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So after I finished the prior design, my laptop died a sad death by smashing on the ground of my room. I needed to redo the thing, hence the re-upload. 

My Eridan design was done to practice actual character design for animation. This design is meant to be more practical than the original. 

Eridan lives in a very stormy, rainy part of Alternia, so the original cape was traded for a rain cloak to help shield him from the rain, a hood included to help in this effort. 

Due to Alternia being as hot as it is, the scarf was removed completely, as well as the reason of the scarf just being another thing to retain water. 

Eridan does a lot of combat, hunting lusi and all, giving him the need for better, combat ready clothing that wouldn’t make it too difficult to move, as well as being made of a light material that wouldn’t cause overheating in the heat of Alternia, and that would dry off fairly quickly if gotten wet. 

Lastly, a bottle of water strapped to his leg to keep hydrated while staying away from his hive for extended periods of time. 

Other pieces of the design are purely aesthetic for him, such as the amount of jewelry he tends to wear to show off his status. 

The design was inspired by military and royal outfits, giving him a theme to better show off his interests. 

More will come including other characters from the series.

Things I love: how scientists name fish

The flabby whalefish? It’s a fish that looks kind of like a small whale and also has loose, flabby skin

Flashlight fish? Has things on its face that light up

Barreleye? It’s eyes point up and look barrel-like

Stonefish? Looks like a fucking rock

And, one of my favourites, the stoplight loosejaw? Has a really big mouth and two different spots that light up red and green

Fish scientists are like the astronomers of biology

✨Pastel goth Undyne and Alphys!✨
I absolutely LOVE Undyne and Alphys, and giving them their makeover together was incredibly fun.
Alphys ended up on the softer, barely goth end of the pastel goth spectrum here. I kind of forgot about the goth part when I was drawing her and didn’t want to change her dress so I gave her some edgy shoes.

Want to see a different (and totally spectacular!) pastel goth Undyne? Check out the Undyne that @rabbitpietale made me for an art trade here!

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In which our beloved monster ambassador fends off the attacks of the well-intentioned but misguided gym teacher.

I can’t seem to stop drawing them in stupid situations sorry X’D Also, I decided to give D-bag #3 a face–


BTW Frisk senpai’s popularity shot up even higher due to this incident–

anonymous asked:

Ok so, the chocobros are picking their s/o up on their first date. What kind of gift did they bring? Lmao ;3c

UGH YES. Your girl needed some fluffier stuff after a long, extremely rough week and I have another 12 hour shift tomorrow sob. I added a couple of components to it as well, just because I thought the request was flipping adorable!
Man, do I have some dating stories though. Top notch stuff, I tell you. Sometimes I think my life is actually a sitcom/drama.

First Dates


Noctis would be so nervous for the date. The thought that they’re only interested in him because he’s a prince would cross his mind more often than not. He would take his mind off of his anxiety by playing video games up until the last second. Once he got ready to go though, he would be all business.

The prince would pick his date up at their place with a bouquet of fresh flowers. He doesn’t know much about flowers, so he would give them a dozen red roses. Noct would be a blushing, stuttering mess as he gave them the flowers, but it would make him happy to see their reaction. He doesn’t remember much about his mother, but his father had once told him he would bring her red roses before their dates. As for the date itself, Noct would take them to an aquarium. It would be a quiet and relaxing atmosphere, much needed to contradict the awkwardness of a first date. Plus, he gets to nerd out over fish, which his date finds adorable.


This guy is both so nervous and so excited for the date. He would spend the whole day leading up to it pacing and going over topics of conversation in his mind. Prompto is incredibly scared of messing something up, especially with the person he likes. He just wants to get the waiting out of the way because he knows hanging out with them is going to be absolutely wonderful.

Prompto would meet them at their place and give them a stuffed chocobo. Sunshine chocobo himself wants them to always remember their first date, and he figures the best way to do this is through something tangible that can always be around, much like he is hoping to be. Prompto would then take them to the zoo for a while, where he would take pictures and the two would be able to talk about how adorable the animals were among other things. They would end up going out to karaoke after which would pull them both further out of their shells, leaving them laughing and teasing each other for the rest of the night.


In all honesty, Ignis is dreading the possible awkwardness of the date. He’s happy to spend time with them, but he’s only been on a few first dates because of work, so he’s not really sure what to expect. Iggy definitely displays a confident, level headed exterior, but he’s quite nervous inwardly.

Ignis wouldn’t hesitate to ask his date what their favorite desserts were. This would probably seem odd to them, but he would come to pick them up with a nicely decorated box of their favorite desserts. Not only that, but he would have a small bouquet of beautiful, seasonal flowers. And of course he’d be dressed to the nines. Let’s be real, Iggy himself is a gift. For the date, he would take them to a different one of his favorite restaurants for each course of the meal - appetizer, main course, and dessert. Switching up the environment would keep both of them on their toes and give them time to talk while walking to the next restaurant as well as the standard table talk. Being able to walk through town and see the different sights would give plenty of opportunity for them to get to know one another.


Gladio wouldn’t be nervous at all. In fact, he’d probably be too relaxed. Iris would be hovering around him for a little while before the date, concerned that he wasn’t taking this seriously enough. She’d end up being the one to remind him that he should bring his date a gift.

Gladdy and Iris would go together to pick out a gift. They’d settle on an expensive box of handpicked chocolates - the kind of box you feel slightly guilty eating because it’s so pretty. Iris would pick out all of the candies to be packed in the box, considering she has a much bigger sweet tooth than her brother. Gladio would then meet his date at a coffee shop where they would spend time making small talk. Eventually, they’d end up walking around town and end up in a bookstore. Gladio loves seeing what kinds of book they are interested in; after all, you can learn a lot about someone by what they enjoy reading.