  When he approached, he noticed she was holding a yellowed sketchpad.

“Steve – what’s this? Is – it looks like something Rockwell would draw.”  She was passionate about art, something he admired in the collection in the Tower and her willingness to spend hours with him at a museum.

He glanced closer at the page and smiled, pointing to a slightly smudged signature.  “Oh – it is one of Norm’s.  Huh.  I didn’t think that’d’ve been left with me. I thought Howard would’ve donated it.”

“This is a Norman Rockwell original.”  Her voice was shaking still.

“Yeah. I mean-“ He flipped the pages in the book.  “See, there’s a bunch.  He –this must have been one of the ones he used.” 

Pepper tore her gaze away from the book to search Steve’s face. “What do you mean?”  She registered something he’d said and added, an octave higher:  “Norm?”

“Norman – he was my mentor.  Not for long – before I met Erskine, I was working as a propaganda artist. He took me under his wing.  I think he saw a little bit of himself in me –he was a skinny guy too and until he tricked the military, they wouldn’t take him either.”

Pepper was nearly trembling.  “Steve, do you have any idea what these are worth?”

He took the sketchpad from her carefully.  “There’s a bunch of them in here.  I think we should donate some, sell some others.  And I want to stop at a frame shop, on our way back to the Tower.”

Pepper furrowed her brow.  “Why?”

“I know it wasn’t Tony that curated that collection.  You’ll appreciate these more than anyone.  Pick out the ones you want.”

It wasn’t often Steve felt he could repay his friends for their support, but this time, given Pepper’s crushing hug, he felt pretty sure he was on the right track.

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Imagine bad boy!Katsuki always flirting with nerd!Izuku making the small cinnamon roll blush and stutter and Katsuki just finds it adorable

Katsuki would dress and act so hot to Izuku. And bad!boy Katsuki wouldn’t be that much of an asshole to Izuku, but definitely would purposely flirt because. Damn. That shy, freckle faced nerd with the thick framed glasses is really cute. 

While they’re in the hall ways at UA, Katsuki will be talking in his group of friends (Kirishima and Denki ;P ) And he’ll see Izuku passing by, with his nose in a book. Katsuki will smirk and cat call at him, until Izuku lifts his head up from his book–his face already red in shyness. When he sees its the hot, amazing, Katsuki doing it, he becomes even more flustered. That’s when Katsuki winks at him, licks his lips slowly causing Izuku to drop his book and start mumbling and fumbling with his things. He runs away then, unable to even look at Katsuki anymore. 

Denki and Kirishima comment about how Katsuki is extremely flirty with that boy. Katsuki just shrugs it off and remarks. “Can’t help it. He’s cute as fuck. I’m gonna kiss him today after school.” 

And he does. 

Katsuki finds Izuku after school in his usual spot, waiting for his bus. Its on the side of the building away from the other students (Since Izuku prefers to be by himself. He gets bullied often). Katsuki smirks upon seeing him and heads over with a ‘Hey, babe.’

Izuku recognizes that voice anywhere and instead of looking, he buries his head deeper into the book trying to hide. He doesn’t reply, but Katsuki knows he heard him from his reaction. He walks in closer, leaning his arm against the wall right beside Izuku’s head and that’s what finally coaxes the shy freckled boy to look up; his nose and lips still covered by the book. 

Katsuki give a genuine smile then, lifting his free hand up and tugs the book down to expose Izuku’s pink lips. It’s then that he leans in, and with out a word, presses their lips together. It’s firm, yet gentle and it totally takes Izuku off guard. He drops the book all together, green eyes as wide as they can get. He doesn’t return the kiss but he doesn’t break away either. He waits until Katsuki pulls back on his own before freaking out. 

‘W-w-why– what are you– why me- someone could have seen! I-I–’ and Izuku continues to mumble and panic. Katsuki has a smug look on his face, though he doesn’t expect Izuku to shove him roughly, to get him away. He blinks, confused as Izuku pushes his glasses up and runs away from the wall. He takes off running- though he doesn’t know where. He just knows he has to get away from the amazing, hot, and cool Katsuki before he gets a nose bleed.

Katsuki stares, shocked at first but then just lets a subtle laugh slip before picking up Izuku’s book. He taps the spine to his lips before speaking to himself.

‘Guess I have another excuse to see you now, babe.’ 

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prompt ~ Emma discovers that Regina is actually a huge dinosaur nerd (inspired by the framed picture in her mansion) and Regina gets embarrassed but Emma thinks it's adorable

Thanks for the prompt :) 

Emma spends the first few days of living in the mansion simply exploring. Since she lives here now, she figured she best know the place inside and out. It’s been incredible to see all the things she never took to notice - the things that make up her home…their home. 

She smiles as she wanders into a dining room near the back of the house frowning in confusion at a framed picture of a dinosaur. It seems strange and out of place given that most of the photos in the mansion are family ones or ones of animals. 

“Are you exploring again?” Regina asks appearing in the doorway, “Have you settled on a favourite room yet?” 

Emma grins, “I think we both know my favourite place in this mansion is in your arms.” 

“You’re so cheesy,” Regina tells her. 

“I am…you inspire cheesiness,” Emma replies walking over and kissing her lovingly, “So…dinosaurs? Random?” 

Regina blushes slightly, “Henry went through a dinosaur phase?” 

“When he was seven, he told me…but that’s not his.” 

“How do you know?” 

“Because if it was his he’d have it in his room with the rest of his nerdy posters - this is yours.” 

“How do you know?” 

“You’ve framed it and put it on display in your dining room which means you like it…you’re a dinosaur nerd.” 

Regina’s blush darkens as she ducks her head away, “I…I simply find them fascinating. We never had anything like that in the Enchanted Forest and when I found out about them I wanted to know everything…why are you smiling at me like that?” 

Emma beams wrapping her arms around her as she replies, “Because I love learning these things about you…my dinosaur nerd. Hey…does this mean I can put my Jurassic Park movie poster up?”

P4 Arena : Yu Narukami introduction

Happy birthday personade~! Here’s your fav boy looking cool

When Dean gets older, his vision isn’t what it used to be.

“Dean, you need glasses.”

“Cas, I’m fine.”



That’s how the conversation always goes, and Castiel always backs down, understanding that the physical reminders of Dean’s increasing age are not exactly easy for his hunter to accept… Until one day, when they’re in middle of a hunt, and Dean’s slowly going eyesight almost gets him killed.

It turns out that misreading ‘exitus’ not only doesn’t kill the damn goblin, but actually ends up setting the house on fire.

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drabble game 12 , 22 Namjoon please

12 - “I don’t care that it’s 2am” + 22 - “I’ve seen the way you look at me when you think I don’t notice” | Namjoon

The only reason you kept coming to class was sitting in front of you. 

Grey hair, slicked back, black-framed nerd glasses and a face so handsome you wondered how someone like him - Kim Namjoon - could exist in this world.  

He was the smartass among you, his responses and answers witty and intellectual that made everyone here look plain stupid. And how much he knew never ceased to amaze you.

You didn’t notice how you were staring at the back of his head before your friend pinched you. 

“Stop it, Y/N,” she hissed. You just couldn’t help it. You have learned to fall in love with this guy since middle school. 

“I’m not doing anything,” you hissed back, and at once caught your teacher’s attention, who coughed and looked at you over the rim of her glasses with a sharp glance that could cause heart attacks.

“Miss Y/N, do you have something to say?” she asked, and everyone turned to you. Namjoon, too. 

Instantly, it felt like someone had set up a fire and held it close to your face, but it was only Namjoon’s gaze that lingered on you. How his eyes were staring holes in your skin and made it feel like he could read you like an open book. 

“Uhm.. no, Miss. I’m sorry,” you replied and looked down. Your cheeks felt like you just ran a marathon.

All your classmates turned away. But somehow, you still felt something, like you could feel a ray of sunshine beaming down on your skin, and when you looked back up, you almost flinched. Namjoon was still staring. 

“W-What?” you asked perplexed. 

Your heart slid down to your stomach when he suddenly smiled at you.
“It’s okay. I do that, too, sometimes.”

You frowned in confusion. What does he mean by that? 

But before you could ask him, he was already back in the lesson.

The ring of the bell sounded like salvation to you, and walking through the open door, out to freedom, felt like a release from jail. 

As you were standing at your locker, collecting your stuff for the next class, your eyes caught the sound of a familiar voice. 


He was standing nearby with his friends, Taehyung and Yoongi, and he was leaning against his locker, his hands in his pockets and his smiles plastered on his face. Here and there, a laughter escaped his lips and you found yourself grinning like an idiot in response, just by hearing that joyful sound. 

Suddenly, his dark brown eyes averted to yours and they met, for one split second, before you abruptly turned away and pretended nothing had happened. Fortunately, from the other end of the hallway, your best friend was racing towards you.  

“Y/N!” she shouted excitedly. 

“What’s going on?” you asked back. She was in a very bright mood today. 

“Tomorrow is Homecoming! You are coming, right?” she couldn’t stop smiling. 


“Uhm…” you stammered. “I… I don’t think so. I don’t have a date or a dress, and I have this very important test-”

“Oh come on, Y/N! You’re missing out! And by the way,” she leaned closer to my ear. “I heard Namjoon is coming, too. But he doesn’t have a date, either.”

He doesn’t have a date? A guy like him didn’t have a date? What was wrong with the girls at your school? 

“I don’t care,” you said. “I’m not going. You go, and have fun.”

“But I can’t have fun without my best friend!” she protested. 

The loud bell announced the beginning of the next class.

“Gotta go,” you said and swung your bag over your shoulder. “Have fun at homecoming.”

You didn’t have to turn around to see her expression of disbelief. But you also didn’t see how Namjoon was looking at you as you made your way down the hall.

What the f-

The obnoxious ringing of your phone, in the middle of the night, interrupted your sleep and had violently shook you awake. 

Whoever was calling, it better be an emergency, you thought grumpy. But when you glanced at the bright display, your heart stopped for a beat. 

“Kim Namjoon”

Why was he calling? Why at this hour? Did something happen? Did he know who he was calling?

Unanswered question swirled in your head, while you tried to decide whether or not you should pick up or wait until tomorrow morning to call him or– 

Fuck it. 

“Hello?” you said tiredly into the phone. 

“Y/N? Is that you?” It was definitely Namjoon. But his voice sounded… different. 

“Y-Yeah, it’s me. What’s wrong?” You rubbed your eyes as you waited for his answer, but you could hear in the background music booming and people shouting. It couldn’t be homecoming; it was too late. Was he maybe in a club?

“Why didn’t you show up to the party? It was sooo fun and I really wanted to dance with *hicks* you,” he slurred. He was drunk. Definitely drunk. 

“Namjoon, it’s two in the-”

“I don’t care that it’s 2am!” he interrupted fiercely. “Fuck, don’t you know how much I wished to see you at the dance?”

Words were stuck in your throat, your voice was stuck in your throat. Why was he saying this? Did he know what he was saying? What should you say?

“I’m sure, you would have looked so goddamn beautiful in whatever dress you wore. It would have been impossible for me to stand it,” he laughed suddenly. “Too much beauty… drives a man crazy, you know that, Y/N?”

Sleep was long washed off your mind. 

“Do you know how cute and pretty you looked yesterday in English class when *hicks* when you blushed and looked down and fuck, can you imagine how hard it was for me not to kiss you right there and then?”

You gasped in shakily. “Namjoon, you’re drunk. You don’t know what you’re saying.”

“Oh, I’m totally sober, baby girl. When it comes to you, my mind functions perfectly.”

Your breath hitched in your throat. Baby girl

“Namjoon, you don’t know what you’re saying. And it’s the best when we talk tomorrow when you’re really sober and clear-minded.”

“I do that sometimes, too. Remember that? I told you that yesterday. I meant… I meant that I sometimes stare at you, too, Y/N. I just can’t help it,” his voice had turned softer and more quiet. Low and husky. 

“I know you’re staring at me, Y/N,” you heard a deep chuckle. “I know how you steal glances whenever I’m not looking. I’ve seen the way you look at me when you think I don’t notice. Don’t deny that.”

His words had vanished yours at once. You didn’t know what to reply. 

“You might not know this, but I didn’t have a date tonight. Because *hicks* what prettier girl is there at our school than you, huh? Name me one that can surpass your… your perfection and I will hang up immediately, I promised. Go on, tell me.” 

You sighed. “Namjoon–”

“You can’t, can you? Because it’s impossible. There is no one prettier than you, no one sweeter and cuter than you and damn, I wished– ”

“Where are you?” you suddenly asked him. He was crazy. Absolutely wasted. 

“That one club, down the street where Jimin volunteered as a stripper last summer,” he answered with no hesitation. 

“I’m on my way. Stay where you are,” you told him firmly. “I’m going to get you.”

“Hurry, babe, I can’t wait to see you again,” he groaned and giggled.

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Okay 'Reverse AU' headcanons that have been stuck in my head since forever: Reverse! Scratch doesn't particularly "switch" with any of Original! Jonas' friends. She just a tiny nerd with green framed glasses and AESTHETIC button up shirts with cacti or deers on them. She still loves punk and British rock but also likes some popular musicals. She's super bubbly and sweet as can be (like Original! Scratch). She still climbs on Mitch and hops/prances instead of walks. (1/2)

Okay so far I LOVE THIS AHHH


There is a clan of sorts that lives amongst the forest that we’ll try our best to avoid. They are nature hunters. And they are of the, uh… lycan persuasion.”